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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Listen Kabhi Ram Banke Kabhi Shyam Banke (कभी राम बनके...)


The Dreaming (Kate Bush)

"Bang!" goes another kanga
On the bonnet of the van
"See the light ram through the gaps in the land."
Many an Aborigine's mistaken for a tree
'Til you near him on the motorway
And the tree begin to breathe
"See the light ram through the gaps in the land."


Coming in with the golden light
In the morning
Coming in with the golden light
Is the New Man
Coming in with the golden light
Is my dented van




The civilised keep alive
The territorial war
"See the light ram through the gaps in the land."
Erase the race that claim the place
And say we dig for ore
Or dangle devils in a bottle
And push them from the
Pull of the Bush
"See the light ram through the gaps in the land."
You find them in the road
"See the light bounce off the rocks to the sand."
In the road

Coming in with the golden light
In the morning
Coming in with the golden light
With no warning
Coming in with the golden light
We bring in the rigging
Dig, dig, dig, dig away





Ma-ma-many an Aborigine's mistaken for a tree
("La, la, oo-ooh!")
"See the light ram through the gaps in the land."
You near him on the motorway
And the tree begin to breathe
Erase the race that claim the place
And say we dig for ore
"See the light ram through the gaps in the land."
Dangle devils in a bottle
And push them from the Pull of the Bush
"See the sun set in the hand of the man."

"Bang!" goes another kanga
On the bonnet of the van
"See the light bounce off the rocks to the sand."
You find them in the road
"See the light ram through the gaps in the land."
In the road
"See the light."
("Push 'em from the")
Pull of the Bush
"See the light bounce off the rocks to the sand."
("Push 'em from the")
Pull of the Bush
"See the sunset in the hand of the man."

("Oh, re mikayina!")

Brain Washing (Bob Marley)


Old Mr. Joe, he build a house away

On top of some hill

Old Mr. Joe knew he had to go, so he

He got right down and wrote bank will

He say now, here's to mother hen

And her chicken, Lord have mercy now

Master, will you take a roll in the mud

Like you know you should?

The old barnyard, the old barnyard

Birds and the chick, ooh-wee

Who's got to watch out for brother mongoose

With his top hap and walking-stick?

It's just the poor's brain washing

(Poor's ...) They told me a long time ago,

It's just the poor's brain washing, ooh-wee

(Poor's brain washing) Now look at a thing like this

Cinderella and her long lost fellow

In the midnight hour, she lost her silver slipper

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

While Jack and Jill had themselves a fall

It's just the poor's (... brain washing)

And I don't need it no longer (... washing)

It's just the poor's brain washing

Coming through to a poor man's child, ooh-wee, look at this

Little Miss Muffet she sat on a tuffet

While Little Red Riding Hood delivered her grandmom's food

Ooh-wee ooh-wee

Ooh-wee, look at one more thing like this

The cow jumping over the moon

While the dish got jealous, he grabbed the handy spoon

It's just the poor's brain washing

And I don't need it no longer, I don't want it no longer

I don't need it no longer (...washing)

And I don't care for no more brain washing (... washing) ...

Johnny 99 (Los Lobos)

Well they closed down the auto plant in Mahwah late that month
Ralph went out lookin' for a job but he couldn't find none
He came home too drunk from mixin'Tanqueray and wine
He got a gun shot a night clerk now they call'm Johnny 99

Down in the part of town where when you hit a red light you don't stop
Johnny's wavin' his gun around and threatenin' to blow his top
When an off duty cop snuck up on him from behind
Out in front of the Club Tip Top they slapped the cuffs on Johnny 99

Well the city supplied a public defender but the judge was Mean John Brown
He came into the courtroom and stared young Johnny down
Well the evidence is clear gonna let the sentence son fit the crime
Prison for 98 and a year and we'll call it even Johnny 99

A fistfight broke out in the courtroom they had to drag Johnny's girl away
His mama stood up and shouted "Judge don't take my boy this way"
Well son you got a statement you'd like to make
Before the bailiff comes to forever take you away

Now judge judge I had debts no honest man could pay
The bank was holdin' my mortgage and they was takin' my house away
Now I ain't sayin' that makes me an innocent man
But it was more 'n all this that put that gun in my hand

Well your honor I do believe I'd be better off dead
And if you can take a man's life for the thoughts that's in his head
Then won't you sit back in that chair and think it over judge one more time
And let 'em shave off my hair and put me on that execution line

86 Measures Of Game (Necro)

[Sample: Interview with Gene Simmons of KISS]
Interviewer: "Now, let's get to the studded codpiece. Do you have a sense
of humor about that? Does it seem funny to you?"

Gene Simmons: "No, not at all! It holds in my manhood."

Interviewer: (laughing) "Oh, that's right!"

Gene Simmons: "Otherwise, it'd be too much for you to take. You'd have to
put the book down and confront life. The notion is, that
If you want to welcome me with open arms, I'm afraid you're
also going to have to welcome me with open legs."

Interviewer: "That's a really obnoxious thing to say."

Gene Simmons: "No it's not! Why should I say something behind your back
that I wouldn't say to your face?"

Interviewer: "Has it come to this, that this is the only way you can talk
To a woman, to do that shtick?"

Gene Simmons: "Let me ask you something; why is it shtick, when all women
have ever wanted ever since we crawled out of caves is
"why can't a man just tell me the truth and just speak to
me plainly?" So, I do that. You can't have it both ways."

[Verse 1: Necro]
Some bitches are stupid, I treat 'em like shit
That's how you get one to eat a dick
Never be sweet to a bitch, keep it sick
They like to get dissed, they like it rough
Women are so **ed up in the head, some like to get snuffed
And they come back for more
Cause "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"
That's why they like to suck penis
Don't ever let them tell you different
Women are just as horny as men
They're just programmed inhibition
That's why Catholic school girls are the biggest sluts
Down to take it in their butts
They're always lickin' somebody's nuts
And why not? That's why God made 'em
Adam was kind of lonely, so God took one of his ribs and created 'em
Cause before that, Adam was ** animals
That's why women like to get **ed like animals
It's only natural
And don't get the wrong idea, don't think I hate bitches
I love women, that's why my **'s religious
I'm just stating facts that are down to take a smack
And they'll break their back bending over for you if your thing's intact
They say they're not into games
But those are the dames playing the most games
The type that'll suck on a dick for cocaine
They're acting like they're so tame
But before you met them, they **ed fifty cats, and can't remember no names
Tell them right off the bat, "I want you to suck on my sack"
And, most likely, they'll respect you and let you cum on their back

Yo, the more degrading I get, the more these ladies get wet
It's only busted bitches that can't take what I said
Well ** busted bitches, they make my dick limp
They're useless to a sick pimp like me who needs his gratification instant
But one thing ugly bitches are good for
Is being good friends that'll lend you money when you're poor
So shout out to the homely, and my deep condolences to you bitch
Cause honey, for the rest of your life, you'll be lonely
And I know some of you are sayin' "Necro ain't all that"
But yo, men don't even have to look good as long as they rap
Mother**ers that are fat will have you on their lap
As long as he convinces you he's an emotional cat
And if he's a cold person that got money
Most broke bitches will take the cock in their tummies
They're not dummies
Money turns bitches on
Once you're broke, the bitch is gone
Money'll have a bitch in a thong stripping to songs
It'll have a bitch in a ** getting shitted on
I want so much money I could get any girl to sit on my schlong
But I've been broke for centuries
And haven't had a problem yet getting a girl to bend to the knees

I guess that's how you know you got game
I could be broke and bummy and still get the same as a cat that's got fame
I know cats that trip, they're practically paying the bitch
And they can't even play with the clit
Cause she's saying some shit
Portraying like she's afraid of dick
Because you're too stupid to realize she was created to lick
She's playing you quick
She'll hold out on the pussy the longest possible time she can make you wait for it
Cause once she gives it up, you might diss the slut
And she's thinking like business, son, "let me milk everything out of this schmuck"
She don't give a **, 'cause most men are foul
And we're down to ** any girl in their bowels, we get around
So we're looked at as bank accounts
Amounts, like a quarter-pound or an ounce, but bitch, my checks will bounce
Not sayin' all women are like this
But yo, I got no problem with it
I'll pay the price if she got the right tits
I see nothin' wrong with payin' for a tight clit
If I'ma pay for anything, I might as well pay to excite my dick
I've paid for worse things, you should pay for something that'll last
Like a French maid with a fat ass
If I had mad cash, I'd open up a whorehouse
Honestly, I had this bitch in my crib frontin' so I threw her out
She wasn't suckin' dick correct, the bitch was wrecked
She should've known that when she hit the deck
Not to stop suckin' until she whipped her neck
After all, I bought her a beer
And you'd think she'd be grateful enough and able to stuff a cock in her mouth
And make sure I'm taken care of before walkin' in here
But no, so I threw her out in the rain with no dough in the freezing cold

Skeez and do what you're told
Cause once a slut gets old, you'll be payin' me to suck my pole
Cause when a man gets old, he blossoms
But when a woman gets old, she starts rotting
There's not too many options
Just plenty doctors with operations and lotions
Liposuction and face lifts and Noxema for old skin
You can't escape demise by taking some weight off your thighs
It's a law of nature to die
You patronize Death when you old bitches use a facial cream that says it age defies
These companies are playing games of lies
That's why these 85-year old billionaires are taking wives that are 25
So what's my point?
You bitches better lick up
Before corrosion eats your lips up
And they aren't soft enough to dick suck

[Sample: American Pimp]
"It ain't easy, man. It may look glamour like this, because you see me ride ya dig?
Snakeskin down to the floor, ya dig? I'm tellin' you, it may look easy, but you're
gonna have to work to get to this category, baby. See you at the top."

Rollin' the Dice (Master P)

Sittin in the project tryin to get my game on
** these hoes they just ding-dongs
Mama need shoes
The baby need milk so I got to get strapped with a 9
For some bull shit rollin hard hittin 711's
1 punk wanted to bet so nip him with a 7
Break these fools so my banks gettin bigger
Pull out my 9 here comes some jealous niggaz
But I really don't give a **
Ready to take a mother**er out if he try to press his luck
Ask one of them hoes what the ** are ya lookin at
I knew he was a punk
Cause a nigga step back ready to leave the mother**in game
Walkin with a lean ya know what I'm sayin?
Never them mother**ers broke but I ain't no joke
Potnahs are clean ya know
Rollin' the dice...

Something Wicked (2Pac)

Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come

More than an adversary I'm very quick
I'm ready to hit 'em with this gift
I'm equipped to kick
Grab you coat and you hat, cause I'm prepared to clamp
Scared the [???], and caught them mutha-**as damp
Oh shit, 2pacalypse is back and strapped
Attacking the pacs, I'm kicking the facts for stacks to rap
And those that max, relax and let the blacks get jacks
I'm getting taxed, my pacs is packed with angry blacks
I'm ready to go
I'm ripping the shows, hitting the dough
Getting the hoes [???]
Pumping the flow, gangster ho
cause the nose knows
Check the pose, froze, when you see me close
Punks you gonna roast, host, in a cloud of smoke
Broke, choked on a rope, and then smoked
wrote, crimes that'll bring me bank notes
nope, I ain't the type of fella that you use though
Kkkkkkicking the funky flava
Pumping [??? ???? ????] producers
Run for cover when you hear the bass drop
One verse is all it takes
Something wicked this way come

Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come

Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
Something wicked this way come
wicked wicked this way comes
wicked wicked this way comes
wicked wicked this way comes
Something wicked this way come

Bonnie & Clyde Part II (Foxy Brown)

Bust your guns uh uh yeah
Bonnie and Clyde shit
You hear me? Smell me?
(That's right you know?)
I'mma take this one straight to the top
And he dare get in the way we smash sc**sc**
It's real like that you know what I mean?
Follow yo yo yo
(Bonnie and Clyde forever y'all)

[Jay Z] Gun check
[Fox] Check
[Jay Z] Let's go over the plan
[Fox] I'mma pull up to the joint slow, then hop out the van
[Jay-Z] Nah don't hop out, slide out lookin' like a knockout
Show a little thigh, make this nigga's eyes pop out
Sieze him with the cleavage
I want you to make this nigga believe he 'bout eat it
[Fox] I can let him see or feel
[Jay-Z] Exactly
[Fox] Two gun totin', I seen dimes stole
[Jay-Z] Ain't nothin' gonna stop me and hon from rollin'
[Fox] Yeah, we done promotin'
[Jay-Z] We come for the coke and
[Fox] All the money in the spot
[Jay-Z] Act funny, get shot
[Fox] Nigga, hands high
[Jay-Z] And I hope none of y'all niggas got plans to die
[Fox] We can't stand goodbyes

[Jay-Z] In history me and this bitch will be like
Five years together, right?
[Fox] Damn, seem like forever
[Jay-Z] We trade shots
[Fox] We spray blocks
[Jay-Z] And we never fail
[Fox] Yeah, but we stay hot

1 - [J] Now would you die for your nigga?
[F] Yeah I'd die for my nigga
[J] Would you ride for your nigga?
[F] I gets lie for my nigga
[J] Would you live for your nigga?
[F] Do up big for you nigga
[J] Would you bid for your nigga?
[F] Shit, you my nigga

[F] Would you ride for me?
[J] Rapper robbery
[F] Would you die for me?
[J] I hang high from a tree
[F] They ain't ready for us, nigga
[J] Obviously
[F] Sound like Bonnie and Clyde to me

I protect you like a vest do
I'm the lady with a 380 special right next to you
Glock poppin' out the stock
And it's two guns, two hun', get down
I tear this whole shit down
They ain't know the vault, pull bank jobs
I banged ya squaw when I aims this rod
Y'all niggas can't do a thing to this broad
My bullets hurt the same as y'alls
I've been taught by the best, extorted the rest
Wearin' a niggas shit, crossin' my chest
Life on the line, say prayers under my breath
But knew I'd be 'aight cuz right there to my left

Over baby, told you baby
Big gun right over your left shoulder baby
Same nigga that taught you how to hold that 80
From day one 'til we old and crazy
Let's kill the world

Repeat 1

Ran up at Chemical
The bank robbers in our routine is like St. Bernards swimmin'
Everybody hit the floor, guys and women
Kids rush for the door
Keep your cry to a limit
Time check ma, we got about 5 minutes
Before the authorities rush and the FBI's in it
That teller's up to something, look, his eyes are squinted

[Fox] Don't let that button be the reason why you're finished

[Jay-Z] Yeah, the sky's the limit 'til we reach B.I.G
[Fox] Meet Jesus, confess to him all the shit we did
[Jay-Z] Gotta reverse the six, let's murd' head jerk
Almost got whiplash
[Fox] We got a shitload of cash
Throws it in the stash
Long as we keep shitin' like this
Shit, ain't nothin' **in' with this
You my Clyde for life
I'm your Bonnie like this
I can see us gettin' rich like this nigga

Repeat 1

Ad lib until fade

Vortex (Alternate Version) (Megadeth)

Internal terrorisms
Multiple personalities
Inside the screams were deafening
Outside in silent agony
Curse coming down
A maelstrom of plagues
Medieval as Merlin
A pact for power was made
Mephistophelian transaction
A virgin soul, the price was paid
Scouring the days
The vortex of pain
A telestic message to you all
Writtin in torment
Howl out your dirges
Like a sonic blast
Distorted faces
Twisting in rage
Butt you head against the horns of the ram
You're tortured to appease

Thangs Change (Too $hort Featuring Baby D. & Illegal)

Simpty is for them simp**niggaz
Talkin lot, til I spray dumpin ??? niggaz
Whenver talklin shit, I straight rip 'em
And niggaz know I come equip when I whip them

[Short Dawg]
You say how can I make these dirty raps
Number one albums, back to back
If it was 1950, do you think I sell, no
They probably throw me straight to jail
I tell you life just ain't what it used to be
Between you and me, exclusively
Everybody's changed, were losing our minds
The government won't help, cause they refuse to find
A solution to the problems of the inner streets
Its a shame what our kids are beginning to be
Pregnant teenagers, young gun slangers
There ain't no love, there ain't nothin but anger
We don't go to church and can't pray in school
Listen real close to what I'm sayin fool
I know kids who went to school together
Now they all grown up, tryin to kill each other
Shootouts on the playground is where it goes down
But back in the day, we rode the merry-go-round
And some little kid might shoot me tonight
And I always used to wonder what the future be like
Curse words on the tv and radio
You wanna see **, turn it on HBO
Late at night, you see women freak women
** sale, that's why I keep pimpin
I grew up in the 70s', somethin like Crooklyn
But I was in Cali not Brooklyn
I could tell the whole world was going crazy
But it really didn't happen til the 80s'
With freebasin and smokin crack
A lotta people learned not to joke with that
Streets flooded, with homeless folks
Whole families, lives gone up in smoke
We're all related to a crackhead
Sometimes I wake up in the mornin and wanna go back to bed
Layin these thinkin bout things
About the way life change
How women used to like to wear decent clothes
Now they curse like men and dress like hoes
You supposed to be a virgin til you marry
But teenage girls find it normal to carry a baby
Babies havin babies
Rappers like me always disrespectin ladies
Wonder why its like that, well so do I
But I just turn my back and then I go get high
Cause I get paid real good to talk bad about a bitch
And you bought it, so don't be mad I got rich
Ask your grandparents, is life the same
Man thangs change


There used to be a time when old folks were respected
Kids talkin back was never accepted
Get spanked and your mouth got washed out with soap
But kids nowadays will curse out old folks
Then you tell me I need to be a role model
And get these babies off the 40ounce bottles
But I'm not the one who made alcohol legal
Liquor stores on every corner that's why we go
Buy 40ounces and go get drunk
Don't respect our kids, like no good punks
And then they grow up to be hardcore criminals
Shoot 'em up, slang dope always pimpin hoes
I know its those that don't believe what I'm sayin on the mic right
So Baby D won't you tell them what its like

[Baby D]
Its kinda hard comin up as a youngster
Gotta deal with the roof that I'm under
Even though my moms got it hard
My daddy passed away, now I'm stuck without a father
But times have changed bro
I never ever seen Santa Claus comin through the ghetto
But you know what i always see
I always see the white man robbin the black man back G
And I don't even get in trouble for it
And I don't see nothin forward
Always tryin to beat the black man to death
Punk police wanna hide behind your badge
Always tryin arrest somebody
All we gotta do is beat him with the billyclub
Here I come, I comin with my gun
I'm shootin in the head police now what

[Short Dawg]
I tell you life is too short for it to be like that
We gotta be leaders, can't follow the pack
With all them fiends in the streets smokin crack
What you give life is what it gives you back
Cause money in the ghetto ain't nothin new
But when you get the money gotta know what to do
Buy you a business or buy you a house
Just so the police can't wipe you out
I heard it in the streets, they say you the man
So try to help your brothers and lend a helpin hand
Now what we gone do

[Mr. Malik]
We came to stack some bodies, killin everybody like John Gotti
I said we came to stack some bodies, killin everybody like John Gotti
Now run up and get gun up the slack black
I'm hittin blackjack in the casino when I mack slap
What you wanna play like Al Pacino with this
Type of style withthe lyricist this funk of hits
and the biscuits I drop
Mother**ers know I come down and show me ??
I don't really care
From the front or the rear
Word to your mother I'm bout to smother and smear
Its that master all I intelligent
Chain that I swing from the others is irrelevant
For you mother**er step up to the m-i-c
I'm down with Shorty, Ant Banks and Mally G
Its Malik and I freak it's obsolete
My technique mother**er know I flow over beats
Like water, slaughter dick in yo daughter
And my nuts up in her jaws when she suckin on my balls
Yiggy y'all niggaz best to ask somebody
Cause I'm shootin mother**ers down with the shotty
Its the mother**in master blaster
Its, its the mother**in ghetto bastard

Look What I Found (Big Wreck)

It's solely operational
And we don't even have to sell
I roped it but what the hell
It's someone elses oh oh well
Stolen but it's okay
If integrity says no way
Well now it's here to stay
So let's go outside and play
Well I suppose so
Well I never did really wanna know
How can you walk around..
With your feet up off the ground? (yeah)
How can you steal their sum?
Keep your ears below the ground
And take a look around
Look what I found
No one will ever notice
That all your shit is bogus
And never go for the fear
That someone like me might hear
Your shtick is gettin' thinner
But you'll come out a winner
Check's already in the bank
And you've forgotten who to thank
And fake is what you bring
And what I need is the real thing
How can you walk around..
With your feet up off the ground? (yeah)
How can you steal their sum?
Keep your ears below the ground
And take a look around
Look what I found
Well I suppose so
And no one will ever know
How can you walk around..
With your feet up off the ground? (yeah)
How can you steal their sum?
Keep your ears below the ground
And take a look around
Look what I found


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