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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Listen Farhad with Babrak Wasa


Sjonge De Jonge (Duvel Duvel)

kils willen me overtuigen dat ze roffa mannetjes zijn uit hun stad
ze liegen
waar ik vandaan kom krijgen ze klappen
ik heb t zelf gezien met mn eigen ogen
ik zag werkelijk die poentje in je vriendje ben je
je doet stoer op studenten parties
jij en je mati doen me denken aan peppi en kokki
je lyrics zijn waziger dan wasa **s dus hou je maula
en bel me niet meer voor een half gran sosa
of vrijkaartjes
je loopt pikinmeids te vertellen dat we mati’s zijn
ben je een beetje lau in je kopveld ofzo
ik zeg ze
ik loop niet met nono’s
je loopt je naam op te bouwen op mijn pr
pimp rage supa dupah trendsetter
t gaat te ver allemaal voor die kleine tjappies
sjongejonge daar komt ie porfot stijl niet dollen
wat wil je van me koppen gaan rollen
ik zeg je
sjongejonge die apen zijn veels te errug voor ze
pappies denken ze zijn klaar maar ze zijn gaar ik haat ut
wij leven ut jij praat ut die rapshit pappie laat ut
je bent niet uit dat hout gesneden je leeft jaren geleden
zit nog te kletsen met apparatuur uit een **in ver verleden
je moet op cursus betaal je blauw aan die sae
haal je diploma en blijf een lul want je kan er nada mee
zonder goed idee blijven het bakken met lichtjes
beter gebruik je die monitor om te gluren naar bitches
ja het is zieligheid ten top
je hebt voor duizenden gecopt maar je puku’s blijven flop
hoe durven pappies zo te komen
sjongejonge die apen zijn veels te errug voor ze
kils jullie maken me ziek spelen mooi boy maar zijn gewoon dibri
jaloers want rein is met elke koep gelijkvloers
ze trekken bekken achter mn rug maar rennen als ik keer
ze proberen te storen of willen in de leer
ik voel die copy eyes
overal in de club op straat en op stage
je wilt me op je feest? wat ben ik? clown?
je bent echt law
maar dat is het nadeel van het geven van het voordeel van de twijfel
aan dat soort wezens
dat wordt betalen met levens
want 2004 is het raak eindelijk
het jaar van de aap
nu komt ie uit de mouw
de meest erge stijlen nou
gebracht vol apenkracht we doen dit dag
en onzichtbaar in de nacht
skijten we uit bomen op je kop
lachen ons kapot en wijzen je na
sjongejonge die apen zijn veels te errug voor ze

Central Girls (Dj Greenup)

(ring) Hello?
Girl: Is Greenup there?
Greenup: This is. Who is this?
Girl: This is Tina. I want you to come over.
Greenup: Its 3 in the morning. I have class tomorow.
Girl: I know. But just meet me downstairs at my dorm. I'll sign you in.
Greenup: Alright. I'll be there in 5 minutes.

I need a girl. A Central girl to be exact. Those the best girl as a matter of fact. I need a honey! Who dont care about the money. Cause Im broke as hell. I know you think its funny. Scopin. Honeys is my occupation. No matter the time. No matter the situation. At this rate Im never graduatin. Some girls move fast. Central girls move faster. See 'em at the sack. On the stair master. I aint afraid. I aint got no fear. Pimpin hoes from Carry, sacks, and loserleirs. Sendin girls flowers with my magical powers. After hours, takin showers with girls at the towers. Gettin lovin. Some rubba dubbin in the tubbin! Girl: Arent you that guy I always see at the clubs? Greenup: And yes thats me. Jimmy to the G. Mount Pleasent is the city and yo I got the key. Cause I resign in Isabella County! Gotta say whats up to all of my townies! Sheperd, Elma, dont forget Beal City, Rosebush, Clary, yo what the dilly? These women out here wont leave me alone. Wether chillen at B Dubs or at the Black Stone. And goin home alone is something I dont condone. And yo if shes ugly I'll throw the dogg a bone.

Central Girls are the ones I like.
Central Girls in the midle of the night.
Its 3 in the moooornin whatchya gonna do?
You need a girl from CMU. (x2)

It was 2 in the mornin at the waste side. Honeys outside lookin for a ride. Could it be o, the girlys wanna ride in the G O. I got this fine lil strizzle. I was a gamin. Tight black pants so I asked for her name and she looked and me and said "Hi, my name is Tina. Im from Hezel and I work at the casino." I said Hey enough with the talkin, you better ride with me or else you'll be walkin. She said "Which cars yours?" as we started our first date. I said the green tractor with the SHAKE IT licence plate! She grabbed my hand and yo she wouldnt let go. Girl: Drive a lil faster and put on some techno! Greenup: Pulled over for a bit and we started to makeout then she said Im hungry lets go get some takeout! It was gettin hott so I took put down the top and cruised down Bellos and hit the mall shoppin. Joe sat us down at a reserved seat. Cooked up some pizza and we began to eat. After that we bounced on over to Pleseant Street. Took her to the basement the place wasa jumpin. 3 in the mornin the bade wasa bumpin. In the viper room to couples were dry humpin. AND EVERY NIGHT WE DO IT LIKE THIS AGAIN! THIS IS HOW WE DO IT AT CENTRAL MICHIGAN! Hurry up and visit cause the clock is a tickin. If you need a ride then just call M tickin. Pack your bags and come to CMU. Ill have 10 drunk girls waiting for you! Theyll be ready to grind ya! Theyll sneak up behind ya! Their clothes are so tight they could possibly blind ya! So grabb a few beers and catch a good buzz. You may not know me but your girl friend does!


On the dance floor they all shake their hips! No bras you can see their nips. And I think its fly when girls dont wear any pannys, and pannys. I like girls that wear them tight black pants. And it helps if they know how to dance. And she sleeps her every Thursday, every Thursday.

Girl: Greenup Im so wasted! Will you give me a ride home?
Greenup: yeah, Ill give you a ride home. Where do I gotta take you?
Girl: I dont know. Im kinda hungry!
Greenup: Hungry?! Youre hungry?! Alright. Lets go to lil shops.

Yo, all the Central Girls, you know where youre at. I see you, shakin your thang out there.

And The Sin Becomes (Hate)

Look at the Tree of Wisdom - clever trap for human kind
Its fruits are holding poison and its branches suffocate
Its beauty is so tempting while its secret is deadly sin
Death and suffering is the name of the tree of divine kindness

Giving you a gift, bribing your soul
Deceiving your sensesm watching you from above

Sorrow, death, wickedness, fear, uncertainty, pain
Falling stars never shine, you are betrayed...

Tempted by dog-serpent lurking quietly upon the Tree
You are not aware of consequences, of breaking God's holy interdict
Counting only on your senses with livid instincts fighting inside
Under a burden of earthly suffering you would finally understand...

That wasa trap, divinity took off the mask and what you
See is a creep, nothing is divine, just composition of
Fear and deceit, craving for greatness - even
At the expanse of suffering of millions, harm of millions
With no mercy!!!

Sorrow, death, wickedness, fear, uncertainty, pain
Falling stars never shine, you are betrayed

Giving you a gift, bribing your soul
Deceiving your sensesm watching you from above

Look at the Tree of Wisdom - clever trap for human kind
Its fruits are holding poison and its branches suffocate
Its beauty is so tempting while its secret is deadly sin
Death and suffering is the name of the tree of divine kindness

Giving you a gift, bribing your soul...

Swamp Witch (Jim Stafford)

Black water Hattie lived back in the swamp
Where the strange green reptiles crawl
Snakes hang thick from the cypress trees
Like sausage on a smokehouse wall
Where the swamp is alive with a thousand eyes
An' all of them watching you
Stay off the track to Hattie's S** in the back of the Black Bayou

Way up the road from Hattie's S**
Lies a sleepy little Okeechobee town
Talk of swamp witch Hattie lock you in when the sun go down
Rumours of what she'd done, rumours of what she'd do
Kept folks off the track of hattie's s**
In the back of the Black Bayou

One day brought the rain and the rain stayed on
And the swamp water overflowed
'skeeters and the fever grabbed the town like a fist
Doctor Jackson was the first to go
Some say the plague wasa brought by Hattie
There was talk of a hang'n too
But the talk got s**led by the howls and the cackles
From the bowels of the Black bayou

Early one morn 'tween dark and dawn when shadows filled the sky
There came an unseen caller on a town where road run dry
You'd swear there was found a big black round
Vat full of gurgling brew

Whispering sounds as the folk gathered round
"It came from the Black Bayou"
There ain't much pride when you're trapped inside
A slowly sink'n ship
Scooped up the liquid deep and green
And the whole town took a sip
Fever went away and the very next day the skies again were blue
Let's thank old hattie for sav'n our town
We'll fetch her from the Black Bayou

Party of ten of the town's best men headed for Hattie's S**
Said Swamp Witch magic was useful and good
And they're gonna bring hattie back
Never found Hattie and they never found the s**
Never made the trip back in
There was a parchment note they found tacked to a stump
Said don't come look'n again.


Composed von Babrak Wasa with Tabla von Farhad.

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