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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Listen Huwag Mo Sanang Isipin - Papuri Collections


Red Neck Pimp (Tela)

featuring Fancy Cow Lee

Girls in the club showin love
shakin their**in the club nigger what

(Fancy Cow Lee)
shit how bout all you got damn rootin tootin rap shootin son of a bitches
i'm out here to tell you my name is Fancy Cow Lee
and got dammit I don't like rap
but I like that got damn Teller
that got damn Teller know he got himself together
that damn sho nuff
reason why I like him
cause shit I can pretty much relate to him
shit I pimp hoes
all around the got damn county
shit I go around here to ah Truckers street
and get my money from Samanther and and and and old Tree Selmer
I go on down the block two and three down the road
and get the rest of my money from old ah Peggy Sue and Murle
and I come on back round before I hit the old farm
and collect the rest of my cheeze from old Desaco over there
and shit bout time I get through with all my freakin rounds
I got just about a hundred and twenty-two and thirteen cent
just enough to get me some treapin tards for Peggy
if yall don't know everything about pimpin
yall need to be tryin to holler at Teller
got damn Teller
he got his self together

Girls in the club showin love
shakin there**in the club nigger what
sho nuff
this is Fancy Cow Lee
and I'll be shootin round at yall at the bar got dammit
don't matter here like yall say it

Halo Halo (Jamal)

Halo, halo i po co ja tak biegnę,
Przed tym co będzie i tak nie ucieknę,
Bo co wtedy jeśli cały ten świat
W jednej sekundzie by na głowę nam spadł Jamal człowieku
Halo, halo i po co ja tak biegnę,
Przed tym co będzie i tak nie ucieknę,
Bo co wtedy jeśli cały ten świat
W jednej sekundzie by na głowę nam spadł Jamal
Tylko jeden raz,
I tylko jeden raz i nie ma nas,
Bo życie jak mrugnięcie oka i nie ma nas
Dopóki czas nam ukieka dobro,
Dopóki widzisz jeszcze uśmiech to widzisz cud,
Mamy tu dług nazywa się mieć serce
Po co to wszystko gdy każdy chce więcej i więcej,
Na łeb szyję ewidentnie tak,
Krew się sama rwie do pulsu ja tym tętnię tak,
Daje to znak bo sam zapomniałem
Warto jest czasem robić rzeczy małe
Wiedziałem, skręcałem, spalałem i podróżowałem,
Tym kim właśnie teraz jestem się stałem, ale
Halo, halo i po co ja tak biegnę,
Przed tym co będzie i tak nie ucieknę,
Bo co wtedy jeśli cały ten świat
W jednej sekundzie by na głowę nam spadł Jamal człowieku
Halo, halo i po co ja tak biegnę,
Przed tym co będzie i tak nie ucieknę,
Bo co wtedy jeśli cały ten świat
W jednej sekundzie by na głowę nam spadł Jamal
Wsłuchaj się dobrze to puls ulicy
To twoi ludzie na których możesz liczyć
W tym uczestniczysz i zbierasz plon
Jeżeli jesteś to jesteś to po co ziom
Trzymamy pion, bo po co tak prędko
Niecierpię chwil gdy nie mam nawet czasu ruszyć ręką
Miękko cza wystukuje mi bit
Wie to ona, wie to on, wie to ja i ty
Znam te gry w otwarte karty
I ty zobacz ile to naprawdę jest warte,
Spokój ducha płynie z serca do ucha,
Jeśli chcesz prawdy to prawdy tu słuchasz, ale
Halo, halo i po co ja tak biegnę,
Przed tym co będzie i tak nie uieknę,
Bo co wtedy jeśli cały ten świat
W jednej sekundzie by na głowę nam spadł Jamal człowieku
Halo, halo i po co ja tak biegnę,
Przed tym co będzie i tak nie ucieknę,
Bo co wtedy jeśli cały ten świat
W jednej sekundzie by na głowę nam spadł Jamal
Bo jeśli chcesz biegać tyle,
Lepiej zatrzymaj się na chwilę ziom oj Jamal

** Off! (Insane Clown Posse)

"Wicked...W-Wicked." "B-Bitch."
"Wicked...W-Wicked." "B-Bitch."
"Wicked...W-Wicked." "B-Bitch."
"Wicked...W-Wicked." "B-B-B-B-Bitch. Bitch-B-Bitch."

Well, it's on. It's on like neden hoe **
I'm 2 Dope and I'm **in' drunk
Walked in the joint with my nuts hangin' out my drawers
All I wanna do is choke a bitch
Roll up a jimmy and smoke the bitch
I dropped outta school and I quit my job
All I wanna be is a fat, **in' slob
'cause I don't care about none of y'all bitches!
Shut the ** up and drop ya britches ("B-Bitch.")
'cause I'm cloggin' a bank! {"A bank!"}
So I don't give a ** about what none of y'all think
When I do a show, I wreck the place
I run around the stage kickin' bitches in the face
'cause I ain't nothin' soft,
so you and your boys can straight ** OFF!

(You can suck my nutsac, yo)
(You can shake, you're dime-stank though)
(You can kiss my ass, ya punk bitch!)
(Yo, ** you and ya Momma ain't shit!)
[End Chorus]

{*Phone Ringing*}
[Pizza Guy - Violent J]
"Uh, Pizza Boy Pizza."
"I want a large, extra cheese pizza."
"Pick-up or delivery."
"Okay, your address?"
"Yeah, it's near the high school. 232 ** OFF!"

When I was eight, I was on crack
I had Ms. Pella trained on the back
**in' after school every day
I turned that old bitch's neden hairs gray ("Hehehe")
'cause the Dope is all that!
My Mother's a witch and my Daddy's a hunchback
and nobody could ** wit' me
I used to drive a hearse to school, G,
with a stiff hangin' out the back
Bitch, you wouldn't know shit about that!
But there's one thing that I hate
It's always been hard for me to find a date ("AHHHHH!") {"B-Bitch."}
'cause I show up nice and neat
'Cause if you know, the Shaggs ain't soft
If you don't like it you can ** OFF!!!

[Violent J]
"What's up? Violent J, the Southwest Juggala.
Y'know what I'm sayin'? I walk into a bitch's house,
walk up to they Moms, grab 'em by the face and say '** offffff!'"

(You and your Momma can suck my dick!)
(You can shake your bitch-ass quick)
(I could give a ** less, G)
('Cause you ain't worth shit to me!)
[End Chorus]

[Violent J]
Violent J, the motha**in', blood-suckin' vampire
Please stomp on my head 'cause it's on fire!
I got another funky rhyme, so lemme kick it

I walk up, like a mental case
and start throwin' left hooks, at ya face
I won't mix no rap with rock-n-roll
..like somebody else I know. {"B-Bitch."}
Bitch boy, you can suck my sack
and after that you can kiss my asscrack
And freaks, you ain't all that
Titties ain't shit but sacs are fat! ("Bitch!")
'Cause if you really wanna know what I think,
I think your neden stank like a fish tank
So in the early cracks of dawn,
take your two fat sacks of shit and get the ** on! ("Hehe, hehehehe!")
Best leave me a dollar for Faygo, bitch,
or I'ma have to bust you in your **in' lips! ("Ha-ha-ha!")
Next time you think I'm soft,
I hope you remember to ** OFF!

(All you bitches hate me anyways..)
(... so you can suck my nuts all day!)
(You can lick my nutsac, Tiffy!)
(Yo, you can suck my **in' dick!)
[End Chorus]

"I'll say one thing, baby.
When Carol said you were a cooky nympho cunt,
she sure as hell wasn't kidding.
Well, that's it 'til next time, bitch!"

[Shaggy2Dope]{Violent J}
SUCK MY NUTS, BITCH! ** YOU!/("** OFF, BITCH!"){"Y'know what I'm sayin'?"}
SUCK MY NUTS, BITCH! ** YOU!/{"I-C-P's in tha motha**in' neck town!"}
SUCK MY NUTS, BITCH! ** YOU!/{"Peace to Atlanta, y'know what I'm sayin'?"}{"Blitz in the motha**in' house!"}("YEAH, MOTHA**A!")
SUCK MY NUTS, BITCH! ** YOU! {"Atlanta, GA, y'know what I'm sayin'? Toledo!"}
{"Motha**in' Lexington."} ("YEAH! ** OFF!")
{"Motha**in'... you-know-what-I'm sayin'?"}
{"Mo'**in', uh... you-know-what-I'm sayin'?"}
("** OFF!") {"** off, man!"}
** off!
{"Bring it on, bitch!"}

Super Fly (Music Instructor)

D-Rock is the munch, with or without
Everybody knows that I'll slap their mutha**ers in their mouth
Better pay attention, as I lay this shit higher
Understand this funk. funk the bonfire
Burnin' is the city that I'm coming
Back wit' this shit, cos' you're acting like you drop funk
Call me in n' out
I know you wanna sound like me
That's because I never imitate the upper MC's

U-u-u-upper MC's

All you super, super fly
Yeah, we super, super fly
And we gonna take you high
Cos' we super, super fly

Super fly guy if you like it or not
Then you know it's pity, cos' my city is hot
Here's a noble lesson, just before I retire
Takin' up ahead from my lick a' barb wire
Rappers take your style, cos' I'm strolling along
Collecting hit after hit, so guess I drop bombs
I know, you never heard a rapper like me
That's because I'm a super fly and a funky MC

U-u-upper MC's

All you super, super fly
Yeah, we super, super fly
And we gonna take you high
Cos' we super, super fly

U-u-upper MC's
Yeah, we super, super fly
And we gonna take you high
U-u-upper MC's

Tossed Up (Mean Green)

featuring UGK

[Pimp C] (Bun b)
hol up..smoke something bitch
keep your mind on your money (keep my mind on my money)
I represent UGK river know what I'm talking bout (black owned)
independent and black owned (smoked up)
smoke on something
so get your mind right

uhhh I'm young mother** sweet jones
pimpin the six
gotta yellow bone bitch cooking me serving bricks
since I was 17 I've been a legend in texas
screaming ** the police and blowing dough in the lexus
I saw your video nigga, you're slow and sloppy
spent 500,000 on a carbon copy
while I was smoking with the young soldiers in the caddy
yall ** off your money trying to be puff daddy
i'm a OG rock baller
I know some nigga that a bust 17 off in your impala
you ** them hoes and pay em top dollar
I'm still down with lil J I gotta the money and the ** power

chorus x 2
now all you niggas talking shit you getting tossed up
and all of these hoes that's on the dick they getting tossed up
we got them cookies and them bricks they getting tossed up
so don't you be bout nothing slick you getting tossed up

[verse 2]
yall niggas done **ed up and called up some treal niggas
niggas who ain't scared to put 6 in your Hilfiger
deal wit a nigga like a swisha and split him down the middle
remind a mother**er who the real hard hitter
gold diggers for cheese jealous and in keys keeping berretas
for them playing hating fellas what the ** can you tell us
driving benzs with mo mos hoes ** our toes
cause they know we the niggas roll with all the goddamn dough
I cook a quarter pound of blow sell it for 44
selling ounces for 5.50 caught you 12 at your door
it's smitty the pimp dope pro hoe I know the rules
the early bird gets the bread if you snooze you lose

chorus x 2

[Bun -B]
you done pushed the panic button
now we taking it all like a glutton
any tripping we cutting so listen it's bubby hutton
now any hoe that snort in here you can catch the nuttin
we synonymous with a rock like charles s dutton our prophecies
now wasn't you that sudsucker
talking shit with that funky bitch up in that fuddruckers
you best to be a mud ducker, I'm a thug bucker
and I got one specially designed for all you mother**ers
we love ruckus, wanna shuck and jive
but when I came through with that four to the ** five
niggas duck and dive ?????
what a ** liar
bitch ain't no time to get flossed up
I'm sauced up you said it cost what woooo-d

chorus x 4

Eye On The Gold Chain (Ugly Duckling)

They got the eye on the gold chain
They got the eye on the gold chain

[Verse One]
When Young Einstein was a kid in the mid
80's he saw how the b-boys lived
They wore the fat gold to rock the rap song
Einstein's takin off, now he's puttin it on
There's not a pair of eyewear that can stop the glare
Of the Duke, overexposed in photo shoots
He salutes the days of old with chains of gold
He looked around then found that the chain was sold
Over to the airport he sets off metal detectors
Inspectors, pull 'em to the side and give 'em lectures
Going through his luggage, heh, they're tryin to test him
Threaten to arrest him, askin lots of questions
Like, "why do you have a box of tissue"
"To remove" "What?" "All the oily finger residue"
So look but don't touch, and let my chain shine
Yo, put it on Einstein

They got the eye on the gold chain, that's right
They got the eye on the gold chain, that's right
<scratching throughout>
All right now here we go
Young Einstein
Check it out
My big gold rope
Always rock a jam every time I perform
Young Einstein
Check it out
Fat gold chain
Always rock a jam every time I perform
Einstein got a dookie gold rope

[Verse Two]
From Panama to Canada, Einstein's the man of the year
Get the trash outta here like a janitor
Chain so heavy when he step in the place
You could tap him on the shoulder and he fall on his face
Dropped the single fresh mode, you thought we would fold
Thirty days later, Einstein had gold
So what you sayin? My man scans the collectibles
For the LP chock full of delectables
For the MP he could reshape the lead break
Cut it in half, changin the speed rate
Or make it self-arranged when it's on the turntable
He wore the dookie when we met Queen Elizabeth
Asked her was she jealous, she said "A little bit"
I guess a crown jewel never compares
To the rope that the Einstein wears
They got the eye on the gold chain
They got the eye on the gold chain

[CHORUS] - repeat
{*adlibs and shoutouts 'til fade to end*}

The Potion (Ludacris)

"The Potion"

What up aye shawty what it is
[Repeat 3x]

Lil Buddy whatcha want some violent shit 2 steppin laid back still wildin shit what up
Aye baby I got the potion Take a sip of this and put yo back in motion
[Repeat 1x]

[Verse 1]
Man I'm like a needle in a haystack so face that goin back to the drwing board connect dots
But can't trace that Matta fact erase that cause I'm this late track getcha face slapped and I'm
Straight so don't taste that try somthin different and shit I'm listenin and shit speakin about
What hip-hop missin and shit I'm bout to feel aboard Ludacris born in illinois raisd in Atlanta
Taught hamma since I was a little boy ain't nobody like me so they wanna fight me fight me step
To me now but it ain't like me people swear they sike me just cause he's light-skinded with braids in
His hair don't mean that nigga look like me trick getcha mind right livin in a limelight so
Picture what they'll do for my jimmy and a kondike Bar Bar hardy hard tell yo mama imma ghetto


[Verse 2]
Only 75 I make but still a bigshot plus i gotta big clean everyday stay fresher than whats in
A ziploc tell yo man to kick rocks when I make my pit stops I'm in then its hard to get me out
Like imma slip not Born to be a leader and not no not a follower only hang wit chicks that got mo
Twist than Oliver And imma tell my hollower would i like to borrow her lips bringing out the best
In me specially if she's a swallower freaky-deaky yellow man to all the lovely ladys that like to
Jiggle like jello man bigger booty small waist put'me in a small place and if it ain't no ass
Where im at then I'm in the wrong place bells like a bondsman but keep'em dancin like Bob
Johnson who da hell is that in that fancy car tell yo mama imma ghetto superstar


[Verse 3]
Jump down turn around
Pick a bell of cotton
Jump down turn around
Pick a bell of hay
Oh Lordy pick a bell of cotton
Oh Lordy Pick a bell of hay
[Repeat 1x]

Still workin like a slave
Learnin tricks in da trade in da ghetto state of mind till im rich and I'm paid pickin records
Like cotton in the thick of the day
Till I'm spoiled and I'm rotten and they send us away life no different that ozar minimum wage
Mo money but still locked in a similar cage either losers of tomorrow Now just that and theres
Really nothin missin to say but


Memory (Elaine Paige)

Midnight not a sound from the pavement
Has the moon lost her memory?
She is smiling alone
In the lamplight, the withered leaves collect at my feet
And the wind begins to moan

Memory, All alone in the moonlight
I can dream of the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again

Every streetlamp seems to beat
A fatalistic warning
Someone mutters and the street lamp gutters
And soon
It will be morning

I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new life
And I mustn't give in.
When the dawn comes
Tonight will be a memory too
And a new day will begin

(Music interlude)

Burnt out ends of smoky days
The stale cold smell of morning
A streetlamp dies; another night is over
Another day is dawning...

Touch me!
It's so easy to leave me
All alone with the memory
Of my days in the sun...
If you touch me, you'll understand what happiness is
Look, a new day has begun.

Sugarolly Mountains (Jim Diamond)

Here I go again
Looking back on yesterday
Oh the games we played, Oh the innocence
The sun it always seemed to shine
Autumn spring right through winter time
Oh and my family and friends of mine,
Filled me so full of confidence
And oh and run like the wind
Free at last my young heart would sing

I lived my dreams out on, the sugarolly mountains
While looking down on mo mean city, way below
So many dreams up on, the sugarolly mountains
One day I'd be a rock and roll singer
The next I'd be building boats

And turning back another page
The school yard and the football game
Oh how we laughed through the purple haze
Playing on the radio
Arithmatic geography, They all just seemed to sail by me
I just thank God for the poetry
And that ringing bell I called liberty yeah
And oh I'd run like the wind
Free at last my young heart would sing yeah

And when you world is closing in
You've got no place to hide
Just close your eyes, count to ten
Climb on up and stake your claim

Unquestionable Presence (Atheist)

The fog rolls in thin here tonight
And all that is warm
Grows ice cold
All that are strong
Fill with fright
My ship has returned here tonight

Get away
Don't you touch my precious ship
Be thankful that you witnessed it at all


'Cause you can never understand
My life in space
Our visits here
Have gone untraced for years
So easy to create
A shell like you
I must leave now and return

Our presence is unquestionable
We cannot be seen for this long
Now look at what you've done
Created such a stir
If only you had kept to yourself
You might have known for sure
Proof of life in outer space

Our mission is completed
Our voyage is ahead
Our data is collected
To manking it's fed
And deeper and deeper we fall



This video is dedicated to my daughter J.J. in Texas... I Love You :) Always Trust God, no matter what... Pilipino Praise Music Collection... awit papuri sa Diyos a ...

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