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Sunday, 20 August 2017
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Listen Moby Dick - Nema nas vise


i got that (youngster clique)

//..Chorus..// [ Gizz Y.H ] i got that swag,i got that swag,i got that swag,i just don't talk about it x2 nah uh uh i just don't talk about it,uh uh nah i just don't talk about it x2 verse 1 [ Young Aux ] ( young aux ...) G shock no rollee/ its just me and my homies/ hella bands hella bands/ we pop tags with hella bands/ t-shirt printed Y.C might get sponserd by nike/now these niggers tryna steal my swag like a thief in the night/ all white teeth no fake jewls im too clean/ tatoo on her back says Aux bout that cream/ i might pull up in a light h0use/ pop a niggers lights out/for all that hating/ can't count the money im making/ oh god it feels like i made it/ have you ever felt the feeling of couting up on a million/ chillin with bitches we sippin/ purple cush in that cabin/if you cant aford me i aint performing/ swag is when i wake up while your bitch is snoring/ im a self made cheese boy straight brewd from mzansi/ tell that aint swag enough jelouse phantsi/ //..chorus..// [Gizz Y.H] i got that swag,i got that swag,i got that swag,i just don't talk about it x2 nah uh uh i just don't talk about it,uh uh nah i just don't talk about it x2 verse 2 [ Raw Deal ] (yeah,nah man,Youngster Clique,Raw Deal...) Im Raw Deal/ OG/ oh shiit im back again/ flawsin up,yellow shit/yellow vans thats killer swag/ dressing like a pilot/ my swag fly as heaven/ yourll baby kites oh god/ my bitch fly oh my/ no beef niggers im sorry/ my white girl is foriegn/ you fake niggers is hating/im smelling like a G/ these hoes on my dick/ im tryna get that paper/ im flawsin like a bitch/ step back bitch stop hating/ im gone see my baby/ you broke**dont have them/ mother **er its Raw Deal/ hating niggers go to hell/ //..chorus..// verse 3 [ Gizz Y.H ] (less yada yada,and more swaging for youngster clique you dig,its Gizz Youngster Halla...) im on my black berry swag/ i dont have to brag/ stacking stacks on em stacks/ im talking cash ** the cheques/ money to the bank only promos in the bag/ and buddy thinks his fly cause he little bit famouse/ im canserouse/ rediculouse/ perfections of the genesis/ somebody should have told ya/ my swag might extort ya/ ill scriptures speak for themselves broucher/ mommy scooping out in the stars in a blink you lost her/ im on my fly ish/ i buy ish/ street attitude im bout it/ flyer then a muh/ keep my business on the low like a sports car/ nah uh uh/ i dont even have to talk about it/ cause im bout it ya dig/ //..Chorus..// i got that swag,i got that swag,i got that swag,i just don't talk about it x2 nah uh uh i just don't talk about it,uh uh nah i just don't talk about it x2

L'occident (Aston Villa)


L'espoir de KF me lessive
J'ai vendu mon âme hier
Du fond des campagnes tambourine

Je vise pas Washington DC
CNN affine la haine
C'est comme dans un film... genre
Vu d'ici

Hier homme de main
Dès demain je signe
Nul ne résiste
A l'occident...

A mon humble avis général
Je serai tué net avant l'âge
Par les voies de Jeanne j'irai droit
Dans les flammes

Hier homme de main
Dès demain je signe
Nul ne résiste
A l'occident... à l'occident


L'espoir me gave me lessive
Au coeur du social avenir
Qui a envie de dire adieu
A l'occident... à l'occident


Armes Schwein (Loikaemie)

An kleinen nackten Kindern tut er seine Augen weiden
Diese arme Sau kann überhaupt niemanden leiden
Er lacht sich einen Ast, widerfährt anderen ein Mißgeschick
Er liebt nur sich selbst, alle Frauen nennt er Miststück
Freunde hat er keine, deshalb lebt er alleine
Das was er gerne hätte wär' 'ne Frau und zwar 'ne nette
Ob dicke oder dünn, selbst das wär' ihm egal
Doch leider sieht's so aus, er hat keine Wahl

Das hat man nun davon, wenn man ein ignorantes Arschloch ist
Da hat sich sich jede normale Frau schon längst verpisst
Drum musst du etwas ändern, hast alle Zeit der Welt dazu
Sonst glaube mir, lässt dich das Problem nie in Ruh

Und deine ganze Art, die du so an dir hast
So Namen wie 'Killer', die geben dir wohl Kraft
Hör' auf mit dem Scheiß und sei endlich mal du selbst
Vielleicht findest du dann eine, der auch du gefällst

Dann wär' noch ein Problem, doch dafür kannst Du nix
Bei deinem Aussehen, da helfen nur noch Tricks
Falls ich dich nicht mehr sehen sollte,
Ich wünsch dir alles Gute, das war's schon was ich wollte

Fall On You (Moby Grape)

Yes, I know, it's fallin'
Yes, I know, it's fallin'

Did you ever get that feeling
That your baby's gonna set you free?
Won't she tell you why it's over?
Do you sit and wonder "Was it me?"
You try and tell her she'll be sorry
It'll happen with somebody new
But all the time you're worried 'bout
The pain that's gonna fall on you

You forgot to make a payment
And they're gonna disconnect your phone
You better pay up what you owe
They'e gonna try to repossess your home
They want their bread in the morning
Plus your next month's payment, too
But all the time you're worried 'bout
The pain that's gonna fall on you

You caught your baby cheatin'
But you say you love her any way
But all the time you're thinkin'
Just to find a way to make her pay
You think to leave her broken hearted
Is the only thing that you can do
But all the time you're worried 'bout
The pain that's gonna fall on you

Yes, I know, it's fallin'
Yes, I know, it's fallin'

Crazy Drunken Style (Masta Ace)

[ Lord Digga ]
Good good mornin, this is a warnin
You slept on me last night, so stop the **in yawnin
You shouldn'ta dialed 540-WAKE
You made a mistake, now your funeral's gonna take place
I'm not the nigga that you really wanna fight, right?
Cause I put my foot in Gladys, cause I thought she wore my Nikes
And I just might ** your wife, cause I'm livin trife
I gives a ** about a punk pussy rapper
Cause I break the dawn in the p.m. to the day after
You little punk bastards, the Digga's comin after
Ya, strictly on a rub-out mission
Say your prayers like a christian
Or your punk**will be missin
Like Jimmy Hoffa, it's the drunken hip-hopper
Comin to kick your**proper to a slow beat or some opra
But check me on the next verse, cause I'm out like Cindy Lauper

Here comes the crazy drunken style, take a swigger
(I'm drunk, so what?)
I got the crazy drunken style
Here comes the crazy drunken style, take a swigger
(Give the man a taste, and he's gone)

[ Masta Ace ]
I could freak a flow, fresh like fish in the fryer
It's the fat rhyme supplier on the 5 train attire
Goin Uptown, kickin with the songs that be hittin
I'm swingin like my dick on the toilet when I'm shittin
I try to eat right, so don't even talk of swine
Gettin mine on tracks that are rough like a porcupine
The mathmatical abstraction, I'm waxin
Maxin with action, shootin like Paxton
Ring goes the ???, ding-ding goes the bell
It's the man with the clientele, here to rock you well
Knock the red out your socks, now it don't match your necks
It's the crazy drunken style like a big glass of Beck's

Drink, drink, drink, oh, come and get a drink
Of the lyrical intoxicants to make your breath stink (2x)

We got the lyrical - hangover
Check it out
If the mic was a 40 (I would never be sober) (2x)

(Drunk on Friday night)

Here comes the crazy drunken style, take a swigger
(I'm drunk, so what?)
I got the crazy drunken style
Here comes the crazy drunken style, take a swigger
(Give the man a taste, and he's gone)

[ Lord Digga ]
When I'm brainstormin I do more than just rain
Cause I'ma get you and throw your mama from the train
I'm kinda vain, that makes me wanna slaughter
Doin shit you never thought of
So don't cross the Digga, cause I'm a nigga over drunk waters
So heat up the skillet, so I can cook MC's like gizzards
And beat that**when you're off to see the wizard
Oh is it, that bad mutha**a? Word to scouts honor
The nigga from Saturday Night that rippin shit like Sinead O'Connor
So I wanna be startin some with mutha**as that'll front when
They really know they really don't want nothin
Over here, cause I get heads fly like Mike and a pair of Nike Airs
Agressive like a grizzly, so ** a care bear
Rapunzel, suck my dick... and cut the weave out your hair

There's No Lust In Jazz (Frank Zappa & the Mothers)

?: Okay, it's, uh, just about time, you guys, what d'you say?
?: [...]
?: Uh . . .
?: One?
?: Rolling?
?: Rolling . . . Frank is rolling
?: Rolling? It's rolling . . . ?
?: One!
?: Test two
?: Test . . . three
?: Oh, now this is what I call brotherly love
?: Man, chics are really harm, man. Now there are **
?: Hey you're taking between that baby [...]
Aaaaah . . .
?: No stopping!
?: Oh, I'm telling you . . .
?: There is a chic where I'm hung
?: Oh yes . . . And she enjoys every moment
?: She wants you Dick
?: She's waiting for your big . . .
?: Now listen
?: Bwana?
?: She said give me the guy with the throb
?: Oh . . . really?
?: Okay, enough
?: What can you say?
?: See you later
?: See, this is what happens when you join up a rock group, George, get off that jazz syndrome . . . there's no lust in jazz

Better Now (Big Mike)

featuring Devin the Dude, MC Breed

{Big Mike:}
It's been a 8 year spread and 4 baby mamas
Still ain't found no wife, all I found was drama
Past dwellin, was it that or was it just us?
Love, was it that or was it just lust?
**ed once, made love about a thousand times
Bought a crib, and all you could say was that the bitch was mine
Selfish thoughts, knew you was lookin for a backdo'
Think I'm kickin bullshit? I'm kickin fact, hoe
Fell for a pretty face, thick hips and bitty waist
Spent my time with you and all it gave me was a shitty taste
Played a game of chase from my town to yo hood
Runnin back and forward thinkin it was all good
I shoulda left you there, pretty face and sandy hair
Gave you the world and couldn't recognize a man that cared
Dick sucks with intentions just to get me sprung
Was it a game when you laid there swallowed my cum?
I was something dumb thinkin you were there for me
Played the game with both of my hands and never cared for me
But everybody plays the fool once or twice
All it did was make me stronger, bitch, ain't nothin nice

It's better that I find out now, rather than later
It's better that I make a clean break with all my paper
It's better that I find another chick to take your place
It's best that you get your bitch-ass up out my face

{MC Breed:}
Met her when she was 19, brand-new
And she only went out in tight jeans, and could dance too
Burgers and fries, bout 30 lives, told to her
Game, sold to her, plus everybody knew her
What the business? Except I got kids for a witness
And you let her make a come-up like survival of the fittest
You a sucker for a pretty face, smile and a pussy
You a clown runnin round actin wild like a rookie
I know you know she got somebody else on the side
Came through with you while she was rollin in his ride
You know the rules, your bitch chose him, now keep your cool
A sucker for pleasure is just a full-grown fool
Now tell the truth, she's somethin you see walk around - woof
Had you done swooped and went and bought her**a coupe
Just a nigga with a brown nose, the town knows
Still come around swear he clown those
It's better that you find out


I wish I woulda known you was a crazy bitch
Before goin over to your house and layin some dick
I thought it wasn't nothin but a mutual nut
We **, I get mine, you get yours, we get up
But before I can get to my crib you hit my hip
Still ready to ** with the smell of dick on your lips
I started thinkin with my dickhead, man, that big red
Pushy-ass pussy, it's big and it's bushy
Couldn't help but to backdo' that**again and again
Nut after nut, shit was cool, but then, you look, friends
Started dippin, trippin and callin my house
With my gal sittin by me lookin all in my mouth
I say: "Hey!", and cough, but she know I'm tryina play it off
"What's up, nigga? - Bitch, when I see ya I'ma kill ya!"
It's better that I find another freak to take your place
One who won't have me dealin with a domestic case


Situations (Bravehearts)

Intro (Nas)
Yeahhhhh I'ma do it from back hereee
What up Braveheart? what it taste like daddy? (chocolate cake nigga)
Yeah that's what I'm talking about that's how it's supposed to be
Life is beautiful
Yo this girl tried to play me thow .. so I had to ya know ..
I had to do my thing to step it up
Get right with a new one ..
Now I'm feeling alright so everythings all good

[Chorus: Jully Black]
(It's alrightttttt)
Nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you
Baby I just got to let you know (Knowwww)
Nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you
I promise you the sun moon and stars

[Verse 1: Jungle]
We used to meet at the motel
Heart break hotel
Body hypnotic exotic as hell
Got a nigga in a spell
She from my dreams
Girl taste good like carvelle ice cream
A few tatoo's on her butter soft skin
I gave my support when she had that abortion
Remember I could make you warm in the winter
Buy you a mink coat every december
And laugh and joke about the shit we been threw
Then you open your legs and say be gentle
I'll try I can see they spark in your eyes
It's gonna be fireworks like the fourth of july
Untouchable, unbreakable, intimate, multiple orgasms .. when I be rippin it
Your favorite positions, neighbours be listening, hating and wishing that
our relationship end
But you my brave girl

[Chorus: Jully Black]

[Verse 2: Wiz]
Now let me tell you what I am here to do
My baby girl is stuck stupid looking misserable ma keep your head up
Cause ma I'm right here let's do the damn thing girl it can't be love
Cause I be waiting a minute for your walk by
Listen I'm lifting your legs up in the air my only vision
While I'm stroking thinking about money and smoking
Hoping we could do this again and again and again and again yo
I feel your pain I'm leaving your mouth dry your man can't do this ma he to lame
Keep him of your brain
While you let me do me on you drove off as soon as I came
It was evident shorty talking celebent never this I am not reverend do you
hear what I'm telling you
The time is now or never shortyyy screaming and yelling
Yo calm down and let my comrad tell it

[Verse 3: Nas - singing]
Girl you look so sweet (so sweet girl)
But that is what you are (what you are baby)
And no one comes between (nobody)
Never some moon and stars (that's right)
Some come sail away with me (me and you)
Cause your my Braveheart girl (Bravehearts)
And will get high with each other uh huh (uh huh)

[Nas - rapping]
Phase one we meet and exchange numbers
Phase two is day two call you for a adress to come to
Day three is phase three h-e-a-d usually
But cause we just met there is other interests
Want to smuther with teady bears and lilly's
Wine and dine you I'm a gentleman but savage behind you
Know you feeling me my carrots will blind you
You love me but I love liquir and bud I married tijuana


Quick To Back Down (Bravehearts featuring Nas & Lil Jon)

[Lil Jon]
That boy Nas!
Me I'm your boy Lil Jon
Right now we going to talk about these niggas!
That's got a lot of mouth, what!
But when It's time to do some shit
They folding, these niggas is folding and shit
Know What I'm talking bout, like paper

[Chorus: Nas + Lil Jon]
[N] I know your type I know your kind ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] You be leaving when there's drama
[L] Quick to back down
[N] ** fake**nigga
[L] Quick to back down
[N] Soft and cornflake nigga ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] You ya whole crew ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] Ya'll don't want none of this ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] And I hate ya'll niggas ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] Soft and cornflake nigga ya

First of all this is Nas I'ma Braveheart veteran
And y'all already know who I'm better than
Yall know the beef in the hood it'll never end
Never hit the club unless I get's my berretta in
The letter N, short for Nasir
More drama than the President with North Korea
Gettin Krunk wit Lil Jon, he da livest in the south
** around and you get wires in your mouth
Cowards I despise and my power keeps on risin
Niggas try to hate me but they keep recognizin
Who's the next label I'ma bury
CEO's, rappers and A&R's go to the rap cemetary
And ya all got guns but ya scared to use 'em
Six million ways to die, nigga choose one
I'm a Braveheart I'll be right here
Y'all talk shit but I smell fear, mother**er!


Ay yo, all these niggas they afraid of the Bravehearts
I'll take a razor open your face up
I tried to tell these niggas we don't play
I run up on you broad day with a A-K
Cornball I can make your heart beat stop
Pop pop your body drop from a couple shots
When you see me in the street, we can handle the beef
If you see me in jail you know you dead meat
I be fighting and stabbin, shooting and laughing
My ratchet blast on top of you bastards
Committing sins in Cincinnati
We'll drive by in all black caddy's
A 21 gun salute
Your last words be, please Jungle don't shoot
Pussy, I'll put a slug between your eyes
And stand there and watch your punk**die

I'm **in' wit them, Bravehearts
My niggas is coming we just don't stop
Yall niggas is running I'm just goin pop
I twist up my gun up and slap your mouth
With Lil John down south
My religion is green mother**er too late
Since birth, I'm cursed, the worst mother**a in da state
Time and time again you niggas back down, laugh now
** ya numbers nigga ya'll all fake
The hunt is on, ** if I'm wrong, test my dead arm
Robbery, heavily armed, might leave him gone
Bang him duff him, actin like he don't know what's going on
Hang em' rush em' get his clown**his teammates wrong
And oh he got a 22, give him the gauge the brave way
God aint going to save his bitch**today
Wait I'ma Braveheart I'll be right here
Y'all talk shit but I smell fear, motha**as!


Grimey (Noreaga)

Yeah nigga - part four muh'**er
Thugged out nigga (Grimey)
Neptunes - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious - type serious (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, part four nigga (Grimey)
Yo, yo, yo

It's like **, it's King Tut jewelry, blind fury nigga
I smoke boogies, conspiracy theory
It's like I'm Malcolm, with just the X
These bitches swear they in love but it's just the X
Niggas act like, my coke ain't long in stress
Like I don't keep two shotguns, under my chest
I flip, obsolete see I'm the king of the streets
And show muh'**ers how to rhyme on Neptunes' beats
In Miami, Pun shoulda, won the Grammy
This year I'll bring the shit home to his family
Go 'head, and keep hatin, until you receive
Mad volts in your chest plate, hard to breathe
See you a hater like Star & Buc, nigga what
And ** Tommy Boy, them niggaz just suck
I'm the ultimate, gun on my dick, hoes swallow my spit
Wanna drink every bottle I sip

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams]
Nigga when that heat, is bustin off
And the ambulance come, and rush you off
And the witness like - we don't know dem boys
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey
Then we resume, hangin with stars
Then we live in fat houses and fat**cars
Then we drive and scream - nigga ** the law
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey

Yo, yo
I alternated with the greatest, upgraded my speech
We Violator violatin, y'all niggaz capiche?
It's unsafe like late night on (?) Beach
Drink some river ranches and get slurped at least
Let's have fun wit it, in the Bridge my niggaz dunn wit it
Niggaz had hit records, but we done did it
Pop a collar; see them chicks they like to holla N.O.!
You know them hoes already know they gotta swallow
Money like Nutty Professor - fat as **
Four gold albums; ain't none of it luck
Brad Pitt, Fight Club shit, **in you up
Since you, seem so tense release the mutts
I'm connected, the police release my cuffs
Call me Fillmore, naw nigga cause I'ma feel more
Nigga this my year, you gonna feel Nore
Money we got it but still try and feel more


[Bridge: Pharrell Williams (Noreaga)]
Type of niggarole, we must be dunns (Grimey)
Toothbrush shanks and rusty guns (Grimey)
Nigga get popped can't hush me son (Grimey)
Sellin everything 'til they cuff me dunn (Grimey)
93 Ac' ** a Range nigga (Grimey)
Saliva at the mouth of your chain nigga (Grimey)
Reynolds wrap, coke, and doo-rags (Grimey)
Never cleanin up, nigga screw that (Grimey)

You see we unbreakable, y'all niggaz is uncapable
We 2G nigga we use gats that's untraceable
Still smokin, and niggaz know how I do it
Keep big shanks, shit'll cut in half your Buick
Just me and shorty, late night in the park
And gettin so much brains I'm startin to feel smart
Off Beelzebub, feelin my love with cold heart
See these fake niggaz, my fists'll break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz


[Pharell Williams]
Hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey


Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)..


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