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Tuesday, 24 October 2017
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Listen Abel Cajilema Rosa Mana Nikpi


Black Jesus (Kane & Abel)

featuring Master P Silkk the Shocker

(Master P)
Like 2Pac said only God can judge me
But I think only black Jesus can help me

Verse 1 (Kane)

Six in the morning and I see the sunrise
Wish I died in my sleep didn't want to open my eyes
To see this world so **ed up for me
And my family worked so hard but can earn a decent salary
these bills keep whooping a nigga**
Spent my whole check trying to dress with class
I found myself having to smoke weed just to chill
Both my parents got killed and I ain't cried still
All my niggas getting shot, peoples mama's smoking rock
And who the hell can stop these **ed up cops
They like to overseaers and we like the slave bitches
Offer pussy to a nigga even though they got AIDS
You jumping in that pussy thatn you diving in the grave
White man build the prison and the niggas come through
Like the mother**ers giving out free barbeque
Lock a nigga up for life and say ** you
Most of ya'll ain't make it pass the 12th grade
That's why you making minimum wage or slanging rocks for chump change
Alot of people died for the right to vote
We don't use white devils taking nigga land and missuse it
On top of that I think my uncle on crack
My boy Quay Shaun took a slug in his back
>From another black now he in the coma trying to make it back
Come on come on
My old lady think she pregnant I ain't got no cash for her
She probably ** another nigga I wouldn't put it past her
My mind got me murderous like John Doe
Bitch**niggas trying to play me like a hoe
And now I'm rolling round ** on a steel dick
Bout to pull the trigger end it cause I'm tired of this bullshit
Know what I'm saying grown men don't cry
But the ghetto got me wheeping like a bitch I'm gone die on my knees


Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up
Allah, tell me why this world so **ed up
Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up for me
For me a nigga

Verse 2 (Abel)

They say that I was dealt some bad cards in this game of life
But before I take my trip I'm gone leave with them stripes
Sending dime bags of weed, toting nines til nose bleeds
My nerve so bad I had to pop one of those b's
I had to strap my jimmy hat or catch this double mint disease
See the devil in a crack pipe pointing at me
I seen a nigga shaking just lke he caught the holy ghost
But he really scored a gram of heroin for 80 bones
I got them stones, if you take a hit you can't resist
Now I'm crying, I think one of my brothers on that shit
Do you care if you live or die, really I don't know
But if there's hell below I think we all gonna go


Verse 3 (Master P)

Tell me is this heaven, is this hell
I ain't LL, but all I hear is funeral bells
The ghetto's trying to kill me, a born loser
A born hustler my uncle's a drug user
I'm from the projects or should I say the 3rd Ward
Where fools into killing and fiends walk like androids
Hooked up with the twins or should I say Kane & Abel
Trying to keep some change in my pockets, some food on my table

Verse 4 (Silkk)

You know what P your right
Cause Silkk was on the block like last night
Niggaz doing anything from selling drugs
to sell mugs smoking that glass pipe
I'm from a messed up city where niggas don't live long
they parents out-live they kids
Rest in peace to my homie they like split his wig
Now who won't walk that last mile to they death
Imaging taking a deep (inhales) that was your last breath
Just imaging your mom was prostituting your mom was smoking
Imagine your eyes don't close imagine your eyes don't open
I be like trying to keep the world and stay TRU
There's too much drama in my hood, gotta stay cool

Verse 5 (Master P)

As I lay me down to sleep
Black Jesus if you real, take me out this ghetto g
Cause its crazy its wicked
I got niggaz on every block trying to get a meal, ticket
They killing they murder
Little kids in 3 inch girdles
And life is just like Pac Man
Niggaz gumping up niggas but who gone be the next man
To lose his shoes, I mean lose his life
Who gone think twice, dying in this ghetto life
Cause in the White House, politicians run the country
But where I'm from in the ghetto's its bout drug money
Ice cream slanging
Niggas banging red and blue everybody's hanging
Niggas bout it, little kids get rowdy
But will I make it out this ghetto, I doubt it

(Kane & Abel talking)

I think the devil trying to get me to sell my soul
He keep on walking with me, he keep on talking with me
I think the devil's trying to get me to sell my soul
He trying to temp me with the bitches and money

Black Jesus black jesus if you feel me
Than save me and my ghetto people

Sakinah (XPDC)

Memang dulu aku tak percaya
Sehingga ku jumpa Sakinah
Cinta boleh mencair segala
Biar keras bagai teras buana

Katakan cantik mana aku tak tergoda
Sehingga ku jumpa Sakinah
Pintu hati yang tertutup terbuka
Datang azam nak mengolah

Rancak dunia
Berlagu tipu daya
Mustakim semula

Orang-orang macam aku bahagia
Orang-orang macam aku merdeka

Tutup mata
Buka mata Sakinah
Dalam lena
Dalam jaga Sakinah

Bila kenal Sakinah
Kenal diri siapa sebenar
Cairlah segalanya
Yang tinggal hanya benar

Little Rosa (Letters To Cleo)

Little Rosa was gonna shine
Little Rosa had a real bad time
She was not like anyone else
She never will

Little Rosa the boys let her know
She's just not that way
She don't put on a show
For nobody
Not even you
She's gonna sit alone

Why would you make her feel so small
That she'd just disappear
Why would you make her feel so small
That she'd just disappear

She's not like anyone else
She's not like she...
Never will

Little Rosa was gonna shine yeah

So why would you make her feel so small
That she'd just disappear
Why would you make her feel so small
That she'd just disappear
Why would you make her feel

Selva De Olvido (Kannon)

Amigo... ...bienvenido a la selva del olvido.

¿Nunca has tenido tiempo de parar y pensar?
Nunca mentes alocadas vi deliberar
Aquí estas a salvo tío, nadie se acuerda de ti,1
nadie sabe lo que has dicho,
nadie sabe: donde has ido, Do' stas metido,
quien es tu amigo, o que haces cuando a solas
juegas con tu barbie de goma,
pones la ducha en zonas,
al edén te asomas...

...ven pa' ca yo te invito... yo te invito a la


Sigo, mi fiel amigo aquí no hay castigo
Esto es la selva del olvido
Aquí no hay madres severas, novias celosas...
...hay muchas cosas color de rosa yo soy testigo.
¿Pero que pasa cuando hasta el culo de cerveza,
que pasa, si pierdes la cabeza, que pasa?
No pasa nada tío, esto es la selva del olvido,
Fácil salvar el culo amigo.

...ven pa' ca yo te invito... yo te invito a la


Lo que niegas con la lengua
Lo confiesan los colores en tu cara,
Calores y flores rojas, pides perdón
Y te sonrojas, esto es posible de evitar
No hay que gritar, hay que viajar
a la selva del olvido... amigo...

...ven pa' ca yo te invito... yo te invito a la


Depresiones (Los de Abajo)

Ana se compró una falda que le quedaba muy larga
Rosa es amarga para ser la primorosa
Elsa no consuela su desgracia de ser prieta
No digo nada yo miro para otro lugar...

Pedro ve comida haciendo atracos en la esquina
Chucho me grita que me orille hacia la orilla
Pepe mata gente que declara cosas fuertes
No digo nada yo miro para otro lugar...

Saca esa falsedad
Saca lo incierto
Saca esa cara que has de ocultar
Saca esa falsedad
Saca lo incierto
Saca esa nausea que no nos puede liberar

Patria fue la niña que creció con la violencia
Constitución su madre se viola sin ciencia
Alta burocracia es el abuelo canceroso
No digo nada yo miro para otro lugar

He descubierto cual fue mi pecado
Todo este engaño a mis espaldas
No tengo miedo lo estoy olvidando
Y ahora nos toca pudrirnos en este lugar

Many Different Ways (Chino XL)

I take your mind and I smash it into plasma
*gasp for air* Breathe like asthma til your just a cadaver
How fast this is your faggot crew's a bunch of actresses
My skills go back to flippin on pissy matresses
Not Subroc I catch you out like Matlock
Now your name's in the Way Outdated Section next to Chubb Rock
It's kind of funny some of you ** DJ's shun me
cause I make your favorite rappers come up short like Bud Bundy
I'm All in the Family, sick like Archie Bunker, **in eat it
Your styles are cheesy like a uncircumcised penis
Better jet out, brother out, your R&B I first ignore ya
** Heavy D, cause "I Got Nothin But HATE For Ya"!!
I'm Chino XL, now who the ** are you? I'm laughing
smashing you like a bottle of Zima
Oh now all of a sudden you got emphesema?
BURRNT, save that shit for rich verbatim days behind me
I'm yellow as hell, but I rip more BlackSTREET's than Teddy Riley
I'm not environmentally concious so ** an Earth Day on my worst day
I could kill more slanted eyes than a Japanese earthquake
and in the first place, Farrah couldn't Fawcett when I lost it
Give me that mic, you monkey mother**er, you look exhausted!
When I'm tipsy, cut you like Bush cut Social Security
You couldn't make this crowd bounce like they one big silicone tittie
It ricochets, hear my name in projects hallways
Chino will amaze in so many different ways, what?
** that *cough* when I bust that *cough*, watch this
I'm knockin niggaz out like they homo**ual boxers
Now you feel like a building when the wrecking ball hits
I'M the type of nigga bitches like Brandy Wanna Be Down with
Not Howard Stern but get your temper burning, make you vomit
blood in slow motion like Tyra Banks go in Higher Learning
Enema, comma, coma, drama, dilemma, die like Dahmer
You can't see me like the Muppet Babies grand - mama
I'm a barbed wire condom once **in with that you'll - holler
My flows wet shit up like Barry White's shirt - collar
And I'm smoke Bones with mad Thugs we be in Harmony
But da-na-da-da-dahh-dah, just doesn't **in appeal to me
Disgustin me like Greg Lougainis AIDS my style is full blown
I'm wild like a latch key kid when his alcoholic daddy ain't home
Skip the silly facts is what you really lacks, your city give me daps
When Chino XL cuts you bleedin to death like hemophiliacs
Testin me is heresy I'm ill as leprosy I could make
Farrakhan grow dreads (BO BO!) and do the pepper seed
Spilling blood, similar to Exxon Valdez strike like a boa constrictor
Pain I inflict ya made ya scream like Little Richard
Battle me, no more props, no more fan mail admiration
You DIE, no time readin that for dramatization
You got your contract now you dissin me -- when you
barely own yourself like the Adams Family electricity
Bow your head in praise, the crowd sways when I hit the stage
Chino flips a phrase in so many different ways, uhh
Projecting my East coast semen all over ya (they be cloning ya)
I'm leaving em starving like they from Cambodia (nice knowing ya)
I'm telling ya ** your cellular ** your SkyPager
None of that can save ya when I SLASH ya with my rusty razor
In need of dry towels, my eye scowls, White Owls I split ya
Reposing like an Arthur Ashe before and after picture
My crew stay high like astronauts, this yellow bastard rocks
Still representin Jersey to the fullest -- Down at Fraggle Rock!
So now I rips again; leavin rappers whimperin
Makin my impression left in ears like discarded syringe
Cinematogrophy showin slides of your autopsy, no fair
I'm turning your whole projects into Tiannamen Square
Not number five like caps bust inside of Tupac's side
Rap side, not Pharcyde, burn your eyes like hydrogen peroxide
You better dodge this God that's lookin like DeBarge
Disgusting like an old white woman's medicinal discharge, swingin
my fist hard, causin viral spinal menengitis, when the slightest
vinyl coincides you risk dying to my violent twist
The Tin Ma -- if I only had a heart! I wouldn't make
all y'all niggaz sit in the backseat like **in Rosa Parks
I represent them niggaz that make you one healthier
while you represent bad niggaz like Denzel in Philadelphia
I ruin more brothers with skills careers than Don King, yo
yo B stop the track here the phone is ringing I hear the phone ringing
*phone rings*
Yo? "Yo Chino you look so good!
I just know you gotta a big dick
I wanna ** you so bad!"
Oh seven no one seventy the zip code I don't give a **
Throw an uppercut, was getting XL all fired up
worth getting your jaw all wired up?
Be a man like Me'shell N'degeocello, receive your ass-beating
I perform in front of more sellout crowds than a NAACP meeting
I'm making MC's look Dumber and Dumber like Jim Carrey
Go dig for David Cole I'm back in office like Marion Barry
My crew parleys while your girl braiding my braids
MC's are afraid in so Many Different Ways!
"Chino was fly but too fly for me!" --> MC Lyte ('Cappucino')
(repeat 4X)

Rita (Hombres G)

Nos fuimos con la reina de la ginebra.
Ella estaba en un bar, de carretera,

Pero de su nombre rita,
yo me acuerdo muy bien,
solo se que no la volvimos a ver,

Intento llevarme arriba por las escaleras,
tuvo que engancharze al cuello, mi borrachera,
estuvimos celebrando algo, no me preguntes que...
solo se que no podia estar de pie...

Fui arriba,
la cama de madera y un colchon,
Se bajo la escupidera y el calor,
empapando toda la cama de sudor....

Por la mañana desperte,
Confuso y pegajoso me duche...

Ella ya no estaba,
pero dejo algunas rosas,
en una botella vacia de vergel...

Por que Rita,
Rita es la reina de la ginebra,
te mira con una cierta tristeza,
t seguro que no la volvere a ver...
no, no, no...

Abortion (Kane & Abel)

Verse 1 (Abel)

Peep this 5'6'' nigga with more game than Starter
Been pimping these hoes since I was shooting dog water
Call me plastic man cause I pack that plastic glock
Slinging my rocks on my block to the sunrise to the sun drop
I'm bout it than done some shit that God couldn't forgive
Ever since I was that coke baby with two weeks to live
Shit my life is complex think I got a voodoo hex
Busters try to wet me, bitches step get shot up like Malcolm X
You ** mother**ers got his pocket full of boulders
You sick of being sober hit me on my motorola
Drink Cavassi A straight out the bottle counting g's
Why you counting on the lotto
** ya'll is my motto
Hit the streets make my ends rocks hidden in my M & M's
Bitch this ain't Whodini, ain't no mother** friends
Niggas average while caine be deadly like miscarriage
And if it come to it I'm gone put one in your cabbage
I'd rather steal to get paid like Shaquille O'Neal
Soon as I drop my draws all of ya'll old ladies gone kneel
Getting deep getting funky like some rock star coochie
I'm jigging player haters just like pace makers for my loochie
Partner my name is Kane got more game than the dope game
Know less than 16 for every bird that I slang


My mama wish she had a ** abortion
Cause I done so much shit so much gangsta shit
>From every crime from drugs to extortion
I know my mama wish she had a ** abortion

Verse 2 (Kane)

I roll with No Limit cut throats trying to stack C-Notes
Wearing green and white Nauticas and Mecca polos
It all started my cousin got 'em got some heroin from Puerto Rico
We call it ?? and snorted by alot of people
Going to the place where danger awaits me
I never knew my moms but if I did she probably hate me
>From small time hustling to sticking up dope spots
My grandma found a 100 grand stashed in a shoebox
She kicked me out sent me down south where they be balling
Got a 100 got 200 on a trip to New Orleans
They used to love that weed like its they only child
Now they got the naza cocaine it got 'em wild
This child was born a twin seven minutes from my brother
No visions of my dad wouldn't recognize my mother
And now I'm so obsessed with this money I be earning
I'm sicker than the ** Germans
All I see is green like Erick Sermon


Per Te (Jovanotti)

Per te

E' per te che sono verdi gli alberi
E rosa i fiocchi in maternità
E' per te che il sole brucia a luglio
E' per te tutta questa città
E' per te che sono bianchi i muri
Che la colomba vola
E' per te il 13 dicembre
E' per te la campanella a scuola
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te che a volte piove a giunio
E' per te il sorriso degli umani
E' per te un aranciata fresca
E' per te lo scodinzolo dei cani
E' per te il colore delle foglie
La forma strana delle nuvole
E' per te il succo delle mele
E' per te il rosso delle fragole
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te il profumo delle stelle
E' per te il miele e la farina
E' per te il sabato nel centro
Le otto di mattina
E' per te la voce dei cantanti
La penna dei poeti
E' per te una maglietta a righe
E' per te la chiave dei segreti
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te il dubbio e la certezza
La forza e la dolcezza
E' per te che il mare sa di sale
E' per te la notte di Natale
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e
E' per te ogni cosa che c'è
Ninna na ninna e

Lucha Contigo (Extremoduro)

Como una roca me siento mejor
no necesito de mi alrededor
salgo a la calle. No quiero nada.
que hasta del aire me dan arcadas.
¿Qué te pasa, que te duele?
que a mi lado ya no vienes.
Como un susurro me dices que no. Que no
y me pongo mustio sin agua y sin sol
miro adelante. No entiendo nada
busco tus ojos tras las ventanas.
¿Qué te pasa, qué te duele?
que a mi lado ya no vienes.
Cerrando los ojos mejor no digas nada
que abriendo la boca me das cienmil patadas.
Como una rosa en un callejón
voy conteniendo la respiración
salgo a la calle, no quiero nada
que hasta del aire me dan arcadas.
Cerrando los ojos mejor no digas nada
que abriendo la boca me das cienmil patadas.
¿Qué te pasa, qué te duele?
que a mi lado ya no vienes.


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