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Friday, 25 April 2014
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Grown Accustomed To His Face (Simpsons)

Sideshow Bob: I've grown accustomed to his face,
And dreams of gouging out his eyes.
I've grown accustomed to my hate,
My plans to lass array,
To disembowel, to hear him howl,
The very reason that I live,
Is plotting how to watch him die!

Homer: Bart, turn down that original cast recording and go to sleep!

Sideshow Bob: I know this chubby scalawag,
Has made my life a living hell.
And surly if I drank his blood,
I'd be at peace... but when?
Bart: You've grown accustomed to my face.

Sideshow Bob: This isn't a duet!
Bart: Sorry!

Sideshow Bob: I've grown accustomed to your fear,
To revenge, accustomed to... your face!

Southern Fried Intro (Ludacris)

Hey, yeah! I want all you proud sistas to stand up
I want everybody to stand up and be counted tonight
Brothers and Sisters if you know you got your thing together
I want you to stand on up, now I got somethin' to tell ya'
I told ya' how to think about it, now I want to tell how to get the thing together
So come on now and get up to it yall

[Verse 1]
The incredible, untouchable nigga spittin' venom out his body wit' the dopest flows
And wonder why the line's around the corner
Cuz the little mother**er has the dopest shows
So one time for my independant women and all the single mothers who be gettin' that cake
Two times for my dawgs pullin' triggers
And my niggaz in the kitchen that be flippin' that weight
East coast, west coast, midwest, dirty south
Then we took it all around the world
I got fans in retirement homes, to teenagers, to little bitty boys ans girls
Droppin' lyrical bombs up in ya' hood,
Non-stoppin', I'ma hit 'em till the block explode
Hip hop, R&B, Pop-tart, what you want?
I even got a little rock 'n' roll
The most creative, original, got 'em takin' subliminal
*Boom boom* cuz they cant get what I gots
They want it so bad, four million dollar pad
And enough to retire off two albums, gone, wave ya' white flags, I'm hot!
And everytime I rhyme I'm puttin' rappers in the ground
Wit' lines that got 'em hooked like dope
They gotta make up they mind, because they runnin' outta time
And I'm about to make 'em choke
Better turn your stereo louder, listen up and let me preach
Let's get arrested for Disturbin' the Peace! (C'mon)

Man! This Disturbin' Tha Peace shit gettin' on my nerves
Boy I tell you the truth, know what I'm sayin'?
While he doin' shows, I'm in these skreets, know what I'm sayin'?
While he on tv, I'm in these skreets
And then my broad, my kid walkin' around singin' it
Boy, if they sing another verse, boy I swear
Know what I'm sayin'? I'm on another level though
I gotta car wash, I gotta shop on O' National
I got my own record label, you heard of us
The Posse Family Cartel, you know what I'm sayin', we real
Who this nigga thing he is?

[Verse 2]
I'ma house hold name, wit' game spittin' outta my mouth at all times
I spit it out and about, and spit outta the south,until they recognize the danger signs
So feel a tingle in yo' s-spine, by the way I talk
And it's pimpin' in my blood, you can tell by the way I walk
Ooh lawd, more styles than a barber shop, call the cops
People in the way wanna baller block
Little do they know that I'm callin' shots
And I'm not to be **ed with
If you see me comin' 'round the corner, then duck quick, perpetrators can suck dick
I tried to tell 'em, but they dont wanna listen
I tried to shine 'em, but they dont wanna glisten, while the high hat keeps on tickin'
And the kick drum keep on pumpin', I'm dumpin' on the closest fools
Cuz rules were made to be broken, but you cant make broken rules
Hear what I'm sayin' or heard what I said
Hear what they playin', cuz thru this music I'ma still be heard if I'm dead
Call ya' producers, cuz I'm hurtin' these beats
I said it once, I'll say it twice, biatch, Disturbin' Tha Peace

Yeah, folk
The King of the kings has spoken
ATL shawty! Hood to hood, block to block
We bouta let our nuts hang!
Disturbin' Tha Peace!
We dont die, we multiply
We makin Def Jam history
Thanks for gettin' the CD shawty!

Back In N.Y.C. (Jeff Buckley)

Originally contained in Genesis' The lamb lies down on Broadway

I see faces and traces of home
Back in New York City
So you think I'm a tough kid
Is that what you heard?
Well, I like to see some action,
And it gets into my blood.
Well, they let me out of Pontiac
When I was just seventeen
I had to get it out of me
If you know what I mean, what I mean.
They say I must be crazy
Cause I don't care who I hit, who I hit.
Cause I know it's me that's hitting out
And I know I'm not full of shit.
Down by my bottle, filled up high with gasoline
You can tell by the night fires
Where a rail has been, has been.
As I cuddled the porcupine
He said I had none to blame but me.
Gave my heart, deep in hell,
Time to shave, shave it off, it off
No time for romantic escape and your
Fluffy heart is ready for rape
Off we go. Off we go. Off we go
You're sitting in your comfort
Who don't believe I'm real
You cannot buy protection
For the way that I feel.
Your progressive hypocrites
Handing out their trash
It was mine in the first place
So I'll burn to ash.
When I've taken all the strongest meats
And laid them down in colored sheets
Well, who needs illusions,
Of love and affection when you're out
Walking in the streets, your mainline connection.
As I cuddled the porcupine
He said I had none to blame but me.
Held my heart, deep in hell,
Time to shave, shave it off, it off
No. No time for romantic escape
And your fluffy heart is ready for rape
No. No time for romantic escape
And your fluffy heart is ready for rape
No time.
Back in New York City.

Slaughtahouse (Masta Ase Inc.)

* This song has two parts:
A. "The cutting edge of hardcore rap; the most innovative stuff
for 1993" gangsta parody following the "Classroom" skit
B. Paula Perry introduces the _real_ Slaughtahouse

Part A:

(Yeah... yeah... yeah...)
This is MC Negro
And this is this Ign ant MC
And this is our new mother** single
This shit is called Slaughtahouse
Negro! Coming off our last platinum LP
Platinum LP
_Shit's Real Killin' Mother**ers Dead_
Killin em dead
And this is how we gonna rock shit for the nine-tray

Verse One: MC Negro

Here come the craziest niggaz on earth
Cutthroats, ever since birth
Blood and guts are gonna spill
Cuz it's murder murder murder, and kill kill kill
Chainsaw in my holster
Barb-wire rope, and I'll hang ya like a poster
So when I grab my axe you better drop
Cause I'm "swing swing swing, and chop chop chop" in the Slaughtahouse

Yeah, yo Ign-ant MC
Show these niggaz what the dress code is

Verse Two: Ign-ant MC

Strictly Raiders and Kings gear
Only wear black and I don't know how to act
no more... so come and take a chance and
Mess around with the black Charles Manson
Body parts in the freezer
I'm not Jeffrey Dahmer but I'll slaughta ya momma
So open up the do'
To the Slaughtahouse, so I can kill a little mo'


Yeahhh, mother**er
This is MC Negro
And this the Ign-ant MC
And this shit is real over here, mother**er, real real
This is the brand new LP, it's called _Brains on the Sidewalk_
Brains on the sidewalk!
And all we wanna do now
Is murder murder murder, kill kill kill

Part B: Paula Perry, Masta Ase

One two, one two
This is Paula Perry and it's a brand new year
Time for the weak-ass, wack-ass
No-skills, negative, anti-everything
MC's to get shut down
They're gettin Slaughta'd!
[Lord Digga] Death to the wack MC's --> repeat 4X
(Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)
Too many suckas, too many wack records gettin played
Too much money bein made, it's time for the wack to get slayed
Take these suckas to war Ase, take em to war!

It's the jeep (ass niguh), it's the jeep (ass niguh)
Whatcha know about the jeep (ass niguh)
It's the jeep (ass niguh), it's the jeep (ass niguh)
Here we go, with the jeep (ass niguh) (Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)
Never hear me talking "I could kill a man!!"
Started making records but I'm still a fan
I'll take you down, I break your crown
I make you frown, I wake the town
Tick, check it out tock I rock your whole block
Got the funk dialect in stock
With the boom, bashin, bass drum is smashin
and crashin your bedroom walls, and monster mashin
Dashin, man with the kick, that be flying
Kids don't be trying, this trick cause I'm scien-
-tifical, ninety-nine rappers wanna kill
to sound ill, you couldn't find their brains with a drill
Check it...
*sound of a drill*
[What a funny little house!]
(Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)

Welcome to my Slaughtahouse, it's like a playpen
Welcome to my Slaughtahouse, there's no escapin
This is the place where freestyling skills
are sharp like axes, and suckas get the chills
Drum is the cash, like the rash you'll be itchin
for the green and, everybody's talking like they're mean and
crazy, oh baby, you're ready, for this yo
Make me, a poster, holdin, a pistol
Then I can be the (man)
I can be the (man)
Cause they see me with the gun in my hand
I, am not, down with the standard
The man did, not do, what every other man did
Candid, just like the man Allen Funts
And there's nothing worse than, a rapper when he fronts
So throw your hands up in the air
If you really don't care
about the next man's life, you get the chair
In the Slaughtahouse
[The price a rapper must pay]


Whassup kid you hear that new album _Brains on the Sidewalk_?
Yeah it's FAT right?
Yeah I like that part
Yaknow that's what it's all about
Yeah I'm gonna be just like that when I grow up
You think I ain't?

[Lord Digga]
This is a brand new year for mother**er's heads to start burstin
Masta Ase, Incorporated
Ase, Lord Digga, Shiloh, Eyceurok, the Brooklynites
And the Floor Builder
Watch your back black man
Your biggest enemy's in the mirror
Long is the road to freedom from self-destruction
The Slaughtahouse, breeds death
Death to the *faggot-ass* average wack MC's
And death of the original man, turned killer man

Mangled (Krayzie Bone)

You mutha**as wanna see me,
nigga put some glasses on
because I'll run up in ya **in face,
its too late,
to try to run and try to get away
dont try clearing ya vision cause thats straight;
you in the presence of Leatha face,
just the average mutha **in thug,
had to spit if for fun bad nigga witta gun,
so run run run,
but its just that many slugs comin and you'll be done done,
before we even get started
lovin the war cause its the art of it,
and we'll bomb your shit,
before you even realize we the niggas with the problem witcha,
mista sawed off, nigga bow down and kiss this, click click, wassup!
what you niggas really wanna do get the ** up!
mutha**as shoulda neva put my name in they mouth,
but ima get it out when i buck buck,
and you explode!
ya head ya neck connection no mo,
corpse hit tha flo,
nigga never realize until they been showed,
cause they been told,
time after time and they still actin like they dont know,
so when you roll,
dont get blowed away and stowed away,
in a box up under that dirt,
nails in tha coffin just to be safe,
watch how we play,
down with the dirty every time we do it
im tha nigga rollin with a gold tec and ill use it
so be choosy and dont be stupid,
dont walk into it,
when you see the Line rollin by yall betta move it,
now i said excuse me,
dont make me bust a u-turn and come back with tha uzi,
turn the scene into a movie,
and you the first nigga dead for the credits even roll up,
i play tha killer in the picture and you know im gon getcha cause its my script, duh
wrote and produced by me, the original t-h-u-g,
when you look in the dictionary for the meaning of thug, mutha**as should see me
now nigga did ya see me? (did ya see me?)
nigga do ya feel it? (do ya feel it?)
if im rapping and im singin bout a nigga gon kill 'im, gon kill 'im,
light it and let me hit it,
i bust it at a **in nigga right at him with a pistol or a lyric,
now you caught up in the middle of the crossfire, and now ya life's in danger,
get him wrap his neck with some barbwire,
hang um watch'em dangle,
you can run and hide but we covered every angle,
when the bullets fly niggas bodies
they get mangled.... mangled... mangled....

All Your Good Friends (Herbert Grönemeyer)

who will lend you ready cash?
all your old friends
who will want it back like that?
all your good friends
who will keep your secrets safe
put all of their problems on your plate?
all your good friends

who can see the real you?
all your old friends
who sticks their oar in everything you do?
all your good friends

who helps you fill the pool coupons in
but then won't pay you when you win?
all good friends do
your good old friends do

they're always there to count on
they'd do anything for you
oh, if only there were time
you'd surely miss them
they talk without a pause for breath
with all the latest gossip
until your ears go deaf

who has always believed in you?
all your good friends
they never said, they just thought you knew...
all your good friends

they've known you since you were knee-high
as they tell every passer-by...
all your friends here, your good old friends here

when you're past the worst of it
you only want to life it up a bit -
they come to you then with deals to sign
because you all have a real good time
oh, they're always at the door
oh, they're always going to let you know the score
oh, you and your girlfriend just can't be alone
they're at the entry-phone !

Chaos (English Version) (Herbert Grönemeyer)

theories beer tastes flat
propaganda bread's stale
pray for a winner
church endgame failed
the world kicks its doors down
info slashes with its claw
confusions becoming law

frontiers are see through
clear thinking is mud
in the techno weed bed
savage roses bud
our culture is in shambles
our sanity's in hock
answers are running amok

like beggars in the market
pretending to be blind
in following the string home
all order will unwind

we beat our wings
but we're not flying
we are falling, falling
can't hear sense because we're deafened
by disorder calling
like a dream we turn and toss
but all is chaos

death will bring rest to us all
death will bring rest to us all

final curtain is torn up
see the play start again
but let's have no grey script
for the joy of grey men
there must be some brand new ark
to torpedo with our votes
replace it with ballot paper boats

all differences are washed out
ideologies will blend
our pockets may be brimming
but it's cash that we can't spend

we beat our wings . . .

nature's had enough now
and she'll hit us where it hurts
we have to stand and walk straight
no more riding on her skirt

we beat our wings . . .

So Close To Falling (Herbert Grönemeyer)

light breaks on the horizon
the ebbing on the flood
finally out of the clutches
pick myself up from mud

the scales fallen from my eyes now
dark clouds pass away
no bitter taste left in my mouth
and i can breathe again

can look myself in the mirror
while shaving you from my face
and i'll not be your victim
i've escaped
all of my senses gave me good warning
every signal flashed alarm -
my mind slept under narcosis
for you seemed so soft and warm

well-schooled to be irresistible
your world's one of constant schemes
the mistress of deft seduction
too devious for me

you tempted me beyond reason
as with relish you played your game
to your rules - double cross, deceit and shame
you toyed with me in many ways

so close to falling
but by the skin of my teeth
at the very last moment
i've escaped you
from your spider's web i'm free

you sucked the air out slowly from my lungs
with each new set of your desperate lies
with kisses you wove your sorcery...
i believed you time after time

filled my vains with a tempestuous madness
loved me till i was dizzy and blind
then froze me out with dispassion
you're poison of a deadly kind -

deliberately you manoeuvred me
as your prey, the net was cast
and for your killer instinct the coup de grace
but that will never come...

so close to...

all your tricks just don't work now
i've learned to stand up staight
i've seen right through your cover just in time -
i won't see you again

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Vortex (Alternate Version) (Megadeth)

Internal terrorisms
Multiple personalities
Inside the screams were deafening
Outside in silent agony
Curse coming down
A maelstrom of plagues
Medieval as Merlin
A pact for power was made
Mephistophelian transaction
A virgin soul, the price was paid
Scouring the days
The vortex of pain
A telestic message to you all
Writtin in torment
Howl out your dirges
Like a sonic blast
Distorted faces
Twisting in rage
Butt you head against the horns of the ram
You're tortured to appease



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