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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Listen Mr pelon 503 Ft Condeman -Kieren Guerra Rimix


I Don't Want You No More (TRU)

featuring Mr. Serv On

[Silkk The Shocker]
Look for real you need to stop calling me with that bullshit.
Somebody tryin to make money make it happen.
When you get your shit together you can hollar at me.

Now I don't know why you keep playing all these childish games
You older then me so why the ** you keep playing
Not the chick I thought I'd see thought you would be
I know that's you cause your number keeps showing up on my caller I.D.
I can't even go on the road without you all on my shoulder
Talkin bout giving an autograph to a chick you like,
why you talkin to them hoes
Like all that extra buggin
If you trippin you can leave
cause you know that I don't need all that extra luggage
Just leave, pack your shit up, aww ** all that extra hugging
I can, because that's why I got all these extra cousins
I'm a thug and I stay thugging
I hold grudges, that's why I never ever talk to my ex in public
Now we supposed to be just friends, now you getting all possessive
All agressive, I'm like chick, just pause for a second
See that's why I was kinda scared to hit the skin
Cause I'll be mad as **, I come back, you left and hit the Benz
You say you got pictures of this chick who I was walking with
Talking with, now you on some old stalking shit
Now first place I don't want you, I talk to you to get close to your friends
You know what, I gotta short temper, you just getting close to the end
Now what


He don't want you no more
Cause I never let you do the things that you think that you'll do
He'll be out the door
Cause he see's that your the kind of girl that shows up to no good

Man, this girl crazy.
What, what.

Now when I first met ya I told ya that I had a girl
But you overlooked that, all you seen was diamonds and pearls
You wanted a nigga in the spotlight with money and shit
So you can run and tell your girls you my honey and shit
Looking for the finer things but I'm just **ing you up
You keep on calling, huh, but I keep hanging you up
Your girl told my nigga that we getting engaged
I felt played, I didn't know that you was sick in the head
To fall in love with a thug and now you hating my boo
You should have listened to your friends and don't ** with TRU
And I was just a little horny and you looked so good
With your pretty face and**made me wish I could
** you and your girl if yall down with that
I told you that I was a dogg and you was cool with that
So dry your eyes, I'm out the door and quit sweating my show
I told ya, like a man, I don't want you no more


[Mr. Serv-On]
Say boo, it ain't like you was with me when I was serving fiends
So I don't owe you shit, right now turn in your jersey, you ain't on my team
So what, got tired of scratching on my S
It wasn't like that when you was at my hotel biting on my chest
When I met you you was still breathing for another
I let you wear my tank, excuse the first couple of calls to my baby's mother
Now it's am I married or do I have a woman
You was never mines in the first place so why the hell you fussing
I hear our names going big in the beauty salons and nail shops
I told ya, keep it between us or we gotta never stop
But you couldn't keep your mouth closed
So guess what, take all your paper boo and make your way to the door
See me, I ain't with that he see or she saw her with me shit
So if you see me don't play me like no bitch
So when it come up to this and I'm goin do what I gotta do
I'm a take it to mines so stay TRU, what you wanna do

Chorus till fade

Tru 2 Da Game (TRU)

Haaa uuuuggggghhhh
this is for all the G's ou there
we bout it bout it
and g ettes i ain't forget about y'all uuuugggghhhh
gold look like this here

today I have a half an ounce
tomorrow I'll have a key
and if you tryin' to get some ice cream
won't you call me or won't you beep me

Looked out the window
it must be the giggidy first of the month
cause everybody in the ghetto is smilin' and dressed up
Little kids havin' fun in my neighborhood
And fiends walkin' up, talkin' bout its all good
See I'm a G, ????? I got that 2 for 3
And y'all a know that I slang, that I-C-E
And everybody in the ghetto use nicknames
Like V-90, Master P, Boz, and Big Man
My little homies posted up
some hang, hang, and some slangin'
Others gang bangin'
I'm tryin' to make it out the hood with this gangsta rap
And stay TRU to the game, and put the town on the map
But haters hate me and niggas try to talk shit
Cause I done made, a dollar out of 15 cents
On the curb, posted up with them bouldas
And servin' fiends, A-1 yola
And still tryin' stay true with my frist meal
Cause in the ghetto, you got money, you might get killed
And stayin' TRU to the game, is a part of life
And if you don't player, you might lose your life

Tru 2 da game, Tru 2 da game
Ain't nothin' changed but my bank account
I'm still the same

[Silkk the Shocker]
Tryin' to have things major, they can't fade me
cash the chips like casino
Today I'm a keep it real, and chill, and get blitzed like Marino
My girl be fussin', she be tussin', constantly buggin'
Askin' me why I be hustlin'
I got money to make, so mother** it
I'm a keep it real, if it kills me
Y'all gonna feel me before I'm done
Ball till I have it all, I want the whole while
if not, I don't want none
Why I hang with the same ol' niggas
That's what they ask me
I be like, I'm the same ol' nigga
But 'stead, right now, I gets my sacks free
I gots to stay TRU fool, about my mother**in' mail
I'll be a rich**nigga, y'all gonna be visitin' me in the jail
I gots to ball, can't fall, gotta have things major
If you don't believe me, next year round this time
its Silkk up on his pager (then ask me)


[Big Ed]
Bustas can't see me, they blind
I claim TRU, I thought you knew
My foes catch elbows, cause I'm on em like a tattoo
Man I'm layin' low like the eyes of a danked out china man
Stayin' gangstafied
While I'm tryin' to make a million
But politicians run for office
They rather me bust a cap in a rat, cause they both gonna try and stop
Gangsta rap is what they call it
But I gots to come with the realness
So all my folks can feel this


[Mr. Serv-On]
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord that my momma will never weep
and let her live in peace and stop spendin' a hundred G's up in her sleep
When will it stop
I guess when they leave me lyin' on the block
With tears on my glock
A pocket full of lemon drops, laughin' at crooked cops
I guess I'm doin' what I gotta do
As long as I stay TRU, until they put me through
I know its a shame, things'll never change
I hope I live long enough to see my daughter spell my name
I'm TRU 2 Da Game


[Master P]
still the same
Master P, the whole TRU click (y'all gonna feel this)
TRU to the gizame (tru to da hood)
money can't change you, it just can make you
(never forget where i came from)
No Limit Records, Down South Hustlers (independent black owned)
and the West Coast Bad Boyz
and I told y'all, I can drop something anytime I want to
Y'all done realized by now, the haters done fell off
Cause they ain't TRU 2 da game
I could never forget where I came from
I'm from the ghetto
But I won't ever change
Cause I'm TRU 2 da game, believe that
Keepin' it real, keepin' it real
Never sell out, can never sell out
TRU 2 Da Gizame

Here Come The Lords (Lords Of The Underground)

[DoItAll] Hey yo Funke wake up!
[Mr. Funke] Huh?
[DoItAll] Turn your radio up!
[Mr. Funke] What?!
[DoItAll] It's us!
[Mr. Funke] It's US?!
[DoItAll] Yeah listen to the cut!
It's our style!
[Mr. Funke] Our style?
[DoItAll] Your style
[Mr. Funke] Stop brother
[DoItAll] Aiyyo nigga wake up "let me show you some thin!"
Listen to the way they flip the metaphors and phrases
Listen, listen, it's drivin me CRA-ZY
Cause everytime I do a style and flip it kind of simple
Brothers say, "That's fat," and do it on the demo
From a demo to a promo now a hit on the radio
Next thing you know, they'll be doing our video
[Mr. Funke] Same one?
[DoItAll] Same one! Concepts, whole nine
And crazy similarities to the whole rhyme
I'm not worried though (why?) I'm flippin hits from the grill
And in the underground only real stays real, so umm
check the skills, the skills are kinda ill and yo
Here Come the Lords, cause we're here to make a kill!

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

[Mr. Funke] Aiyyo, Marley!
[Marley] Aiyyo whassup knocka?
[Mr. Funke] Do you hear these suckas tryin to clock the Lord Chief Rocka
[Marley] Yeah I hear em, they're just a bunch of clones on your bone
[Mr. Funke] Hold up, I'm tryin to figure out where could they get my style from
Aiyyo wait a minute, remember the tape you shopped around a while back?
[Marley] Yo what, wasn't that your boys?
[Mr. Funke] Now they got our stuff down pat!
[Marley] Yo man don't sweat it, just show em why they call you Mr. Funke
Yo Lord Jazz, pass me some of that Brass Brass Monkey

[Mr. Funke]
Here Come the Lords, Here Come the Lords, Mr. Funke don't you see me?
I told you we were comin, you suckas didn't believe me
The Skipper, my Lords style stick like Jack the Ripper
I'm hangin other rappers like your girl hangs on my zipper
Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make it funky
Stop being stingy knocka, pass that Brass Monkey
I step, off a stage, everyone knows, who I am
Grab the mic like Teddy Riley and I _Jam_ (chicka, aawww, Jam)
Give me the mic and watch me wax that***horn sample*
Keep the camera moving cause I'm kinda fast *horn sample*
You can trip, you can flip, you could even slip or dip
but you'll never ever rip, Funke style as good as this
Because you sound like you're drugged, you might as well be a singer
Your whimsy couldn't touch me if your name was Sticky Fingaz
So when I come around, don't try to be down, don't try to be down
Just dig the sound, cause here comes the Lords of the Underground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

Well umm, open up the doors and yell, Here Come the Lords
Yell it loud yell it loud, let me hear it from a crowd
I packs em, _In the Closet_ like Michael Jackson
And love to hear the girls go OOH when I'm rockin
So catch it, no stutter in my flow but I wrecks it
And caught you on the dillz from my jam called _Check It_
Check it check it check it check it microphone check it
Yeah, you went wild, cause your moms digs my records
So come on, I'm takin you where the sun don't shine
The underground, but everything is fine
I rhyme, copacetic, unless it gets hectic
Your vocal chords'll get CRACKED, you gets no chloraseptic
So hit em, so chill, chill man chill
I know who used to be but now who's _Top Bill_
Well it's me, and yes, I am back by the Funke
Marley filled the House with Hits so you know The Lords are chunky
We stink, like pee-eww, funk from my shoe
But what about this funk, can two brothers like us do
but get down like James Brown and rock the whole town
Hah! And now The Lords have broke ground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X
(Here Come the Lords) 7X

* Lord Jazz cuts n scratches 'Here Come the Lords' *

I'm Too Much (Chubb Rock)

I'm coming around the mountain when I'm coming
I'm coming around the mountain when I'm coming
Because I came around the town
And everybody knows my sound is profound
and I'm worth every pound
The fourth LP and consumers don't sweat or fret
Just go purchase the cassette
The album comes on wax and on CD
And hits hard from Ft. Greene to Chelsea
Walk through The Color Purple then through the Black Rain
Always succeed cause I always use my brain
Married my one and only fly cutie
And always keep my same booking agent Rudy
My pal partner Sal and my main man Al B. Sure!
I'm sure the friendship is secure
Your advice about the miec is always in me
And B Sure! Peace to little Quincy
And the Miss give a kiss and insist the Miss pump her fist
And catch the gist of this *singing*
I'm Mr. Chubb Rocker... I'm Mr. Fun
I'm Mr. Smooth Rapper... I'm Mr. Number One
Friends call me the Chubbster, any mic that I touch
Seems to melt in my clutch... I'm too much
Because I take a snake and shake and bake the flake
Until I say for goodness drake
Don't make no more damn mistakes
And then I dunk a skunk, hunk, a punk who drunk some junk
And sunk into the soup of life mixed with conch
But I don't know what to do or what to say to him
if he wants to h it me, let him destroy his kidney
I don't care, no te ars for fears, give the kid another beer
let him lose another year
How can you do that, he knew that brew that, pursue that
Walk down the street I'll just say "Who dat?"
Walk the other way, looking at him makes me say
Had a good complexion, now he looks gray
I can't leave him alone because I'm civilized
I don't want him drinking no more St. Ide's
So my man, I got the plan
You see the cyst growing on your wrist
Connected to your fist, feel the gist of this
And while you feel the gist of t his
Go to the party and pump ya fist because *singing*
I'm Mr. Chubb Rocker... I'm Mr. Care
I'm Mr. Good Rapper... I'm Mr. Brand New year
Friends call me the Chubbster, any person I touch
Seems to change in my clutch... I'm too much

Party In My Head (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

There's a party in my head
Won't let me go to bed
Have to stay up instead
Go to the party in my head
We're divorced before we're wed
I'm reborn before I'm dead
Straight from the mouth of Mr Ed
Invited to the party in my head

Stop that banging on the wall
I won't turn down the noise at all
I'm footloose and fancy free
My head the place to be

There's a party in my head
I can't remember what you said
The sad truth's I'm poorly bred
Raised at the party in my head
There's an orgy like Club Med
Where everybody rocks my bed
Your baby wonders where you fled
Came at the party in my head

Though you may call 999
They will hang up everytime
It's too late they're here with me
Off their heads and on the beat

There's no charge the entry's free
I gave the doorman a kiss, you see
And all the guests mix brilliantly
Cos I am them and they are me
I threw away my high street cred
To have a life instead
Repeat the words that I just said
To go to the party in your head

Mr. Soft (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel)

Bom bom bom bom - bom bom bom bom

Mr. Soft turn it on and force the world
And watch the things you're going through
Oh Mr. Soft believe ev'rything they tell you
And be damned if they'll thank you
You paint ev'rything so cruel
Comin' on like mister cool
Paint your face and shut the gate
No one's comin' home till late - ooh-la cha

Bom bom bom bom

Don't you know, life gets tedious enough
Without this extra grudge to bare
You so slow, shift your ideas, make your mind up
In a jiffy, let's be fair
We'd all be taken off tonight
Turn off your eyes and shut the light
Oh, you're the most, you're so unreal
We'd all be dead without your spiel
Ooh-la ooh take it

Mmmmmm ....
Ooh - bom bom bom bom

Oh Mr. Soft, go to town and bring the dawnin'
In the mornin' on your way
Mr. Soft, put your feet upon the waters
And play Jesus for that day
You begin to hear them mumble
Spot the starman, ruff and tumble
Fight the good fights, sling your axe
Watch the speaker, lead the packs
Ooh - here we go again

All That Glitters (Le Tigre)

All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
Is not gold

Oh baby, why won't you talk to me
Oh baby, you just want me empty
Oh baby, you don't say anything
Oh baby, why won't you answer me
Answer me, answer me

I went to your concert and I didn't feel anything
I went to your concert and I didn't hear anything

All that glitters is not gold
Is not gold

I went to your concert and I didn't feel anything
I went to your concert and I didn't hear anything

All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
Is not gold

Oh baby, why won't you talk to me
Oh baby, you don't say anything
Oh baby, why won't you talk to me
Oh baby, you don't say anything

Walk On (Love/Hate)

White horse, she's tryin' to
Figure things out
Why can't anything
Work out her way
She won't admit how confused she is
Too scared to
Walk on another day

Four walls keep tryin' to
Box her in
She don't know who or where she's been
She keeps throwin' her shoes away
She won't walk on another day

White horse
Heavenly gown
It takes too much energy to make a frown
When you stay in bed all day
Does it make Mr. Gloomy go away?

White horses galloping
In her head when she floated away
She left a note
All her shoes were gone
She said, I won't
Walk on another day
Walk on another day

Ken 2012 ((Hed) P.E.)

you see me running but you don't know what
i'm running from
my own weakness
come on i've got to speak this truth
When I'm losin my direction
i run that self-inspection I learn my lessons well
Yo I fell hard you see me gettin up
i'm ** up adversity
in a temporary state of clarity
Hmmm, life is a parody, paradox
enigma I shed that skin with the stigma
roll on to the next day
confusin all my critics with these topics
various versatile, universal satirical
analytical, personal, political
you cynical MC's, you can't see these ryhmes
comin' with reason, my eyes are open wide
the havenots keep hopin'
my words are spoken
the chosen will someday be broken
and see how their gods have all fallen
you don't understand why it's so damn easy
can't understand why it's so **in easy
So how you like it like it now
Yeah yeah right, whatever, whatever
Well Mr. ** know-it-all, he got all the answers
Knows all about the "industry", he ain't shit to me
I got skills yo I'm the contenderI. ll rock your party til
the mother**in roof come in
Yeah, it's on fire burn like that pussy in da morning
had all night to simmer
Young girl wake up, the dick be in her, already
I was **in when she had her first barbie
Easy bake oven, she was pissin in her panties
Ain't shit she can do that ain't been done
ain't nothin wrong with you girl
I ain't the one...
Yeah come on, but you can. tunder
stand why it's so damn easy
can't understand why it's so **in easy
So how you like it like it now
you can't understand why it's so damn easy
can't understand why it. s so **in easy
you can't understand why, why, why.
I tried the way the way was not mine
If I get lost don't try to find me
my kind got left behind
Yeah so how you gonna
show me the way when it's not mine
how you gonna show me the way
when your**is blind
Your way, one way, but not mine
I'd rather be left behind
where is your salvation
when will it come?
How does it feel...how does it feel now
How does it feel...how does it feel
Punks jump up to get beat
punks jump up to get beat down
So many tried to make me feel like an outcast
put me to the test, yo again I pass
check out the flying colors
all the sisters and brothers by my side
Still we ride with pride
that's what calls me, same destination
we keep our salvation within
Givin' all that I got for the future
knowin that my journey yo will never be over
I already told ya with them loops that we flowed ya
Knowledge, wisdom, and experience can mold ya
Hold on to your mom's and your soul yes
ya stay true to yourself
all else will follow ya
This brother's goin deep...a little deeper
Just another man with a plan and a seed we can grow
I'll let you know just who and what I am
So what the ** do they want from me?
Why do they ** with me
The hednigga is just another human being
Got my head up in the sky, walkin feet above the ground
Oh yes much pussy to the left
pendejos to the right of me
who think they know it
Yeah I tried the way
but the way was not mine
i tried the way the way was not mine
Your way, one way, but not mine
Now let's see who gets left behind, come on
How does it feel, how does it feel
How does it feel, how does it feel
Punks jump up to get beat punks jump up to get beat down
Punks jump up to get beat punks jump up to get beat down

Pile Of Skulls (Running Wild)

Hey, Mr. Pope, Mr. Military Man
Kings and Queens
More evil that it seems
You lie, you cheat, you betray, you kill all the way
You wade through blood in your boots of steel
You hide the truth from its reveal
The world's bleeding wounds will never heal

So look in the mirror and see who you are
You made our lives an abbatoir
A man-eating machine that's what you are

Pile of skulls, conspiracy
Beware of the revealing key
No dance of joy, no harmless spree
No chance for you to hide or flee

Liar's tongue, tricks of deepest dye
Snake-skinned pack
You're evil and you're sly
Injust, you hunt, you hate, you take all the way
You're cutting throats with poisoned blades
Your recklessness overflows the graves
You try to make us all your slaves

So look in the mirror and see who you are
You made our lives an abbatoir
A man-eating machine that's what you are

Pile of skulls, conspiracy
Beware of the revealing key
No dance of joy, no harmless spree
No chance for you to hide or flee

Tears and pain, never ending shame
Blood** lice
Play their evil game
Your doom is sealed, the truth revealed all the way
Headless you still run around
You can't believe you're losing ground
On your knees to take the count

So look in the mirror and see who you are
You made our lives an abbatoir
A man-eating machine that's what you are

Pile of skulls, conspiracy
Beware of the revealing key
No dance of joy, no harmless spree
No chance for you to hide or flee


Mr pelon Ft condeman kieren guerra rimix la conbinacion 503 maje http://www.lilsmokey503.es.tl/ Downloand ...

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