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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Listen Krushil Kandu Njaan Nin Snehathe


To You I Bestow (Mundy)

Well, you better not see me when you come back.
I could be sharin' someone else's pillow.
And my love for you is better than diamonds,
To you, ev'rything, I bestow.
And tomorrow I'll be dancing on my own,
And I'll need a kiss for my head that's achin'.
And I'll be a hungry dog without a bone,
hoping my place with you's not taken.

Kiss me and tell me it's not broken.
Kiss me and kiss me till I die.
See, I'll give you the stars from the bruised ev 'nin' sky
and a crown of jewels for your head, now,
for your head, now, for your head, now, for your head
One last night in bed for a time,
and two more wishes. and both are for thine.
And three guesses you're the angel's child,
and four hopes this love's not spoiled

Kiss me and tell me it's not broken.
Kiss me and kiss me till I die.
See, I'll give you the stars from the bruised ev 'nin' sky
and a crown of jewels for your head, now,
for your head, now, for your head, now, for your head now
If you come back, I'll take you to the garden,
we'll dance to an orchestra on the lawn.
And we'll roll in the foggy dew
and dance with the ghosts upon the dawn., on the dawn, on the dawn

(Then you'll) Kiss me and tell me it's not broken.
Kiss me and kiss me till I die.
See, I'll give you the stars from the bruised ev 'nin' sky
and a crown of jewels for your head, now,
for your head, now, for your head, now, for your head now
for your head, now, oh oh

New Trump (Rappin' 4 Tay)

featuring Lil Fly

New trump...

I'ma kick a hole lot of doze wide open for my kin folk
Just because we back a lot of people think we're nin four
Maniac rat attack take a fat sac and that dope that you're
snatch from the Rappin' 4 tay track
And lace it chasing like it was the Master Glip
I had to switch upon all this gang
Cause suckers think that the battle
was an on still from the free style fill
Where Im coming from, because the player life is so real
Killers on the straw, from Frisco to the O'
Back to Sacramento from Lay-hoe and San-hoe
Say litts, have a party and parlay
Now we can do it you're way, let's do it my way
A place of O.G marve, and** of in the background
Sipping on corniac, illiac, it's goin down
Flip more papper that the envy even touch
From the Hammer to Diaffers, that you franked,
that you chuked **ed up

New Trump, brand new funk
Keep the pocket full of California skunk
That ninety five shit gon always bump
For ninety six we're gon flip the script
and break em of some new trump
New Trump, brand new funk
Keep the pocket full of Califoria skunk
The moe' screw track gon always bump
For ninety six we're gon flip the script
and break em of some new trump

Lil Fly:
Trubows, go, Fila head to toe
Bossoliny brimmen come that player little fly hoe
Ooh, You did know I own the record label
Everytime I go to Vegas you can catch me at the crab table
Where I be breaking em', shaking em', takeing em', face em' taolin
Talking loud, drinking wild, Cali' style profiling
Me come on handeling all situations,
takeing edvanitch of my bidness' from my daughters education
Kick back relax, counting ten thousands dollar stacks
Check my mail box, flip the script, here goes the most scratch
Now peep my ladle moma, try to get her skies on
Bitch you're broke as hell, so you know you best to speed on
Cause you get nuthin' less you push em' on the table first
Drop your juicy thief or pay on fliesin' for the nine six
Giving it true, comeing new, the niggers black folks
Young players throw your hands in the air,
if you can feel this grove

New Trump, brand new funk
Keep the pocket full of California skunk
That ninety five shit gon always bump
For ninety six we're gon flip the script
and break em of some new trump
New Trump, brand new funk
Keep the pocket full of Califoria skunk
The moe' screw track gon always bump
For ninety six we're gon flip the script
and break em of some new trump

What you thought, I couldn't come again
With the mainy raw prosection
From the badder new jorke
To my folks out in Texas
Im countly talking about bread, they say money ain't everything
And the hustlars supposted to be get
Ima flip, and trip, ill up in some profhet
Every player nation wide try to keep a fat pocket
On the first of fifteen, everybody try to come up
The fed and snitch and sucker dead for try to run up
A cumolate pappers kinda lock the dissies
Especially for a player to use, to flip and gees, and keys
Sucker please, different chock for different folks
See, Im just one of them players who can't stand beeing broke
Gots to come back quick like Mario and Dreddy
Tripling up the papper chase, try to keep it feddy
Five hundred thousand gold, one million platinum
Keep your plats and be check, and best believe Ima keep raping

chorus (x2)
New Trump, brand new funk
Keep the pocket full of California skunk
That ninety five shit gon always bump
For ninety six we're gon flip the script
and break em of some new trump
New Trump, brand new funk
Keep the pocket full of Califoria skunk
The moe' screw track gon always bump
For ninety six we're gon flip the script
and break em of some new trump

The Streets (WC)

feat. Nate Dogg
Yea . .
Turn the music up a little bit . . .
[*Nate Dogg in background] Dah-dah-daaah
Uh, yea

A little bit louder . . right there

[Nate Dogg] In the name of the streets

Click click bu ya! Dub kicked the frame in (uh huh)
Nigga let the games begin, as I standin'
Tossed the tall can on a campus off the limital
scanners takin' penitentiary chances
Sick wit it, off the ric wit it
Blue beenie knitted; freshly acquitted
Grind-grimey, the big body and the big body
Wit lyrics and 'draulics hotter than the Majave
Sellin', brubble bellin', career felon
Escalade 3-braid beer wearin'
** it, I thug for free and thug to eat
Niggas call me "Home of Cake" cause I love the cheese
Gangstas, hustlas, pimps, if ya follow me
Let me see ya put them hands up like a robbery
I solemnly swear to stay down and slang the seed
I spit in the name of the streets

[Chorus: Nate Dogg + W.C.]
I'm gonna roll (I'm gonna roll)
I'm gon' stay fly (I'm gonna stay fly)
I'm gonna bust (I'm gonna bust)
Hold my hood up high (throw my hood up high)
In the name of the streets
I'm gonna roll (I'm gonna roll)
I'm gon' rich ride (I'm goin' rich ride)
I'm gonna ball (I'm gonna ball)
Hold my hood up high
In the name of the streets

This is for them geniuz
Da best is my East niazz
Both sides street niazz
This is for them DJ's coast to coast movin' this
Spin-ni-nin them turntables that bomp the Ruvian
Smashous, best trap us for cash and dump a blunt at ya's
Outta the mix-classes, this is for them riders, ridin' for the mims
Ghetto**niazz on them big shiny rims (uh huh)
Thrashin', you're back at ya, bring a debassa'
Got dropping on your drastic, another hood classic
Dump the "Ghetto Heisman" singing "more cabbage"
A street niazz livin' on seek and kill status
Unlock the racked Def Jam cock it back
Recess is over, I want my spot back
Who's the next? I preceded to blow coming at 'em
I'm in a mink coat and Spacey gat 'em
You're lookin' at 'em


[Bridge: Nate Dogg]
I told a woman I don't love her but she wants to go
I told another that I want her but she wants to hoe
I ain't a hater I'm a player so I **ed 'em both
In the name of the streets

[*Nate Dogg in background] Dah-dah-daaah
Yea . . .

Dub-C . . .

The "Ghetto Heisman" . . .
[Nate Dogg] In the name of the streets
Swangin' through a hood near you
[*over last line of outro] Dah-dah-daaah


[Nate Dogg] In the name of the streets

It Might Sound Crazy (Daz Dillinger)

[Featuring Too $hort]
Man Soopafly how you feel about these bitches?
** 'em.
You know what I'm saying but the pussy is good.
Yeah it is nice. Heh heh heh.
I said I said
I said it might sound crazy but I'm so in love with you.
I said it might sound crazy but I'm so in love with you.
(over chorus)
Daz I'm glad you broke up with that bitch.
Yeah, I know what time it is.
You in love with me?!
Yeah baby, I'm in love with you.
Check it out, baby.
I'm about clockin' dollars...
Hey, give me some.
Handlin' my business and (hey, nigga) kickin' hoes to the curb
(break that bitch) after I get my thang and that's right.
I know that's right, right, right, right.
Verse 1:
Woke up one bright morning, have some bomb-ass cock,
Feelin' like the man as I shake the spot.
Freaked the girl named Tameka,
Made my bass thump deepah.
My girl hu-umped me down, paged a nigga on my beepah.
As I continue to adjust the amps and bust the speakah.
My girl paged again, and again, and again,
As I'm diggin' out her mother's best friend.
Ask about my kids, say they gettin' big
As we moan and dig.
**ed another, she was kinda thick but kinda slim.
Freaky little thang named Kim.
Askin' when we gon' engage in bomb ** again,
I'm askin' her when you gon' give me bomb head again?
I mean she took me to her house, worked a nigga straight
turned him out.
Wanna know the freaky thangs that you talk about.
I really wanna make it rough, make it soft, no doubt.
If you wanna **, then we can turn it out.
You in love.
(over chorus)
Baby, I want you to ** my homegirl.
Baby, you like the way I suck your dick, don't you.
OOoohhh. You love the way I lick your balls.
Verse 2:
Told Miss Harris, it was too late to stop and too late to quit,
I was lovin' that pussy (Uhhh), while she was lovin' this dick.
(don't quit)
I was shovin' it in her (Uhhh), while she was yellin' don't quit.
(don't quit)
I was diggin' meow (Uhhhh), while I was suckin' her tit.(Yeah)
She said, "Let's have a freaky, freaky, freaky type experience,
That's very diff-er-ent,
That's so magnificent."
She had a bad, bad bitch named Spearamint.
Thought she was the bomb,
The way the bitch humped.
Let's get freaky tonight, let's get rolled
let's get high as a kite, you know. Baby gave a show.
True indeed, the way she ate a nigga's dick, I knew she
was a pro, I knew she was a pro.
I had a young tender that I'll always remember,
Named Dana, needed dick just to tame her
Every two months. I'd telephone her ringer, just to bone,
To come over at night when her man ain't home.
I keep the weed just to keep her stoned, huh
And I'd ** and be out 'fore dawn, huh.
I gotta page from another homegirl named Shy.
Baby loved to lick her tongue, holla, holla, an' give me some
(give me some, give me some)
Daz make a bitch cum like never befo'.
Do it fast, do it slow.
** me like you want it. Hittin' every little organ by her stomach.
Stop back up, bitch who the ** keep you cummin'.
And you know, sometimes the pussy still be callin' my name.
And the pussy be like, "Ooo, Daz, keep me cummin'."
And I respond to the pussy like,
"Was happ'nin." And you know Too $hort got some real player shit.
[Too $hort]
Nigga, Daz is a real playa.
It's all the way hot.
[Too $hort]
$hort Dog's in the house.
[Too $hort]
Oh, you know I know these hoes.
And you know that.
Verse 3:
[Too $hort]
I can't ** with you, I need a bitch like Tracy.
Got a good job, when she walks in the place, she
Gets respect with them big-ass tits.
She ain't no first date dick-suckin' tramp-ass bitch.
I pick the winners, never get the wrong ones,
Check me right now, I got a pocket full of phone numbers.
She said, "You wanna be a player all yo life?
You'll never get a woman you can call your wife."
You see, Tracy got it going on, see her try to get wit' me.
Her sister got my beeper number, keeps on hittin' me.
Think I **ed her twice, long time ago,
But now I like Tracy and she won't let go.
I know a trick-ass nigga might think it's scary:
Will it come back on 'im if he gets married.
I don't give a ** about bitches in the past,
Cuz if I put it down, I'ma make the shit last
And get the cash. Bitches always talkin' that love shit.
No, it ain't happ'nin', tell me what's up bitch.
Actin' like Michelle when I told her I missed her.
She said I love you right after I kissed her.
What she wanna say that for? Not today.
Niggas like us, you know we stuck in our ways.
Ask Lisa or her niece huh, I never pay 'em money.
Had a little freak by the name of Laid Lonnie.
I live by the game, that's what I'm all about.
The bitch started trippin' so we had to fall out.
Think I'm supposed to pay, cuz I got ends,
I said, "** you, bitch, and all your friends."
That's an everyday scenario, now here you go.
Tryin' to be good to me, I can't feel it though.
My old school tramp sucked a damn good dick,
I tried to turn the bitch out, she couldn't handle it.
Trick biotch.
C'mon, trick biotch.
[Too $hort]
Trick Biotch
Trick Biotch.
Now you done **ed me, you done **ed Too $hort, done
**ed my cousin, done **ed Nate.
Shit, huh, just done **ed everybody.
It might sound crazy.
[Answering Machine (ladies voice)]
Just leave a personalized message for me.
Were you talking to me? Do you be thinkin' 'bout me, huh?
Baby. Do you be thinkin' 'bout me?
Shit. How this bitch gon' call me super fine
and she just sucked a homeboy's dick. Bitch.

I Wish You Could Be Here (Paul Simon)

Looking from my window
On the freshly fallen snow
That sparkles as it tumbles
Upon the street below
And the crackle of the fire
Is laughing in my ear
And the room is warm and sleepy
Oh I wish you could be here

Sundays in this town there’s
Not a lot for me to do
I’ve been list'nin' to some records
But my thoughts return to you
Oh I try to read the paper
But the words aren’t very clear
And I know there’s something missing
I wish you could be here

I keep list'nin' for your footsteps
Or your key turned in the door
I sure could use your company
But I've said all that before
And the winter’s gonna last
A long time this year
I’ve got lots of empty time to fill
And I wish you could be here

Thug N U Thug N Me (2Pac)

Put me in that; ay come on JoJo ('Pac.. hahaha)
Yeah that type of shit (maybe it's the thug in me)
You know what time it is (maybe it's the thug in me)

By age thirteen I was buckwild, good at my knuckle game
Made it through a tough childhood never be the same
Walked in my daddy's shoes
No time to be a peaceful man had to shatter fools
That's 'til I put my eyes on you
God damn, sweetheart you got some thighs on you
Now I can't wait to get you home, get you all alone
In my bedroom, baby can we bone, and get it on
Tell me lady how you like me
and if you want it harder baby, come and bite me
but do it lightly; cause that excites me to let it pop
And if you lick me right, I'll do it all night
Only got **ed by a drug dealer
Never felt the real passion of a thug nigga (haha)
Though I like the way you scream when you lovin me
I'm goin deep, it's the thug in me; so whatchu sayin girl?

[Chorus: K-Ci & JoJo]
A thug nigga like me, I need a thug lady like you
Got a lot of thug in me, that I wanna put in you
A thug nigga like me, I need a thug lady like you
Got a lot of thug in me, that I wanna give to you

['Pac repeats "Maybe it's the thug in me" at various points]

Moan baby when we bone it's on
It's so strong niggaz in the next room'll cum
I got ya head swingin, tongue kissin as I hit it from the back
with the bed ringin (haha)
Give me space as I lick ya face, stick the place
Synchronize so I drive when they kick the bass
Love **in in tha mo'nin
I get ya wet and bust a sweat, then I'm gone
Left you on yo' own girl
Tell me what you feel like, blindfolded
I'm cold do it real nice - that's if it feel right
Maybe it's the thug in me
I pull ya hair while we **in in the chair, when ya lovin me
Up against the wall, you can have it all; just try
Bet my kiss, can get you high, don't pass by
Grab me by my nuts when I'm lovin you
Now open up and let me put the thug in you


Say baby what's your phone number?
Be warned, I'm like a storm with my own thunder, I make the room rumble
In and out long stroke, hold ya breath now
Close your eyes deep throat - did you like it?
Oooh I'm excited!
Cause it's a party in my bedroom, you're invited - c'mon now
Let me see ya shake your rump, tell me
how long will it take to cum, havin fun
Do it one on one and we can all get involved
First y'all do me, then I'll ** y'all
When you call me the next day
to get **ed by a nigga in the best way
Yeah baby it's a price to pay, only play in the fast lane
When you a hustler, mother** a cash came
I gotcha goin wild, cause I'm lovin you
Drugged out with this mother**in thug in you

[Chorus - 2x]

I don't wanna talk, I don't want no explanations
I don't got no mother**in explanations, y'knahmsayin?
It's the thug in me
Don't be askin why I'm pullin your hair
and why I ** so mother**in thuggish
That thug passion, y'knahmean?
Bitch, no mercy
What you scared of? Didn't you come over here to get **ed?
You ain't come over here for me to be
strokin, and all that bullshit
You came over here to get **ed
Shit, if I ain't ** you thug style
Bitch you'd leave my house talkin bout, "Tupac can't serve me"
Won't have me crossed up in that bullshit, hahaha
Turn over!
Maybe it's the thug in me!

(That too baby..)
(Ohh yeah, ohh that's right.. mhmm.. okay.. okay baby.. yeah..)

I'm On Fire (Mystikal)

What the **? Shit..
It's.. HOT!
I'm steamy sweatin tossin and turnin
The whole house on fire and I can't stop it from burnin
The curtains and the walls all indulged in flames
I yell "Somebody help me!" But aint' nobody came
I try my best to put it out then I said "Fukkit!"
Break full speed to the back door one room away
But the faster and harder I ran it seemed like the longer I took
Prayin "Please God spare me; I don't wanna cook!"
Knew I that I did done some things that I shouldn't of
I knew I didn't come into Sunday service like I could have
But have mercy for your child, forgive me for my sins
I'm too young to die Lord, get me through this
I gotta get to the back do', gotta get to the kitchen
But they got thick black smoke comin from the kitchen
Shit, all other exits are tossed, what I'ma do?
Stay my**here and burn or -- RUN THE ** THROUGH?
Already havin trouble breathin when I started to cough
But no more time to waste, I cover my face and took off!
Dis-en-dehydrate, I'm gettin tireder
I gotta, keep movin, cause it's gettin HOTTER
and HOTTER, WHOO.. WHOAH, shit! I'm on fire!
C-c-call them people to me, I-I-I'm on fire! (6X)
Oh shit! Ain't none of y'all mother**ers help me out dere?
HELP!!! Mother**ers it's me! HELP!!!
I gotta get out of here! I've been trapped for over 55 minutes
Looks like I'm finished, this could be a **ed up ending
I done been in some **ed up shit but this the worst I ever been in
"Call them people to me" -- tell them send the fire engine
I hope this ain't my calling y'all cause I ain't ready
I'ma need some alerted emergency units to stand by, paramedics
Runnin through the fire, and I can't turn back
Somethin went {WHOOSH} and everything went black
I can't see, I can't see, I'm BLIND!!
Oh ** I'm alright I just had my eyes closed the whole time
Oops, shit damn! But that ain't my stop my shoes from movin
cause outside, here I am!
I smashed through the back door like a ram
I made it! I'm still alive! I'm still a man!
Out the house but still I got fire on my clothes
So I stopped, dropped, and rolled nigga rolled
Started goin wild on the ground tryin to get the flames out my shirt
Windmillin in the dirt, but nuttin didn't work!
I heard a {HORN SOUNDS} but that was just a barge
See I live right by the river -- THAT'S IT, WATER!!!
Every step I took made hot footprints in the tar
Runnin over cars to the 12th Ward wall
Get out the way cause everything I touch turn crispy
I'ma be at the riverfront, tell them people come get me!!
C-c-call them people to me, I-I-I'm on fire! (4X)
Hello? Somebody get the **in fire off me!
Sparks like aluminum foil, in the microwave oven
Where them **in people? SOMEBODY DO SOMETHIN!
Can't you see what's hap-pe-nin?
Don't you see the smoke? Can't you hear the cracklin?
Nobody wanna listen, everybody was scatterin
I grab a nigga he screamed so loud that shit was eardrum shatterin!
I said, "Don't scream Dawg, I need your help, I'm the one on fire!"
He said, "Nigga you 'sposed to be dead, how you still alive?"
He was right -- by now they should be embalming me
But the shit don't seem to be harming me
Damn this must have been a bad dream the whole ?
I heard them mother**in sirens, hollerin
I guess they finally got the people to me, they must have saw me
Huh, cause they was headed right for me
A fireman walked up, and handed me a ticket
And said, "You just been put out, the fire went away!"

Trust Nobody (Master P)

Its kinda funny niggaz running up
trying to show me much love
cause a mother**er just dropped an album
now they wanna kiss ass
but hold up bitch all your getting is a luck pass
trying to gank me for my ducket
I tried to put you down with the SKI & CMT you said ** it
only came around when things was kinda cool
but did you really think I'd go out like a ** fool
oh hell no, I kept my shit tight
now the Ski & CMT is sitting on something right
your like a gold digging bitch from the neighborhood
thats why I slide on your**cause it makes me feel good
all this shit you talk when im not around
get your crown on nigga but you still aint down
I got something for ya'll
a nin-millimeter that will drop you to the floor bitch
cause if I trust ya for a minute
you would have had a mother** knife in my back then bent it
I gotta get ya first
cause a nigga like ? is the nigga that will ** you the worst
punk**nigga kinda jocking now
you ain't down cause I trust nobody

[Chorus/Master P]
I trust nobody x2

[Master P]
one by one in this century
brothers are dying getting killed
and sent to penitentary's
and your right hand man could have been a snitch
you think like a hoe you go out just like a bitch
so face 'em to the facts bro'
and end up dead like this other nigga I used to know
I guess its kinda sad G
but it really didn't face me til the funeral car passed me
and what about them tagalongs
them mother mother **ers that are driving with the lights on
could have been the killers
but nobody really cares he died on dope dealers
but that dont mean shit, cause a nigga like me pack a 9 and 3 clips
and I dont trust a soul from them nigga by my house
to them niggaz down by the store
when niggaz say they like me
thats the same mother**ers in the game that tried to shice me
mama say boy you have no friends, ha
I should have listened then
dour niggaz rolled up with the ski-masks
pointed the tech-nine out the window but they didn't blast
when niggaz said freeze P
I thought to myself, huh, this nigga knows me
but I didn't find it funny
pulled out my mother** 9 when they asked me for my ** money
but he didn't even shoot
he must have didn't have no bullets in the gun no time to think
Im steady pullin' I blast for the driver to the passenger
four niggaz dead in the car I laugh at ya
now I gotta see, pull of the ski mask of this nigga that was calling me
I guess Its kinda sad, a tear rolled down my eye cause I knew his ass
his name was little Peewe
thats the same mother** nigga I was trying to help G
good thing I thinked fast, cause if I think a nigga gonna do me
Im gonna do his ass, cause a bitch will get you killed
niggaz like to steal, and aint no thing is a good dope deal
so I live just like John Montgotti, ha
I Trust Nobody


[Master P]
yeah you know what im saying this goes out to all my niggaz out there
in the game you know what im saying
you gotta keep your eyes open you know, a lot of niggaz try to get
niggaz, and the same nigga that you rolling with could be the nigga
trying to get you, so a nigga like me you know what im saying
I trust nobody I hope you nigga catch on to what im saying

Peace. Im outtie.

Aquarius (Miriam Yeung)

hor sic ngor si shui ping jor

yuen loy nei je yeung jun sic ngor
chung chin joy yit luen jung dou may teng gong gwor.
beat suet je yeung jung hong for
na lui lau duc jui ngor
dou dai(dae) wai sum mor fun sau nei hun ching chor

yu hor bun dou dae
dan dou dae, wan si ngor
shuey yun doy ngor ho
doy ngor cha, tai ching chor
sheung gai juk jong sor
kuek yau mo lik sau jit mor
sum lui sin mo na se yun
ma mok dou but gai hau gwor

ngor jau wui hui, beat yun chut ngor lui shui
yau kay ming ji shui ping jor juey ngoy si lau lui
york yin dou beat si ha yut guoy
hor yi bai sheung nei dic juey
mo wai joy wui, yiu si joy wui, gung ga sum shui
yiu si wui ga, moot(mut) yau ji tung york shui
na loy cheung dou bing cha woon ngor boon man on shui
sup nin hau wack yin joy sut hui
fan jing dou juey may ya hei hui
gau juet ching, ngor dou gon ngor ji gei chut hui

yau yu juey kit sut dic bo lui
yuen loy joy, jook dim bung kui jook dim fun shui
gik gu jup dic yu ngor
ya wui ngai but ha hui
mui tien ban juek hung fook
chi jung yau se sum hui


I've Fallen For You (Shelly Fabares)

What is this i'm feelin'
I just can't explain
When you're near,
I'm not the same.
I'm tryin' to hide it,
Try not to show it.
It's crazy
How could it be

I've fallen for you
Finally, my heart gave in
And i'm fallen in love
I fin'lly know
How it feels

When you said hello,
I looked in your eyes.
Suddenly, I felt good inside.
Is this really happ'nin?
Or am I just dreaming?
I guess, it's true.
I can't believe

I've fallen for you
Finally, my heart gave in.
And I'm fallen in love
I fin'lly know how it feels
So this is love...

Doesn't matter where I am,
Thoughts of you still linger in my mind
No matter what time of day
I've really, really
Fallen for you...

I've fallen for you Finally, my heart gave in.
And I'm fallen in love
I fin'lly know how it feels
So this is love..


A very good malayalam christian song.

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