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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Listen Maher Zain - Insha Allah | Insya Allah | ماهر زين - إن شاء الله


Armageddon Days (Are Here Again) (The The)

They're 5 miles high
As the crow flies
Leavin' vapour trails
Across a blood red sky
Movin' in from the East
Towards the West
With balaclava helmets
Over their heads

But if you think that Jesus Christ is coming
Honey, you've got another thing coming
If he ever finds out who's hijacked his name
He'll cut out his heart and turn in his grave

Islam is rising
The Christians mobilising
The world is on it's elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message
And worships the creeds

"It's War" she cried
"It's War" she cried
"This is War!"
Drop your possessions
All you simple folk
You will fight them on the beaches
in your underclothes
You will thank the good lord
For raising the Union Jack
You'll watch the ships sail out of harbour
And the bodies come floating back
Watch the ships sail out of harbour
And the bodies come floating back

If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today
He'd be gunned down cold by the C.I.A.
Oh, the lights that now burn brightest
Behind stained glass
Will cast the darkest shadows
Upon the human heart
But God didn't build himself that throne
God doesn't live in Israel or Rome
God doesn't belong to the Yankee dollar
God doesn't plant the bombs for Hezbollah
God doesn't even go to church
And God won't send us down to Allah to burn
God will remind us what we already know
That the human race is about to reap what it's sown

Islam is rising
The Christians mobilising
The world is on it's elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message
And worships the creeds
The world is on it's elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message
And worships the creeds

Armageddon days are here again
Armageddon days are here again
Armageddon days are here again
Armageddon Days Are HERE!!!

Mouthing Off (Ludacris Featuring 4-Ize)

Look, when it all comes down to it...
we ain't have shit
its word of mouth

Ludacris, 4-ize, its like dis
I make niggaz eat dirt and fart dust
then give you a $80 dolla certificate to Pussies 'R Us
I eat the whole pie, and leave nuthin but da crust
So you can feel what its like with instinct but no guts
A sack wit no nutts or
A mack wit no sluts
Give me a full-body **, I still can't be touched
They call me Seymour Butts
Cause I get more**than most
they say next and got dat butta love and get too close
Follow da leader cause I'm meaner than
My trials of more quest than midnight Marauders
its all Pina Coladas
No cops and robbaz
Takin' trips back and forth from here to the Bahamas
I hump more than Llamas
Get rolled more than tires
If you say I'm not nice, than you a motha**in' liar
entitled to your Opini-um
into the next millenium
So many major coins that I thought I had a Millio-um

Yo, I am going to blow up the earth
with my few dirty ???
explosive space modulator
Buda, we praise you, meditatior
Drop squad interrogator
85 percent regulator
the Educator
and the Almighty Creator
The seperator, of fiction
I start friction
smoking hay without the crucial confliction
4-Ize prescription
Microphone, Jackie Stallone
Psychic Prediction
Egytian describition
of my psychical, my flesh is weak and its pitiful
Spiritiual is hooked up to da Invisibile
Umbilical Cord of my Lord
Kumbiya Devine ???
Remove paper of tar from every cigar
I slap authority like the boy Ja Ja
Half Allah, Half Anti-christ superstar
Rockin da microphone wit a hand like Mr. Claw
While I'm hitting Three...
Harder than Sonny Bono
Double Dragon mixed up within a Volvo
I kill villians in Slow Mo for talkin crazy in my Dojo
Got nothing to lose like I'mma Boxcar hobo
When I get Ludacris with bridges on da promo
Niggaz wanna clown, I'm homie and Bozo
Cause in the grandprize game my life is callin like Dojo
the name sticks like ???
I keep it reala than alien autopsy photo
You similiar to a Spice Girl going solo
You lost like ???
or a dog named Toto
My statue of liberty is Rebecca Lobo
??? Promos
Virgo, bust**like a motha**in' Homo
Como.. Estes?
Tony Del Negro
Built to destroy these kid's blocks of Legos
Lego my Eggo cause I say so
Hold the microphone, 4-Ize, I stay gifted
Manifested, Elevated, I uplifted
The Elevator, the esclator, Thats not a knife
Thats a knife
Pocket out and leave the Alligator
Cause I hustle Ya
Unda da china
Big Trouble, Little Sewer but I still find ya
Cause I'm thinking
Manifest, throw you down the stairs like a slinky
Yo, my third eye is blinky

Hot Damn I'm Great (Poor Righteous Teachers)

[Culture Freedom]
Heavens to Merkatroid!! *Snagglepuss imitation*

[Wise Intelligent]
Posse friends God tend to the teacher
Stammered at me concept teacher mosh it up right
PRT p osse boy ghetto with philosophers
All can't get enough of this drummer common insight check
Here comes the teacher with another funky new
radical butt ** booty stinkin form of thinkin
Off an on step concept, tell em Culture Freedom
Shall I ** this? (Well God it's **y!)
This this step steppers come and steppers swingin
Most blacks back back-up what the hell we bringin
G-fine nearly singin, my rhythm hit the roof!!
This one's dedicated to the CISI missing youth, cause
This hit the teacher with another style of mashin up
a damn dance, jams get, jammed by the PRT p-osse
(and) Tone can I get a sound check, well can I start this
(Yo Wise, it's started)
You know I look into the mirror see myself and then
I always often say... "Hot damn I'm great"

Chorus: repeat two lines 3X

Let's be realistic... (you are the best) [ahh yeah] hot damn I'm great

See me forgetting on the top of every set
Heard about million and one of my songs, my favorite's Holy Intellect
Check Wise on the rise I emerge from slum
Come one come all see, the teacher heal the dumb
Cause, this hit the teacher givin birth to a ghetto style
display, most poor people of the planet
can relate to, poverty in a song
Conquered and divided, tricked and undecided
Black people in oppresion, so the old ones tell about it
So when I forget ya what I think ya need to know
Understanding jamming mind and Culture Freedom tell ya so
No black no white, cause black be's first
Son of man, take a stand, for black children of the earth
Just, just check out teacher and the way that I evolved
Since last time, I'm truely perfection
But, don't balance this with the other LP
For the last rhymes, cause there's no connection
If I was the DJ Father Sha he'd come and tell em what I'd say...
"Hot damn I'm great"

Chorus: repeat two lines 4X

See draw the clear picture of the teacher teachin this
It's, sort of smooth, roughness
Plus this flow go more miles back
God's gotta be that of a leader in this thing called rap
Cause, this hit the teacher on the roads often travelled
by the multitude, Culture Freedom knows it best
Some of them got a problem with the Gods in the house
Cause we don't sleep, traitor interpretate this
Allah equal God equal He with supreme qualities
You best believe God's real and
If it's God Sha, it's gotta be
("Tribe... called... P... R... T-T...")
Culture Free, Father Sha, and me, cause
This hit the teacher on a whole nother level
with a clear scope, and range on things hang
out by the speaker if you're weak or come and eat
From the strong song, that's if you are what you eat
Never will I teach ya that of poison and disguise it
with a beat, the tree of life be's me
Sweet chariot, come fi carry me home, and I pray...
"Hot damn I'm great"

*interpretations of chorus to end*

Crew (A Tribe Called Quest)

Intro: Q-Tip

Just a lil somethin-somethin
about the cats who be fronting
You know the Tip, he be huntin
for all the goodness gracious
All across the wide spaces
yo, check it out, bust me down, yo
Yo... yo...

Verse One: Q-Tip

Youse my peoples, why it got to come down to this shit
Two people thinking as one so now he split
Remember what I said to you, you bleed, I bleed
C'mon, you know how we get down, if you're down, you need
And I'm supplying, the dynamic duo, electricfying
Everybody had to wet us, cuz no one will forget us
Son, I testify sure as God was my guide
Any petty little bullshit you did will slide
Same on my end, after all, what are we, friends
If niggaz ran me this, too much grounds we defend
In the honor or brotherhood cuz it's all good
Get on some grown man shit and let's knock on wood
But now seeing you baby in this stall out position
Wondering who's the dime piece that you're kissing
You night as well take the jigger and take my life
Cuz the dime piece you happen to be kissing is my wife
Shit, I should have know not to let these crab asses
Get within the circle of my girl and make passes
Now you disrespected me and everything I stand for
(But I'm saying though, son) Shhh, say no more
Allah forgive me, my thoughts is traveling to low desires
Should I turn the other cheek or react and perspire
Don't wanna see myself in penitentiary attire
But I caught him in the act and my emotion is dire

Butt ** Booty Bless (Poor Righteous Teachers)

{Culture Freedom}
Ay Yo Wise why they want to be pullin' out dey mics on me
Yo...I ain't be got no weapon drop that booty butt ** fo em' babyyy

Verse one
{Wise Intelligent}
I bring the lessons from Allah as speach to teach
As I speak to the brothers that be lackin'
Butt ** Booty Bless
Some simply say it be hittin'
While the teachers teachin'
All the other crews will be clappin'
Give me the time drop the rhyme
{Culture Freedom}
On two
{Wise Intelligent}
The Poor Righteous Teachers are gonna have ta' come teach
Either Culture Freedom on by
Or either kick the scratch as the wise man speaks
Lesson number one so many brothers selling coke
But me know, I'm your brother who commence to drop
Educating tunes from a lesson of life
Built into a form hip style
Hip hop
No one could tell ya that Wise be the lacker
I study this style like I study my life
Takin da head of the snake that be snakin'
And building the brain cells of brothers my type
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the drawers
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}

{Instrumental break}

Verse two
{Wise Intelligent}
I da divine
{Culture Freedom}
And Cult
{Wise Intelligent}
Teachin' as we greetin' every god with peace
Stoppin' every snake that the posse might approach
and stampin' on his head
{Culture Freedom}
This kid be'es weak
{Wise Intelligent}
Lessons are the key to the style I drop
Hip hop
Not weak miscellaneous rhymes
Stop me nigga please
Back, back calm down
Culture tell em
{Culture Freedom}
Never sucker...No not this tiiime!!
{Wise Intelligent}
Praises are due to Allah
Thats me
Wise Intelligent drop the God's technique
Who gives a damn if you stop my tribe
Steppin' thru the script and your crew don't speak
Give me the chance to ignite one thought
Just one it will teach every student in my presence
Wise Intelligent be the teacher I'm teachin'
Stop, look, and listen to the level of my lessons
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the drawers
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}

Verse three
{Wise Intelligent}
There's so many styles that the Wise must teach
Check the speach
As I drop to the level of your brain
Teachin' you the knowledge of yourself
"Like you're God"
Now some may look at me and state that I'm insane
Get wise If God's your creator
Tell me this, Tell me this
If he's your father by the mental eye sight
And like father like son it begun
The vision make the blackman grab his birthright
Teaching is the duty of a civilized man
Teach truth to the youth
That be thirstin' for the knowledge
Take that head of the snake
That mistake
The Wise be the brother that could wax or either polish
Teachin' what was taught to the king that sings
Droppin' mathematics as the Wise comes through
Represented by the Sun, Seven, Moon and Star
And this is a taste of the PRT crew
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the cause
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}

Verse four
{Wise Intelligent}
Stand back I attack
That weak new jack
That lacks must I mentally beat him
Poor Righteous Teachers teach to the weak
So I takes his weak, wack crew and teach them
Butt-** booty style make it wild says the crowd
So drop Hip-Hop by the ounces
So loud as I teach this crowd, as I teach ya
and control that body as it bounces
Let me think should I stay meditate
Sink most deep into the crescent of your soul
Assume to accomplish techiques speak
this is from the Father who promise gold
Shakiyla my queen is my queen
This means this queen
submitting to the G-O-D
One G said "God not a mystery, God but Allah"
And Allah says "God be'es me"
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the cause
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}
Yo I would like to say "Whats up and give a special shout out to my homeboy Supreme,
Power God, Master Knowledge and C-Justice".
{Wise Intelligent}
Peace This is the magnificent MC Wise Intelligent and I would like to give a shout out to
the Gods and Queens, my queen Shakiyla and the Producer Tony D.
We in dis...Peace

Allah And Justice (Brand Nubian)

Peace to the Gods, peace to the Earths
Peace to the positive people of the universe
Brand Nubian came to work it like this
Ya see, each, and every day
Each, and ev-ery wa-ay
We're gonna show and prove
Teach you the righteous way

Peace, to All-ah, and justice, and ju-stice, justice!
Peace, to All-ah, and juuhhhhstice!
(repeat these two lines throught song)

[Lord Jamar]
The knowledge, is, the foundation
The wisdom is the wa-ay
The understanding shows you
That you are on your way
[Lord Sincere]
The culture, is our God
The power is the truth
Equally only shows you
That you have planted your roots
[Sadat X]
God, came to teach us
Of, the righteous way
How, to build and be born
On, this glorious day
[all three]
The knowledge, of, the cipher
Is, to enlighten you
True that true that true that you know
That God is right beside you

Peace, Prosperity And Paper (A Tribe Called Quest)


All we want in this life
Is peace, prosperity and a little paper
Objects that seem greater
But I'm sure well over come when we illin on a drum
(repeat 2X)

Verse One: Q-Tip

We in a world that places heavy emphasis on money synthesis
Y'all can be my witnesses
That a fella fascination with money has grown
To the point that he will shit on his own
We got to have it y'all, its not a Spike Lee cinematic
A piece of paper makin niggaz get dramatic
But the money doesnt come automatic
Gotta motivate ourselves to go and grab it
We got to get it yall, in an orderly fashion
Some cats go about it with too much passion
We got to mediate our greedy levels
Cuz the lust of currency can have us sleepin with the devil
Gotta recognize it, realize the power
that this little ma-huckin piece of paper will devour
Man can be greater than the thing he creates
See, I'ma do my thing and see how much I can sc**
Yo I'd rather have respect than money, no doubt
But listen to me y'all, I want the mass amount
That the Sesame Street Dracula cant Count
So that I can give my people when that thing surmounts
To higher levels.. of being.. so when I'm MC-ing
I hope to see you there steady G-ing (say word)
But the only way we can truly reach that goal
Is finding true inner peace and prospering souls
It's like that


Verse Two: Phife

Here comes your royal highness, one of Queens finest
Believe me, honest, you know you can't stop it
Come on son, never leave your mic round me
True MC for real ask my man Shaheed
Strictly focused on what Im in this rap game for
Not for fame and screwing every whore after whore
With all that AIDS stuff going round
Tell me how that sound
Rather hit the studio and hear some beats that pound
Now, dont get me wrong I love honeys galore
But see hip-hop's my bread butter
Cause that's what I get paid for
See this is what I wanted
Allah helped me to get it
And if the beat is wicked
You know Malik will rip it
From the bottom of my heart
Thats where the love starts
The love for breakdancing
My love for the art
And with this love I do hip-hop from the soul
A real MC, who never sweats how many copies are sold
Yeah I want to go gold, platinum, uh-huh etceteras
But why put out some wackness when no one will respect ya
Im staying true nuff respect to those that paved the way
From Bambaata down to Shah; that be my DJ
With out my peeps I dont know how the hell Id make it, word
Sometimes I feel that my career is headed for the curb
One love for the lendin hand and giving all your help
Believing in me when I didnt believe in my own self
The Abstract with whom Im always making rugged tunes
Kid Hood restin in heaven, I hope to see you soon
I keep things hot and this year they're even hotter
Big Mu and Shah, one day I'll take my shahada

Check it out!
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Raw Footage (Sporty Thievz)

Yo, it's raw footage
Uncut like four hookers
We're stealin and killin and ball ¡®til the law book us
We [?????] your [?????] like
Uh-oh to y'all crookers
Like no-gooders
Keep knockin' if y'all wit' us

[Marlon Brando]
Yo, runnin through life with pharaohs in Babylon
Like serial killers, I'm on some shit they be on
Hidin' out in Lebanon
House with the intercom
Niggas is wild John to see the sinister on
Money like Maffia
[???] and [????]
¡®Til feds get wise on ya
Change your face move to Bosnia
With Jamal's girl's shape on
And more make-up on
Talkin' to Liz Claiborne
Marlon Brando at the table with the large cat
Holdin' a raw pack
Vietnamese straw hat
Smellin' ** in the Lex'
Contracts with death threats
Tryin' to stop my breath
With holes in my left chest
Marlon, crazy Harlem
Ballin' with Nicaraguans
Plan's complex - enough to shake Kuwait squadrons
Cuban sergeant - you get kissed on both cheeks
Welcome to the family - if not then where you wan' eat?
We in the Al Capone Suite - La Fam' and my bed lady
My sweaters shed crazy - 180 below the red Avery
I'm tryin' to see Dynasty
And ain't nothin' stoppin me
From private property
With the glass roof on top of me
Cut, cut!

Chorus x2

[Big Dubez]
Uh, uh, Raw Footage nigga, Sporty Thievs, Big Dubez, uh-huh, Big Dubez, check it... Uh oh!

Check it -
It's hard to shake these demons after me
When all I want is more cream than Master P
Big D-U-B, man it's never easy
Being a C-Z-A-R
Feel me, play-er?
A million ways to eat - do you know what they are?
You wit' the A-Team or is you hatin' like they are?
** ¡®em all - red my rings, dread my stings
Dead my flings - cop ? and spread my wings
See, life's a bitch and I hit ¡®er for one thing
Long-dick her ¡®til I hear her sing
¡°Ch-ching ch-ching!¡±
Busta Bus' made it clear to me
Rob a club, ¡°put your hands where my eyes can see¡±
Leave ¡®em there
Nigga outsmart me? I ain't the one you can smart-out
And that box you layin' in, nigga? It's where you left a part out
Nigga, eat your heart out
Either forfeit or hold it
All you hearin' is ¡°Them Thief mother**ers, yo they stole it¡±

Chorus x2

[King Kirk]
Yeah - it's that steel bird nigga - King Kirk**nigga - Sporty Thievs mother**ers - yeah - y'all niggas is crazy, straight up - How we gon' do this? Which one of y'all niggas think you can ** around? You?

Niggas wake up, so we can get this cake up
Sums we can break up
And hold so much weight we take space up
Stay truck
Mad hoes stay **ed - say what?
I'm in y'all bitch niggas face like make-up
Straight up - we can spar ¡®til we see Allah
Or take it to the FDR ¡®til one of us wrecks they car
A matter of fact, we can scrap on the traintracks
And the loser lays flat and get his frame smacked
¡°What's your name, black?¡±
Most niggas call me Selfish
<?>But when I get this g**eight with purple thongs<?>, call me ¡°Welch's¡±
Kirk's the type did a perp' with your wife
On turnpikes with dirtbikes
No shirts, with ice
Word life - so hot I could flame-throw
Chain glow - like sunshowers, so when it's bright the ice rainbow(Bling!)
Cats is wired like phone poles
Instead of throwin' blows
They let chrome go
And duck po-po
And play low-pro
In the next state
¡®Til Jake see ¡®em in the lake with eight in they chest-plate
Niggas test weight when you play they ¡®hood like it's all good
Start blowin' like Suge and your dashboard's all wood
Rims 18 inch
And your boys switch cars
Like rich stars
Drinkin' liquor in strip bars
Puffin' cigars
You won't get far - ¡®fore they stop you
Watch you, then bop through on a late night and pop you(bow!)
Brag they shot you and celebrate
Make their props elevate - from featherweight to heavyweight
I know cats that talk with they mouths closed like Garfield
Speak on hard steel
That'll make you cartwheel over the guard-rail
Cut, cut, cut, cut!
Niggas can't ** around, cut, cut!

Chorus x2

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Yeah, yeah...
Sporty Thievs...
Iron Sheiks...
Yo, yo yo yo yo...
Yo, it's funny how the world revolve around CREAM
On the streets you was a king with one team
Now you're in a cell praying to the Unseen
Drag queen - murderous thugs and foul schemes
Gettin' your back torn out with loud screams
While I'm on the scene with rings and nice things
Nothing compares to the heat my gat' bring
Swervin' - black suburban. wrapped in turban
Puttin' work in - pop charts plus the urban
Niggas love it - hear my shit and wanna thug it
Have y'all niggas goin' to war, tryin' to slug it
Sporty Thievs - Iron Sheiks and Ski beats
Go together - like dimes and silk sheets
Still creep - daishiki get left leaky
Who you wit? Thug shit wit' [?????]
Mahdi - Q.B. - El-Khadafi
Holdin' plastic ¡®89s in a drop three
Yeah - (who you wit?) - Iron Sheiks, Sporty Thievs, y'all niggas know

La Belle Et Le Bad Boy (MC Solaar)

Ils s'étaient rencontrés sur les bancs d'l'école
Entre une heure de colle de maths ou un cours d'espagnol.
C'était une fille fun fana de football.
Lui ne craignait pas les balles, c'était le goal.
C'qu'il lui promettait c'était des ballades en Corvette.
Pour l'instant en survêt, il volait des mobylettes
Mais entre eux c'était toujours complicité
Escale sur un piédestal un rêve délimité
S'il devenait triangle, elle serait rectangle
La belle et le bad boy, le triangle rectangle
C'est comme passer de Joe Dassin à Jodeci
Un vrai truc de ouf style pur clip de R & B
Elle vit le grand amour, qui commence dans la cour
Se poursuit dans les tours et rime toujours avec toujours
Mais le contexte est plus fort que le concept.
Son mec se jette dans les flammes et il se lave avec.


Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent,
La belle et le bad boy
Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent
Pour gagner des sous ensemble.
Parlent sans faire semblant de faire des coups ensemble
Et si c'est sanglant. Ils plaident devant Dieu ensemble. Vu.
Il était convaincant, elle était convaincue
À croire qu'aujourd'hui s'arrêter était exclu
Ils trafiquent des faux billets avec des réseaux slaves.
Balancent la concurrence. En France c'est un délit grave.
Risqué pour les pommettes, les mecs sortent des Baumettes.
Lui n'a qu'un seul truc en tête, c'est la quête de sa Corvette.
Ambiance paranoïaque. L'équipe adverse traîne
Des projectiles partent quand une BM freine.
Quand elle tombe. Il a les larmes aux yeux
Deux balles de 22. Vingt-deux ans adieu.
Le contexte est plus fort que le concept
Son mec s'est jeté dans les flammes, faut qu'il se lave avec.

Love (Mos Def)

[Mos Def]
They say the goodness in life belongs to those who believe
So I believe...YES!

[Chorus] 2x
I start to think and then I sink
Into the paper like I was ink
When I'm writing I'm trapped in between the line
I escape when I finish the rhyme (aiyyo)

My pops said he was in love when he made me
Thought about it for a second wasn't hard to see
I could hear he was sincere was a game of promotion
The entire affair's probably charged wit emotion
But love call your heart, I guess you got to persue
12-11-73 my life is testament
Praise the beneficent, element that rest
Devoid in the form that make love manifest
I spent my early years in Roosevelt Project
It was a bright valley wit some dark prospects
In '83, Venny C was the host wit the most
I listened to the Rap Attack and held the radio close
I listened to the Rap Attack and held the radio close
This is far before the days of high glamour and pose
Aiyyo power from the street light made the place dark
I know a few understand what I'm talkin about
It was love for the thing that made me wanna stay out
It was love for the thing that made me stay in the house
Spendin time, writin rhymes
Tryin to find words that describe the vibe
That's inside the space
When you close yo' eyes and screw yo' face
Is this the pain of too much tenderness
To make me nod my head in reverence
Should I visit this place and remember it?
To build landmarks here as evidence
Night time, spirit shook my temperment
To write rhymes that portray this sentiment
We live the now for the promise of the infinite
We live the now for the promise of the inifinite
And we believe in the promise (love, love *repeated*)
Yes yes y'all and we don't stop because


I got love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E I MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
The M-O-S-D-E-F-initely

Check it out y'all, feel me out y'all
Feel me out y'all, hear my out y'all
Check me, out y'all
Feel me out y'all, check it out y'all
Now hear out (bounce) y'all
Check me out y'all, feel me out y'all
Check me out y'all, feel me out y'all
Feel me out y'all (hear me bounce y'all)
Check me out y'all, check it out y'all

My folks said they was in love when they had me
I take they love they made me wit to make rhymes and beats
(Can you feel?) The raw deal, it's all wheel-driven
Contemplate the essence of beats, rhymes and living
Speech in line wit the rhythm, designed wit the rhythm
Ears and eyes keepin good time wit the rhythm
I shine wit the rhythm, the Black Star Gallactica
Big number fleetin, we ancient like the Abbacca's
After us, I see most proceed to be trees
Sproutin leaves, given breeze to the we who believe
I MC, which means I Must Cultivate the earth
Back straight backs, hard beats and hard work
I be the funky drummer to soften the hard earth
(I mean) Pray Allah keep my soul and heart clean
(I mean) Pray the same thing again for all my team
?Restorate? to Fort Green and on out to Queens
Uptown to Boogie Down, yo just look around
AND SHOOK UP THE WORLD!, like Ali in 6-3 (right)
I'm reachin the height that you said cannot be
I'm bringin the light but you said we can't see
Saw the new day commin, and it look just like me
Some burst through the clouds, my photo ID
I bring light to your day and raise yo' degree
The Universal Magnetic, you must respect it
>From end to beginning, ? true and livin
EVERY CHANGING, it was a state of magnificent
Building it now for the promise of the infinite
Building it now for the promise of the inifinite because


I got love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
The M-O-S-D-E-F-initely


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