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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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Listen Keke Palmer Doing The Jerk in Heels


Everyone Hates Ned Flanders (Simpsons)

Homer: Everybody in the USA,
Hates their stupid neighbor,
He's Flanders and he's really, really lame...
Flanders tried to wreck my song,
His views on birth control are wrong,
I hate his guts and Flanders is his name.

Lenny/Carl/Homer: F-L-A-N-R-D-S,
Homer: He's the man that I hate best,
I'd like to see his house go up in flames.

Lenny/Carl: F-L-A,
Homer: His name is Ned!
Lenny/Carl: E-R-S,
Homer: That's a stupid name!
He's worse than Frankenstein or Dr. No.

Byrne: You can't upset him even slightly,
He just smiles and nods politely,
Then goes home and worships nightly,
His Leftorium, is an emporium, of woe!

Lenny/Carl: F-L-A,
Homer: Don't yell at Ned!
Lenny/Carl: D-E-R,
Homer: His wife is dead!
Everybody hates that stupid jerk!

Byrne: Springfield rocks with Homer's joyous loathing,
Filling clubs with angry Valentinos,
You don't have to move your feet,
Just hate Flanders to the disco beat.
Homer/Byrne: He's your perky, peppy, nightmare neighborino!
If you despise polite left-handers,
Homer/Byrne/Flanders: Then I doubt you'll like Ned Flanders
Or his creepy little offspring, Rod and Todd.
Todd: That's us!
Rod: Hooray!

Audience: F-L-A,
Apu: His name is Ned,
Audience: E-R-S,
Apu: He is so white bread,
Choir: A smiling moustache geek who walks with God!

Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Patti LuPone)

It won't be easy, you'll think it strange
When I try to explain how I feel
That I still need your love after all that I've done
You won't believe me
All you will see is a girl you once knew
Although she's dressed up to the nines
At sixes and sevens with you
I had to let it happen, I had to change
Couldn't stay all my life down at heel
Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun
So I chose freedom
Running around trying everything new
But nothing impressed me at all
I never expected it to
Don't cry for me Argentina
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance
And as for fortune, and as for fame
I never invited them in
Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired
They are illusions
They're not the solutions they promised to be
The answer was here all the time
I love you and hope you love me
Don't cry for me Argentina......
Don't cry for me Argentina
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance
Have I said too much? There's nothing more I can think of to say to you
But all you have to do is look at me to know that every word is true

What I Know Now (Dog's Eye View)

There are no angels
Only patronizing saints
Who would gladly keep you out of trouble
But never let you forget
That you came

There are no favors
There are no truly kind deeds
It's just pay now and pay more later
And we'll help you get what you need

And when I find myself
In times of trouble
Usually give up nothing to win
And nothing to lose
I'll wish you luck

There are no rules here
Just piles of mistakes
That we say we've learned from
Then we go ahead and make

Faith is a lazy way of trying
To get what we want
Without doing anything at all
To help bring it along

And when I find myself
In times of trouble
Usually give up nothing to win
And nothing to lose
I'll just wish you luck

And did I want the freedom
To be myself
Or the freedom to ** around
Did I just want the freedom to fail
Without bringing you down?

I thought I loved you,
But now I know
I was just confused
And going through the emotions
Until we were both
Completely bruised

I hope I'm happy because
We both know I'm not kind
I just keep kicking up my heels
Without thinking of you
Standing behind me

And when I find myself
In times of trouble
I usually give up nothing to win
And nothing to lose
You know it just gets hard to choose

And when I find myself
In times of trouble
Always just give up
And I don't know what to tell you,
Well I know what I'd like to tell you
I'd like to call you up and tell you
What I know now
What I know now,
What I know...

Dawn Patrol (Megadeth)

Thermal count is rising
In perpetual writhing
The primordial ooze
And the sanity they lose

Awakened in the morning
To more air pollution warnings
Still we sleepwalk off to work
While our nervous systems jerk

Pretending not to notice
How history had forebode us
With the green house in effect
Our environment was wrecked

Now I can only laugh
As I read our epitaph
We end our lives as moles
In the dark of dawn patrol

WHAT ARE YOU DOIN' IN MY LIFE? (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Well you followed me all around New York City
Tryin' to make people think I wanted you with me
I can only hope that they didn't believe you
I can' t figure out why I got to deal with you

What are you doin' in my life?
What are you doin' in my life?
What are you doin' in my life?
I didn't ask for you

I don't know how you got my telephone number
Probably some jerk try in' to put me under
Some friend of a friend of a friend of mine
Baby who you tryin' to fool when you tell those lies?

What are you doin' in my life?
What are you doin' in my life?
What are you doin' in my life?
I didn't ask fo r you

Well this is all a little too much to believe
You're puttin' my name all around in the street
Honey where did you think this was gonna lead?
Baby will you tell me what you want from me?

Well you're the last woman in the world that thrills me
Now you got my girlfriend tryin' to kill me
Honey my friends think that I've gone crazy
Can't you figure out that you ain't my baby

What are you doin' in my life?
What are you doin' in my life?
What are you doin' in my life?
I didn't ask for you

Drop The Bomb (2 Live Crew)

{Everybody over there!} {Get on up!}
{Everybody up there!} {Get into it!}
{Everybody right there!} {Get involved!}

Verse 1: Brother Marquis
All the people on the left, just participate
And everybody o the right, we won't make you wait
And all the people inbetween, just shout and scream
And have a funky good time if you know what I mean
Because when we rhyme, we move people by the masses
When they say they'll pay we'll play when they ask us
Some say they don't know of us but that is a lie
Suckas try to play they games of Dis-and-Die
And don't you try to shake my hand or be my friend
Unlike a hook made out of rubber I will not bend!

{Drop the bomb!!}

Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice
To all you silly suckas wo try to abuse us:
When we get ignited you can't diffuse us
It'll be on radio and even TV
That we achieved a level where you wanna be
Now step off the pedestal, give us the mike
So we can rock the people the way you would like
Just do us a favor, don't be a jerk
'Cause all we wanna see is your body work!

{But all we want to see is yo' body work!}
{Work yo body!}

Verse 3
[Kid Ice] There's a lesson to be taught, that's the one you should learn
You can't buy respect; it's what you earn
'Cause when you dis 2 Live you get yours in the end
It's not a threat; it's a promise, my friend!
[Marquis] So suckas step aside, let the women do their thing
Come on y'all, and shake that thing!

{Work that thing!}

Let Them Thangs Go (2Pac)

Throw them thangs X3
The quicker the nigga can go on
The faster the nigga can get his dough on
Then I can hit my flow and get my ho on
Them niggas don't know what goes on
They trying to ** with all they clothes on
Then act up when all the hoes gone
Are you ready for my flow? hit me (Hoooooooo!) X3
Stop fronting mother**er let them thangs go
I'm quick to kill a nigga any nigga feel me nigga
You can't fade me I'm way to ** real nigga
2Pacalypse Now still down with the Underground
Niggas get clowned when I come around
Boom boom mother**er and it don't stop
** a cop pass the glock and it won't stop
If ya ready for my flow hit me (Hoooooooo!) X3
Stop fronting mother**er let them thangs go
If ya wondering the thunder and the trouble
Is coming from the rebel as I hit ya from the lower level
Hit me once ** D M and two times
Popping like two nines hitting 'em with new rhymes
I can make you love me
Best to chill with the nigga 'cause ya sure can't punch me
If ya feel me let me hear ya say (Rock that shit) X3
'Cause ain't a nigga alive that can stop the hit
Hey, hold on young 'Pac
Mother**ers ain't riding no hookers out here
Punk mother**ers think the town
Ain't got handle bars on and shit
And ya lie to get slapped behind here
With a mother** motor, punk sissy
Tell them mother** square**niggas
Check this out
Y'all fonna come up off those mother** thangs
'Cause I ain't fonna be up in sweating for nothing
Ya little punk square nigga
I'm quick to spit the shit get ya open
Straight outta Oakland
** the law get ya jaw broken
Ba ba ba bang bang nigga it's a stick up dee
Turn the kick up I'm ready to rip the shit up G
They got me hype hype hyper, am I hype enough?
Pass the blunt mother**er let me light shit up
And pump ya fist like this
'Cause the cops can't flip on a whole damn clique
So suck dick
What they hitting 'fo? Double up nigga it's on
The type of nigga that likes to bone with the lights on
If ya ready for a nigga hit me (Hooooooo!) X3
Stop fronting mother**er let them thangs go
Yes some of you niggas are bitches too
Little square mother**ers trying to get to who?
Pop pop never made it to ya punk**clique
Talk shit now ya gotta get ya punk**whipped
For the bitches that be trying to work a nigga
For the tramps that be trying to jerk a nigga
For the rollers that be trying to urk a nigga
I'ma hustle and you punks can't hurt me nigga
If ya ready for a nigga hit me (Hooooooo!) X3
Stop fronting mother**er let them thangs go
uh, uh, yeah
Let them thangs go

Bonnie & Clyde Part II (Foxy Brown)

Bust your guns uh uh yeah
Bonnie and Clyde shit
You hear me? Smell me?
(That's right you know?)
I'mma take this one straight to the top
And he dare get in the way we smash sc**sc**
It's real like that you know what I mean?
Follow yo yo yo
(Bonnie and Clyde forever y'all)

[Jay Z] Gun check
[Fox] Check
[Jay Z] Let's go over the plan
[Fox] I'mma pull up to the joint slow, then hop out the van
[Jay-Z] Nah don't hop out, slide out lookin' like a knockout
Show a little thigh, make this nigga's eyes pop out
Sieze him with the cleavage
I want you to make this nigga believe he 'bout eat it
[Fox] I can let him see or feel
[Jay-Z] Exactly
[Fox] Two gun totin', I seen dimes stole
[Jay-Z] Ain't nothin' gonna stop me and hon from rollin'
[Fox] Yeah, we done promotin'
[Jay-Z] We come for the coke and
[Fox] All the money in the spot
[Jay-Z] Act funny, get shot
[Fox] Nigga, hands high
[Jay-Z] And I hope none of y'all niggas got plans to die
[Fox] We can't stand goodbyes

[Jay-Z] In history me and this bitch will be like
Five years together, right?
[Fox] Damn, seem like forever
[Jay-Z] We trade shots
[Fox] We spray blocks
[Jay-Z] And we never fail
[Fox] Yeah, but we stay hot

1 - [J] Now would you die for your nigga?
[F] Yeah I'd die for my nigga
[J] Would you ride for your nigga?
[F] I gets lie for my nigga
[J] Would you live for your nigga?
[F] Do up big for you nigga
[J] Would you bid for your nigga?
[F] Shit, you my nigga

[F] Would you ride for me?
[J] Rapper robbery
[F] Would you die for me?
[J] I hang high from a tree
[F] They ain't ready for us, nigga
[J] Obviously
[F] Sound like Bonnie and Clyde to me

I protect you like a vest do
I'm the lady with a 380 special right next to you
Glock poppin' out the stock
And it's two guns, two hun', get down
I tear this whole shit down
They ain't know the vault, pull bank jobs
I banged ya squaw when I aims this rod
Y'all niggas can't do a thing to this broad
My bullets hurt the same as y'alls
I've been taught by the best, extorted the rest
Wearin' a niggas shit, crossin' my chest
Life on the line, say prayers under my breath
But knew I'd be 'aight cuz right there to my left

Over baby, told you baby
Big gun right over your left shoulder baby
Same nigga that taught you how to hold that 80
From day one 'til we old and crazy
Let's kill the world

Repeat 1

Ran up at Chemical
The bank robbers in our routine is like St. Bernards swimmin'
Everybody hit the floor, guys and women
Kids rush for the door
Keep your cry to a limit
Time check ma, we got about 5 minutes
Before the authorities rush and the FBI's in it
That teller's up to something, look, his eyes are squinted

[Fox] Don't let that button be the reason why you're finished

[Jay-Z] Yeah, the sky's the limit 'til we reach B.I.G
[Fox] Meet Jesus, confess to him all the shit we did
[Jay-Z] Gotta reverse the six, let's murd' head jerk
Almost got whiplash
[Fox] We got a shitload of cash
Throws it in the stash
Long as we keep shitin' like this
Shit, ain't nothin' **in' with this
You my Clyde for life
I'm your Bonnie like this
I can see us gettin' rich like this nigga

Repeat 1

Ad lib until fade

Walking Zero (Sneaker Pimps)

Sacrifice my vanity, kick off my heels
A careless weight on your hetred,
Understand it's so simple, a simple please
To keep the faithful on a wounded knee,
To the madness I do confess
I never see myself as blessed
Confused, unaddressed,
Like a saviour I do caress,
The truth is boredom more or less
Unused, obsessed, my time is only given to you,
Too much to choose, it's not mine to contemplate
If I can lose, with this blood on my shoes
Compromise in full extreme, cut off my heels,
Name a price on what's sacred
Guaranteed I've got something,
A royal disease, take a flood to clean these streets
To the madness I do confess, forever see myself as blessed
Immune, obsessed, like a saviour I do caress
The truth is boredom, it's excess
Take more, give less, My time is only given up to you
Too much to choose, it's not mine to contemplate if I can lose
With this blood on my shoes.

In The Middle Of The Night (Beenie Man)

Look ya, look ya, look ya
Yuh nuh see da gal deh
Yuh nuh see da gal deh man, (Look yah nuh)
See di gal right ya so man, (Hold on)


Tanto Metro:
In a di middle of di night, middle of di night
But when mi lock off di light, lock off di light
An mi a slm har body right, slam har right
Di gal all a mek noise, all a mek noise

Beenie Man:
But in a di middle a di night
When mi a wuk it same way
Di gal a kneel dun an a pray
An like a donkey she bray, bray, bray
Tanto Metro but cho

Verse 1:

Beenie Man:
When mi walk pon di stree, street, street, street
Di gal a brawl out seet, seet, seet, seet
The gal dem say dem want a piece, piece, piece, piece
Dem want to run to di east, east, east, east
Di gal dem say dem want work, work, work, work
Nuh want nuh man a jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk
Weh only have a one shirt, shirt, shirt, shirt
Dem want my g**from di eart

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:

Tanto Metro:
But a my name she call, call, call, call
When mi bruk dun har wall, wall, wall, wall
Di gal a rail up an bawl, bawl, bawl, bawl
Di gal a wabble an a stall, stall, stall, stall

Beenie Man:
Di gal dem cry fi all di meat, meat, meat, meat
Dem want di man wid di heat, heat, heat, heat
To mek dem vibrate sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet
Dem want the wuk whole heap, heap, heap, heap

Repeat Chorus

Beenie Man:
Suzie, Angie, di one name Lorna
Di gal write mi letter
Seh dem want mi come over
A last mi wuk Miranda pon di veranda
An Aretha, Marita come do di magarita
Di gal start pon wonda
Di gal dem start to ponda
But through mi meet Miranda roun di veranda
Tanto Metro come ya coma hall

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Di gal want keep a life
Das why dem want di man from Shocking Vibes
We are not Solomon, but we are Solomon tribe
Pon di gal dem highway, we must keep wi eyes, realize
But when di gal dem see wi walk, walk, walk, walk
Di gal dem want di work fast, fast, fast, fast
So tanto Metro ease off

Repeat Chorus


Keke Palmer showing off her moves by jerkin' in high heels!

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