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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Listen Zouzounia - Ax Kounelaki


Marley Marl Scratch (Marley Marl)

featuring MC Shan

Verse 1

All these beats and my rhymes attached
Form the new creation called the Marley Scratch
We're always steered in a positive course
His beats my rhymes combined make force
I say it's like a force cos the force is strong
And if you think we're weak I'd say you're wrong
All you other DJ's are a bunch of jerks
Marley give 'em an example how a DJ works

Verse 2

Since you just heard how a DJ sound
The name Marley Marl, I will break it down
The M is for Master of Scratch
And if the needle was to slip it's the needle he'll catch
The A is a letter that you set apart
I wouldn't call his beats music, I would call it Art
The R just stands for the way he Rock
Which is 24-oh-7 around the clock
The L is for Lyrics that I write
When put to his music sounds out of sight
The E is for Every beat he make
Which sucker DJ's persist to take
Don't play with the Y cos it isn't a game
You ax "Why do you put the other DJ's to shame?"
After this there shouldn't be a story to tell
At the end of that is M-A-R-L
This paragraph here has come to a end
Marley, can we hear your funky fresh scratchin' again?

Verse 3

I never got caught in the game of Tag
My name is MC Shan, no need to brag
MC's brag about theirself all through their rhyme
You can see I got quality, won't waste my time
If I did not mean it, I wouldn't have said it
I'm gonna give the man behind the wheels some credit
I'm not tryna say that he can't be beat
But Marley Marl can stand on his own two feet
Since a DJ like him is so in demand
Marley won't you get on and show 'em where you stand

Verse 4

He can go on but I won't insist
How many fortunate MC's have a DJ like this
Every time I grab the mic I always have a plan
He's DJ Marley Marl and I am MC Shan
Combined we're fresh, this you must admit
Don't ever wanna hear you say we ain't worth jack
To be a DJ or an MC well it isn't no thing
If you ever wanna learn then just give us a ring
Like I just said, it wasn't no thing
You either have to be a ace, a jack, a queen or a king
When you're one of these, that means you're the best
And the people of today won't settle for less
We can be a jack or king, we can play the place
But we'd rather be a DJ and an MC ace

Verse 5

If you ever wanna battle, be at your best
Because a man like Marley just does not fess
In that battle you must give your all
Or just be prepared to take your fall
Cos a lotta DJ's already tried
There ain't been one yet that's qualified
To think you can beat him, you must be nuts
Just listen real close to his scratchin' cuts

Verse 6

The man Marley Marl can bring you to tears
He's not a new jack, he been down for years
On the two turntables I would say he's nice
Every cut he makes is so precise
When I said precise inside my rhyme
To put it to you straight that means right on time
Every jam he throws he always rocked
Don't refer to him as the neighbourhood jock
To all you DJ's who are always fessin'
From this man you can learn a lesson
You heard Dimples D when she took her stand
She said (Marley Marl is one hell of a man)
Gotta get it off my chest, to put my mind at ease
Since when you heard a DJ make cuts like these?

How Does It Feel? (Twiztid)

[Chorus 1x]
How does it feel to be you?
How does it feel to feel the way you do?
Its so decessive.
And I dont care if you like or you hate me.
I know you mother**ers bound to underrate me.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Lookin through the window as the moon strikes the ground.
Wind blowin into the trees makin irriating sounds.
Like the boys in the back of my head but im immune.
To the confined but dragulous tune.
Night grave man made ?
Childs of the night sendin shocks through your body.
Fatter than papperazzi
Speak softly or back up of me.
? before I gaze in your eyes and blow your mind.
What I depicted is ? and addicted.
Frequently being described as being twiztid.
Or wicked.
Predicted many sites scene happenings alikes.
Perform on a daily in disguise.
Sinister tell the minister.
To bless my soul.
Momma maybe mine broke and went outta control.
Smash the remote control.
Through television screens.
Blame it on a movie or a dream.
Its all the same.
Mind games even apologies paralyzed.
Swollen little brain mismerized.
Then he dies.
Left only in a world full of hate.
Body rots away, what is mine incubates.

[Chorus 1x]

[Monoxide Child]
They label me a paranoid schizophrenic.
Known on this planet.
For two things, talkin shit and automatic.
Mind gets tragical a little walk through the woods.
Bury you alive if I could.
Mobbin through the hood.
With a body in the trunk.
Unidentified cause he's known as a chump.
I hear him keep talkin junk.
In my ear.
But nobody else can hear.
I look around and Im feelin weird.
Palms are sweaty im bout to black out.
Last chance, but nothin can stop this twiztid sprout.
Im all about, mad cussin.
** you and you the red ?
Me goin mack on the school crush.
Turnin bitches to dust.
And when I recite your **s die.
Like I'm ? the night I let your soul fly.
So high, that I never touch ground.
Make it so your bodies never found.
Another unsolved mystery.
Lookin for some nobody.
Every single night on T.V.
Tryin to get me to see.
My eyes closed and rolled back.
Holdin in thoughts deep in my mind bout a carjack.
Another great found layin in the street.
People just kept movin they feet.
Treated like a freak, so how am I suppose to act?
So when you see me mother **er be prepared for the ax.

[Chorus 1x]

[Jamie Maddrox]
There go a vampire hung with a 9 millameter.
Are souls are blessed by Mary ? and St. Peter.
It'll be the place, but I call it the host.
Am I dead or alive, or just a ghost.
??? midrange.
Two dollars and some change.
But for future insanity.
But im feelin so insane.
Got a migraine, headache.
My stomach........

Hounddogz (MC Ren)

The year is 87'
Back in the 12th grade G
When I used to hang with CH to the IP hangin' in the halls
Tryin' to get the young bitches ridin' my ballz
We got dissed cuz we were jog' and kept to ourself shyo
Because it's all about self
We used to try to get the number and the name
But back then they wanted motha**az in the dope game
We used to try to ** with ho's
In our graduatin' class there was no woman givin' up the**
We go to a dance, we see ho's rollin' eyes on my crew,
But what the ** can I do?
They would'nt even give a nigga like me a chance thou [why?]
Because my feet was my transport
You ax 'em to dance they start to riff
And on the way home niggaz never gave us a lift
But now the tables turned around
Every motha**a and his mom would wanna be down
I see the bitches at the clubs, the same ones
They're thinkin' they're fine and also runnin' the same line :
"What's up Ren, we used to be in the same class"
I'm shakin' my head yeah, now listen to line**
They ax me what have I been up to,
Knowin' damn well I made money for my record sales
I zip on my drink and say see ya
Cuz only a four leg and pregnant mud can be ya'

People that used to hate me
Now when they see me they speak first
But used to demon raps cuz I cursed
They used to say I would'nt make it cuz I use profanity
And call myself a Nigga With an Attitude
But once again the tables turned around
Niggaz tryin' to be down - walkin' up like a hound
Especially the ones that never had nothin' to say
Now they talk to me like enow and everyday
Axin' me what's up with Eazy
Or Dr. Dre, yo did he marry Miss She'ly?
Or did the D.O.C get his voice back,
And niggaz think I'm mean when I say I'm not a magazine
Cuz when I come around I wanna kick it
The ..... is axin' me for concert tickets
The same fools, that used to go to my school
When you see my on the streets just chill and be cool
So if you realy wanna be down -
Don't crowd around a nigga like a hound!

The hound-dogs, they come in all shapes n' sizes
Jackin' 'round Ren with a gang o' surprises
Nothin' but a groopy in sheep's clothin'
The shit makes me lough when the homies want an autograph
I feel like I'm on a talkshow
Because they ax all the questions then say they gotta go
Never wanna know how I'm makin' out
All they wanna know is when my alboum's commin' out
Or ax me - 'Yo Ren, when are you goin' on tour?'
I tell 'em 'the same time like I told you before'
Then there's always one beggin' for me to kick hm down
For pissin' on my leg I never knew you you **in' hound!
So go back to your home and fetch yo' bone
And quit retrievin' on mine cuz nigga you got your own
And talk about me behind my back - nigga please!
So much of a hound, all you're missin' is your flees
Scratchin' all day because you're itchin'
You're tryin' to get news wishin' you was in my shoes
But trippin' like that you'd never be down
Cuz Ren don't likes a **in' hound -
You straight hound-dog!

I Luh Hur (Akinyele)

I luh hur, I luh hur, I luh hur
My girl is pregnant, I'm ready to start splitting
All around the town on the down low was the girl that I was hitting
Everyone knows I used to luh huh
I don't want this pregnant talk to get back to my mother
Shit! I just can't believe it
I thought me and this lady had came to a mutual agreement
But I was dead wrong, her trick was evil and ill
All along girlfriend I though you was still on the pill
Step to the G-Y-N
The gynecologist, miss, so we can put this to an END
You'll need some dough, I'll probably LEND
You wanna play Biz Mark AGAIN
And tell him I'm just a FRIEND
So buy me Newports, cause as I smoke
All I do is think about you and child support
But I don't got papes, I got money
Sticking up and messing up when I went outta state
So you can stop all that FIENDIN'
With your damn SCHEMIN'
You're Christopher Williams cause you must be DREAMIN'
Wake up and escape
And while you're at it why don't you throw away your Jodeci tapes
Cause you can be forever my lady, but I ain't with no baby
Ah, ah, no ifs ands or maybes
I ain't old enough and ain't trying to hear it
So don't steal my youth cause I'm still young in spirit
That belly blows up, it's gonna be trouble
Imma have to play like a pin and come pop that bubble
Find Chucky if you want child's play
I'll give your**a hanging and drop you off in an alleyway
This is a diary of a black man
By making no alimony payments due to no wedding bands
So ax that talk about MARRAGE
Miss, you must of misunderstood, I want you to have a MISCARRAGE
I'm fed up, and sorry that I've done it
I'm ready to set her up and have my little man kick her in the stomach
Or punch my fist through that naval
Cause I'll be damned if this be the hand that rocks the cradle
Or push her down a flight of steps
I don't care or give a heck
About the people under the stairs
I'm all about a home made ABORTMENT
My name's not Pat, so don't send Jack Black
This ain't the damn Wheel of FORTUNE
I don't want no pause or no PORTION
Next time woman you should proceed with CAUTION
It ain't all about boy and girl
A half hour past the Cosby Show
Cause you, it's a whole different world
And yom that's how live I am
Use a diaphragm, I get it off your chest like a mammogram
Oh brother, word to mother
Just cause I talk this shit don't get me wrong
Yo, I still luh hur
I luh hur (repeat 5X)
Nobody tell her, because I luh hur
I luh hur (repeat 8X)

Carousel (Seachange)

Made out of something never known
useless descriptions of the things you own
chosen the branch that points to the sun
** with the ax with one eye on
how are the planets moving this year?
to protect your money, help your career?
bar coded destiny, boxed up for sale
if you look at the sky there's nothing to say

come live with me and be my love
and we will all the pleasures prove
truth in every shepards tongue
as if all the world and love were young

first you say you cant handle it
you cant handle it because you need it - you need it
then you say you dont believe in it
dont belieive in it because you want it - you want it
could it be your just playing me, playing me until you ditch it, ditch it
hey i'm going to get through with you, through with you
until you get it, you get it.

Get back to nature and invent some crimes
find all the meanings in the nursery ryhmes
sit in the church when the sun shines through
start to believe that its all for you
live more like this, be more like this
listen to this, get with this, with this
exotic ideas they come and go
then left behind like bargain clothes
and so i feel so warm inside
and the guides to living make it feel alright

come live with me and be my love
and we will all the pleasures prove
truth in every shepards tongue
as if all the world and love were young

first you say you cant handle it
you cant handle it because you need it - you need it
then you say you dont believe in it
dont belieive in it because you want it - you want it
could it be your just playing me, playing me until you ditch it, ditch it
hey i'm going to get through with you, through with you
until you get it, you get it.

Settlement (Inspectah Deck)

* evil laughter *

* sounds of sword fight *

"Words don't help you" (x4)

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo I got sight beyond sight like the sword of Omen
Beats are left broken by the wise words spoken
Survive livin driven by blood money hunger
Snakes lay waitin impatiently to steal your thunder
We stay sharp state of the art tear the stage apart
Razor Sharp poison darts raid the charts
Through the underground, some are found changin bounds
The gun sparks like the bloodhound and hunts ya down
The hood life, I'm in it to the limit
Wouldn't quit it for a digit, die for it cuz I live it
Before I let go, have correct dough
I Bust my shit off, I'm out to blow the lid off, alert the metro
I glow like a lazer lights show, your eyes squint
Vibrant, true colors, I move swift and silent
Livin by the day, hearts are cold like winter nights
Got a hot 10 on the dice in this game of life
A-alikes in tune, immune to snake bites
Roll like the blue coats with no lights, late night
Smooth criminal, born original on a lyrical high
Perform miracles before your 3rd eye
Sir I light up the round table
Lockin the king's crown, able to hold it down stable
Fatal tech 9's could make mines deadly duties
Fatal beauties seduce me, used by a hootie and the blowfish groupie
Unruley, fists of fury fly loosely
Cash still rules, ain't nothin new, tuck your jewellry

"Words don't help you" (x2)

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Some sound-sound like they real top guns
but this a true sound, it's a champion
Rock the mic in every session
Reign number 1, no competition

[Inspectah Deck]
Just when you thought it was safe
to make a name for yourself, the blows delf
You get stripped for your belt, run your garments
Feather-weights don't know what you involve in
Revolvin in fantasy, ya dilute the solvin
My hip hop quoted as an Uncontrolled Substance
Rough from the beginnin, whispered in my blood
Since my child days, blazed, workin on entery level
50 metal jackets are found, no sign of Rebel
The Iyatollah, Kenny Rogers in the game of high rollers
Side-kick, Lucky Hands the dice thrower
Amputate tracks, blow back the mic holder
Godlen ax blade come down, the mic's over
Takin flight in the Rover, nobel street soldier
Deep cover mission, rap spies be my folder
I.N.S. a.k.a. J. Hunter, vocal gunner
Known to choke-hold the funky drummer
Hunter city tour for the summer
The last dog, Wu Forever roar through your 4 runner
My all-star team put up Jordan-like numbers
Small wonder, get your welcome mats snatched up from under
your cold feet, jacked your whole feat and mad a whole mil'
No frills with no skills and bounded to steal
This is real, Wu part 2 spark you
Reality bites with teeth marks like a shark do
Niggaz dick-ride by the carpool, Gods rule
If I could own rocks, got me toxy at the bar stool
Me and my girl boost the underworld, duckin feds
Can't trace the blood of my swords, double-edged


"Words don't help you" (x4)

[Outro: sampled girl]
nothin you sell, oh, oh...

Cowboy junkies lament (Townes Van Zandt)

by Townes Van Zandt

Baby hit the back door breathin' real heavy
said the boys in the alley wouldn't leave her alone
Mama did her make-up in a terrible hurry
She finally got ready but the boys were gone
Mama don't you worry, night's aproachin'
there's a hole in heaven where some sin slips through
Close your eyes and dream real steady
maybe just a little will spill on you

The dark don't lie
and dreams come true
could be a few will see you through

Old lady Rose, lookin' down her nose
at lonely Miss Lily hiding in the hall
Lily's just praying for the trial to be over
Rosy's just waitin' for the ax to fall
Show me off on the way to town
the sky's still shiny and the earth's still brown
Tell the judge I'm ready for the vases
gonna dance in their faces
when the guitar sounds

It won't be long
I won't be gone
I've been leaning toward the shadows all along

Those in the know say how it goes
you plan on reapin' you better sow
you plan on sleepin' you better keep movin'
sleepin ain't allowed around here you know
Tell me please when the rollin's over
me and my baby gonna have some fun
Bury our backs in a bed of clover
smile in style while the sun goes down

Snake eyes cry
and boxcars sigh
Seven's stuck in the middle just wonderin' why

The dark don't lie
and dreams come true
all it takes is one or two
maybe just a few will see you through
maybe just b few will see you throagh

Blood Clots And Black Holes (Thrice)

Here's your new drug
Shoot it in the left eye
feel it on the right side
no it's not love
though it sets up shop behind your cage
building blood clots and blackholes
like using an ax to pull a sliver from your skin

and they say this is medicine
an overdose of oxygen
a severed head
as sedative

to be at peace would be a sin
and surely un-american
i'm breaking

here's your new blood
transfusion took us all night
tell us that you're all right
no it's not love
though it feels like fire inside of your veins
burning right beneath the wrist
begging for a razor's kiss
to free it from your skin

and they say this is medicine
an overdose of oxygen
a severed head
as sedative

to be at peace would be a sin
and surely un-american
i'm breaking down
i'm breaking down

lift the veil, its not medicine
and my heart fails, time and time again

Health Wealth Self (KRS One)

Yeah.. yeah.. yup!
You know what? I was just downstairs
and I was on my way up here to the studio and
a guy bumped into me and
and he said.. he said "Yo Kris!
How is it that you stay in this music?
You know this rap music ex specially for SO.. LONG.. SO.. LONG"
I said "Well you know years ago I made a deal with the Goddess"
He said "The Goddess?"
I said "Well yeah you might know her as God
but I know her as the Goddess"
The universal mother
The mother of everything you see in existance
I ax-ked her for assistance
in lyrical persistance
and she gave it to me, under one condition
She said, "I'll give you the gift
but use the gift to uplift"
I said, "Okay mom!"

So I tell you the truth, really
Me nah gon' need nuttin else
but health, wealth, and knowledge of myself
Me nah gon' need nuttin else
but health, wealth, and knowledge of myself

In the beginning was the word, the word was made flesh
Knowledge K. Reigns R. Supreme S.
Some of us guess while others of us are blessed
Take heed to the word, that I manifest
I manifest the future, the present, followed by the past
Everything in nature, rules by kickin**
What they tellin me, but yo, you a friend to me
so I'ma tell you the secrets of MC longevity
Secret one: if it ain't fun, you're done
And about your career, huh, well choose another one
If you don't like what you do, you're through
Lesson two: make sure you got a dope crew
Not some crew, that's like an anchor on a shoe
A MAD CREW, that's of some benefit to you
Lesson three, might be contradictory or funny
but MC's should have OTHER WAYS of gettin money
That's to say learn other things beside music
Make money elsewhere, Hip-Hop you won't abuse it
Too many MC's, just emcee
so their longevity, is based on an Uncle Tom
at the record company
Lesson four: sell your image, never sell a record
Image is respected, records come and go
and get collected
Even the records of platinum artists, that used to rip shop
can be bought, for a quarter at the thrift shop
Which brings me to lesson number five, the illusion
has me thinkin, the minute they drop a record
they'll be cruisin, in the Acura
Slow down! You're still a amateur
What seperates the pro from the amateur is stamina
Not how long you can rhyme, but how long you've been rhymin
changin with the times, and findin yourself
still CLIIIIIIIIIIIIMbin for wealth
Blow for blow, you're still growin, still showin
(all knowin) now that's a pro at it

Me nah gon' need nuttin else
but health, wealth, and knowledge of myself
Me nah gon' need nuttin else
but health, wealth, and knowledge of myself

Thank you Mother, I'm out

Bury Me Alive (Twiztid)

[Monoxide Child]
I dont give a ** right!
Dead face with the eyes white.
Intimidate you with my eyesight.
Im trying to hide from the average.
Everyday we startin static.
Livin with the maggots.
Masters of the black magic.
My shits for killas with the twiztid tats on they backs.
My shits for killas who walk around with the ax.
My shits for killas screamin I would rather die.
Then see you motha **as doin MTV live.
You can keep the mainstream life and all the ho's.
I'm steady cussin in video's.
For Juggalos.
Im underground where the dead don't sleep.
Keep us a secret to thw world and watch the posse increase.
So if you feel me then bury me alive.

[Chorus 2x]
Bury me Alive(Bury me Alive).
Run with the Psychopathic Hatchet.
Then hide!
Bury me Alive(Bury me Alive).
Keep it in yo kliq and ** the outside.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Strickly for the juggalos, bitch I thought you knew.
Cause we sealin up the mainstream ears with crazy ?tunes?
So they can hear a word we say.
We stay twiztid, speakin voodoo them bitches wouldn't understand it
Walk with a ax when the sun falls.
Talkin to the ouija board for predictions of the holocaust.
Give a ** less about video or airplay.
We stay ?? and scream till the head break.
This is your shit it was made for you.
Dont let the radio influence you.
And tell you what to listen to.
And everybody at MTV can suck my dick.
Tellin me we'd be the shit if they labeled us a buzz clip.
Man ** that!
We be beneath the ground.
We rose with the hatchet, you can hear the wicked sound.
In your eardrums, dont let the others get a taste.
And if they start bump it, it gonna smack them in the face.
Then bury my alive.

[Chorus 1x]

"With a fury of buckshots.
God Damn they ruthless." 2x

[Monoxide Child]
This aint no ???? so nobody dancin.
I only ** with the dead and my motha **in advances.
Chances are, you outta luck when you **in with the killas.
Psychopathic, ** it we be the illest.
Keeo it the realist.
Like everybody else that be doin that.
Im in the back in black, chillin with the bloody ax.
When we attack.
We have your whole crew shook.
You fake ho's know, twiztid wrote the god damn book.

[Jamie Maddrox]
And I dont give a **.
Perpatrators you can suck my nuts.
Say you bought the album, but dont know a single cut.
You's a bandwagon rida givin juggalo's a bad name.
We'll ** you up for that, bitch this aint no **in game.
** all that shit that the print wrote.
Magazines is toilet paper, glorified for the assholes.
** Publication.
Music Segragation.
Cause we run beneath the nation.
So bury me alive.

[Chorus 1x]

"With a fury of buckshots.
God Damn they ruthless." 2x


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