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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Listen Massimo i Neno Belan - Zar vise nema nas


O Wszystkim (Lzy)

Chowam Cię pod posuszkę
i śnię o tym co niby było.
Twój zapach, Twe myśli
i Twoja wielka miłość.
Twój pierścionek na mojej dłoni
błyszczy jak nigdy wcześniej.
Noc się kończy, samotność boli,
czy spotkam Cię jeszcze?

Chowam Cię pod poduszkę,
by nie śnić o tym co było.
Twój zapach, Twe myśli
i ta okłamana miłość.
Smak Twoich ust na moich ustach,
tak gorzki jak nigdy wcześniej.
Mówiłeś "na zawsze" a jednak opuszczasz,
nie ma Cię nawet we śnie.


Lecz nie budź mnie,
mogę nie istnieć,
wciąż kocham Cię!

Nie mów nigdy o nas my,
to tylko ja i tylko Ty!

Zapomnieć chcę,
o wszystkim...

Nasze gwiazdy pogasły,
noc bez siebie już mamy za sobą.
Lecz czas się wtedy zatrzymał,
pokój wciąż pachnie Tobą.
Już za późno bym mogła zapomnieć
i po co to wszystko było?
Zostało mi tylko wiele wspomnieć,
a dla Ciebie to nie była miłość!


I nie budź mnie,
mogę nie istnieć,
wciąż kocham Cię!

Nie mów nigdy o nas my,
to tylko ja i tylko Ty!

Zapomnieć chcę,
o wszystkim...

Lives On The Line (50 Cent)

Nobody likes me
Nobody likes me, but that's okay
Cause I don't like y'all anyway
... And I don't like y'all anyway
** all y'all!!
My watch talk for me, my whip talk for me
My gat talk for me
BLAT! Whattup homie
For bitches who don't know me
... They wanna blow me
Cause the shit I floss wit sayin a lot for me

[Verse One]
I came into rap humble, I don't give a ** now
Serve anybody like niggaz who hustle uptown
Coke price go up, cats is come down
The D's run in my crib, I'm nowhere to be found
The bitch who hustle for me, they dont even stash tracks
They keep it on 'em, right there in they**crack
When I don't like a nigga, I don't pretend to
I'll have the paramedics wrap your **in head like a Hindu
Look, I ain't goin nowhere, so get used to me
OG's look at me and see what they used to be
I'm that nigga that sold coke, the nigga that sold dope
The nigga that shot Dice when he broke to So So
The thug, they pop shit, the thug that pop clips
The thug that went from three and a half to whole bricks
Nigga ain't in his right mind, goin against me
My picture's painted through words that make a blind man see

Scream murder! (I don't believe you!)
Murder! (** around and leave you!)
Murder! (I don't believe you!)
Murder, murder! (Your life's on the line!)

[Verse Two]
Y'all niggaz don't want no parts of me
I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me
Make me catch her on the late night
Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six
I'm not a marksmen while spark issue, I spray random
Not a pretty nigga but my moms think I'm handsome
I hate to hear "He say, She say" shit
Unless he say she say she on my dick
It's no coincidence, niggaz who ** wit me get shot up
I do a Cali style drive by and tear ya block up
You soft through, be puttin up a crazy front
I stay wit the Mac, cause niggaz tried to blaze me once
In the hood they be like, "Damn, 50 really spitted on 'em"
"You heard that shit?" "Yeah, 50 really shitted on 'em"
Beef, you don't want none, so don't start none
You just a small player in this game, play a part son


[Verse Three]
These cats always escape reality when they rhyme
That's why they write about bricks and only dealt wit dimes
Leave it to them, and they say they got a fast car
Nascar, truck wit a crash bar, and TV's in the dash, pa
See 'em in the five wit stock rims, I just laugh, pa
I catch stunts when I ain't tryin
I ain't lyin, I sit Dom P til I split up
Keep my rent split up
Get outta line, I get you hit up (Wooo!)
Now if you say my name in your rhyme, watch what you say
You get carried away, you can get shot and carried away
Now here's a list of MC's that can kill you in eight bars:
50, umm Jay-Z and Nas
I'ma say this shit now and never again
We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends
The games you playin, you get killed like that
Actin like you all hard, you ain't built like that
See me when you see me nigga, one (one)


Y'all niggaz don't want no parts of me
I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me
You gon make me catch her on the late night
Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six

The Firm Intro (The Firm)

[Featuring Foxy Brown And Nas Escobar]
Intro: Nas
Yo check this shit out, this is Escobar
Out here chillin' with my nam, DJ Clue
Ya know what I'm sayin'?, the boss of the bosses
King of the tapes
No doubt, Queens finest yaknawhamean
The boss of the bosses and ya listening to DJ Clue
Number one
uhhh, uh huh
Uh huh, uhhh
Ya'll cats ain't ready for The Firm
Canivin' niggas, that's right
Get the dough da da
Uhh, uh huh
Brooklyn shit
Verse One: Foxy Brown
All ya hoes wanna stop my chips
Stare bitches down when I rock my whips
Knowin' that you hate me on the low, pop block my dick
Stick me for the ice on my whips
Keeps the chrome fifths, make you so sick
Ya'll hoes give me honestly, no choice but to chick
'Ficially Firm, no extra shit
No surprises, no diguises, no Fox's, lil' Nas's
Strickly fam fam, AZ, 'Mega
Na Na, Nas Esco forever
While ya'll hoes is in a rage, ain't no tamin' ya'll
Ya still a young bitch, and I'm shamin' ya'll
Mad cause they know no click plain to ya'll
And ya'll hoes is like "** me", the same to ya'll
Ya really ain't got no time to play games wit' ya'll
And if I feel like shittin' on ya'll, I'm namin' ya'll
I'm soundin' kind of harsh, please ignore me
Not to stop the rhyme flow - but ya'll mix tapes shorty (uh)
Nerve of ya'll hoes tryin' to gel me
And uh, ya broke bitch what the ** ya tryin' to tell me?
Chorus (Nas)
Where ya where ya where ya where ya where ya where ya
Where ya...
Where ya at nigga?
Verse Two: Nas
The boss of the bosses
Rhymes in my mind like it's pearls and oysters
Jewels, you dell, cause we bail in Porsches
Of course it's, The Firm
This court is ajurned, my thoughts is to burn
Ya'll lil' Nas's, middle guys's, mouthin' off
I want to speak to ya leaders, we roll to smoke Cheeber
I shoot 'em in my two seater
Yo he's the worst clown, the Jamie Foxx with his first album
Verse rounds, if ya made it what it takes to stay paid
I'm in the tre tre, double low, cause uh
Guzzlin' Dom, twist on my 'dro, my drugs yo
Glistenin' arm, rollin' platnuim, like my recrods
My wallet be mad brollick, from Queensbridge projects
To Hollies, stay real like calm stockings
Hoes lovin' the dick, I smother my wrists
To remind me of the days I was nuttin' like this
I used to bust a nut on my fists, imagining
It was some lip, suckin' my dick
Now I'm handcuffin' my chicks, yours too
Layin' back, gettin' the or-al
In the back with the 4 too, zero
Ya'll better respect black deniro, have ya crew grab for Mereo
Of ya face with a halo, on ya building
On ya block where ya stay yo, in ya career, niggas like
"Remember him?" "yeah", niggas **ed with Esco
The emporer, thought I might have passed ya Crist
Yo a nigga pass you piss, made a raw move
Now that nigga's**is his', we The Firm baby boys
Ya'll some Pacifists
Kick the facts about real life and death situations
Mack with real ice rings, breath tkin'
See me floss with whores, double ways and doors
The crew Pa Pa, Commishoner style and boo Za Za
Gatherin' thoughts up inside the 12 bedroom casa
Lit cigars on the way to see the Opera
Up in the balcony with the one lensed bin-acular
Black and white tuxes, black hustlers
** wit' us, Firm Business, let's discuss this....
Outro: Nas
Wha wha wha, The Firmilie
L-E-S wha, wha wha wha
Ha ha, ha ha ha ha
Ha ha, Norie, ha ha
QB, Brook-lyn, the Don
We run New York
Ya cock blockin', skinny ugly...**in'...
Phoney lookin' bald headed, half way...afro ways havin'
Phoney rhymin'...copy cattin' fake dick lickin' bitches
What's the dealy? uhh

It's Mine (Mobb Deep)

Yeah.. yeah.. [hahahaha] uh-huh, yeah yeah
[HAH hahahaha] Huh yo, you know it
Infamous ninety-nine (infamous ninety-nine)
[hahahaha] Infamous two thousand
(Ain't nuttin but thugs over here baby)
[AHHH hahahaha].. [hahaha].. [HAH haha]

Yo... straight thugs on this side - it's do or die to the death
Like the terminal ill takin they last breath
Read your last rites - God, forgive me
for the sin I'm about to commit - takin a life
Kill or be killed, rather that than somebody else
readin my will - you feel what I feel, you know the deal
Keep the infrared next to my bed, one in the head
Hearin noises, dead tired, eyes bloodshot red
Sleep with half closed eyelids
Some say it's strange, sometimes that's how strange life get
Go easy on the bottle, niggaz love to see when
niggaz slippin off point, on the strength they bet
Scopin your ice, appraisin it like the Diamond District Jeweler
with they hand on the biscuit
Do ya, wanna get caught lifted; or sober, so you can react quick?
Blow you off the atlas as if I caught you **in my wife
on my thousand dollar mattress
It's the world that I live in, Q.B. made me
A moms that loved me and a pops that raised me

Chorus: Nas {singing to the chorus of Brandy's "The Boy is Mine"}

Y'all need to give it up.. we don't give a **..
what y'all niggaz want.. thug, life, is, mine
Y'all need to give it up.. cause we don't give a **..
what y'all niggaz want.. thug, life, is, mine

I got the style of a still-born child, I'm ill
If it's beef, poke him with the fork, make sure he's done well
(Very very) The sreets raised me crazy, now I'm immune to it
So when they start shootin, we'll stop the music
Keep it moving that's how we do it (c'mon, c'mon Dunn)
Been through more drama than the Baldwins, you still crawlin
(Still crawlin) Apply street rules to the office, high performance
Rap author, made millions off of - melodic, hypnotic productions
That'll ** with your conscience and touch your emotions
(You feel me? You feel me?)
You feel me? I'll write a graphic page
Escort niggaz to they grave, relate to the projects
We the black Mobb, it gets deeper than rap music
(Don't get no realer than this!)
It's more real than any words I can muster
Pull the black Cadillac trucks up (What?)
Hop out them shits like what? Y'all niggaz can't touch us


[Nas Escobar]
Silk shirts on my chest show what a flirt
Halle Berry blew a kiss at the Barbara Streisand concert
Silk pants colored pink, gators match gangster musical thing
And I'll front like my doo doo don't stink
Instinct like Cuba Gooding steppin out the latest toy
Hazard lights blinkin, gators hit the floor
Everybody watch the red carpet entrance, cameras flashin
Just to think, that was yesterday's action
Cause today goes either way - we came a long way
from hallway steps and hand-me-down shit
** my foes, I seen the other side, NexTel cell roam
Call the chopper phone, heliport in my home
Quincy Jones posters
Wake up, guns under my pillow, I can't talk around chauffeurs
Shit is better than a novel, autobiographic
Spit it on tracks, it becomes classic
Start some, make my heart pump, spark one, I'm God son
NAStradamus, last one to blast one when the NARC's come
Know how to leave anything in thirty seconds
When you feel the heat, comin and flee with the murder weapon
I'll release one, shot you deceased, learn your lesson
Your flesh turn to maggots, bastards, you past it
Cremate your flesh to ashes
You don't need a suit, no wake, no funeral, and no casket


The, life, is, mine (repeat 3X)
Ill Will..
You need to give it up.. we don't give a **
what y'all niggaz want.. we don't give a **
Thug, life, is, mine
Y'all need to give it up.. we don't give a **..
what y'all niggaz want.. thug, life, is, mine

Up Jumps Da Boogie (Remix) (Timbaland And Magoo)

featuring Missy

Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps
Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps
Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps
Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps

Verse 1: Magoo

Mag and double ooh came to move your body
M C old school like Lodi Dodi
When you hear Up Jumps Da Boogie
Dance till you can't and shake your cookie
People to the left like Mag to def
People to the right need to clean your breath
Bigger than my butt, pulled out some cheese
We the best on the scene since the three degrees
Aachoo sneeze
Cool like the breeze
Me and Timbaland two Master P's
I hope you bout it
Cause I been bout it
South on the rise, V-8 bout it bout it (uuuh)
Driven in my '89 Mercury
Record label don't you try to carry me
Got some of that project in me
Get dem flashback, you besta all flee

Verse 2: Timbaland

I'm the dope producer in the industry
I'm tired of producers bitin' on my beats
Baby, thats cool, I ain't got no beef
But you must pay me producers fee
I am the man with the ill**sound
I got all the execs saying I love that sound
Timbaland was next on the agenda
A house, some stocks, three zorts for the winter
Don't y'all sappy fools get mad at me
Because I became a millionaire in a year times G
I thank god for blessing me
I give all my thanks to the all mighty
Now I'm just chillin in my house in Rohb beach
Now it's time to catch a plane to N-Y-C
This is the remix to Up Jumps Da Boogie
Boogie, woogie, woogie
Oogie, oogie, oogie

Verse 3: Missy

M-C's mad at me
But you better get back
I'm bout to ratta-tat-tat
Lay me flat on my back
In fact, I interact and make the track turn phat
You heard that
Have it, give it to me daddy
Cut it like confetti
I know y'all said mother uuh wasn't ready
You back in the studio, yeah I got you sweatin
Timbaland my man, chica my man
Beep beep
In the caravan, there go my man
Magoo, what you got plans for pullin down your pants?
So Magoo know dat, why you trippin like dat?
Is it pissed
I make a list, of those who diss
Who try to be me cause my style sickening
Yeah and my phone's ringing


Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)

Verse 4: Magoo

Verse number two
Two verse rhyme
When I get greens, I gets a dime
Peace to god, my neice, to Mario
Y'all don't know nuthin bout Jamario
Huckle Berry Finn
I'm country and I'm thin
They make rock eat and buy my black Benz
Hook it up with tens with candy coat
Me and Cheech and Chong rope, but still smoke
Smell like butter
Salt n' Pepa push me
How to be a player squeezin on your tushy
Mag in a row of all wannabee's
When Wimbledon drank all the teas
Eating Rice-A-Roni with Toni Toni Tone
Keep Cindy Crawford, to me she's to boney
See another Rain, unless you know Missy
Clown suit on so don't you dare diss me

Verse 5: Timbaland

Now I'm gonna make my rap only eight bar
On this track Maganoo's the star
One of my favorite rapper's Nas Escobar
I listen to his tape driving in my car
Now let me get back into the groove
Tap the person standing next to you
Tell him or she to move side to side
And tell them to keep the party live to live

Verse 6: Missy

Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me
Got to move my knees straight down to my feet
Down to my hands, clap, clap
Tell me where the party at? Where we boogie at?
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie my flow
Yo-ziggy-yo Timbaland here we go
Y'all to slow to make this kinda doe
Shoot you don't know, shoot you don't know


Firm Family (The Firm)

featuring Dr. Dre

A tale of two cities. Right here.

It's time we set it straight connect with Dre the correct way
Predicting platnum in less then a day
So for that we amound us while y'all lackin' hope
All I do is write raps stack relax and smoke
Seeing my dreams come true stayin' humble in the eyes of others
Politician with the wisest brothers
It's Nature one of the greatest peep how I play this
Straight from the Bridge one of your kids favorites
From not till the day that I'm stiff fowl flagerant pay the rent
Always stay swift, stuck in my ways type shovanistic
Since a youth I had a thing for big jewels
Flooded rings and older bitches holding my riches
In lump sums for trust funds fully recoved thugs lust to bust guns
While niggas get drunk beat wifes and cuss sons
A slow process called life, let's show progress

Don Cortes, white rags cherry bently
Cop shines from Italy speak money language fluently
Never ** with the nastiest flashiest
Bought a house as big as Scarface to show my happyness
Rackin' the 6 0's for those that want to get personal to home
Cock the heavy metal rollin' with my stones
Prominent with flashy garments spread a mill small bills
Bring a smile to an ill grill
Po**r loved throughout the industry
If they sue light a philly cause the judge has gotta Free Willy
Solute with chill Remy gently escort four ladies an arm
The four caesers at he club Pentleys condo sweets I'm fancy
20 floors up overlookin' ladies boomerang they panties
Bump the Firm Family's latest takin' trips to Las Dregas
That's how we do it Aftermath incorperated

C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon it's the mother**in' Frim Family ooh
Yeah, I better pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming
Ooh cause the way you make me feel I feel like ooh screaming

I spit rhymes for the radio and spit for tours
Spend doe that I never thought I'd hold before
Now if you just wanna front, you know my styles tight
Niggas never should of plugged up the mother**in' mic
Sippin' Tangeray 60 inch screen when we hang with Dre
I just flew in from Queens no bag and plan to stay
In the heat park this Royals Royce up in the beat
Seeing topless bitches rollerblading in the street

Dr. Dre:
While I lounge in a jacousy sky cliff blue got the whole crew
Nas, AZ, Nature, Foxy there too, how we do?
Hit trees Cristal bottles, breeze tropical spread love till we wobble
It's time to give let the kids live comfortable
Anybody pumpin' between the East and West...** you
Make moves political hit this revenue
Set examples respect every individual

Hook (x1.5)

Fan Mail (AZ)

(AZ) Baby bring that ashtray in here


(AZ) And bring my mail it's on top of the counter

Here baby

(AZ) Check, what's this

I don't know some mail came thru today

(AZ) Fishscale, Professional, what's this about men
lemme see what this about

Anyway, the food will be ready in 20 minutes

Peace Allah, hope tha scribe reach ya hands in good health
As for self, no sense of worrying my cards been dealt
Sunk in a cell, fishscale, fifth year of my bid
Finally got a chance recent to connect with my kids
It's kinda hard thru carelessness I scared they moms
And temporary I was barred voluntary the bond
Nevertheless, it's issues I need to address
Pertaining the certain statements that made me confess
Faced with life, it bites when reality hit
And wit crime come a lot of technicality shit
Thru many co-defendants conspiracies linking
Like the court system designed to keep the mind from thinking
Fog ya vision, guess it's just the odds of living
But like me, most great men became god in prison
Since Illmatic, first heard ya bars of life
I was up in Cansaki, *****s started to fight
You touched souls to a lost po**tion of men
And no doubt, if ever out they'll never lock me again
Faced wit 10 on state time, wit life on the back
It's **ed up when your own folks ain't writing you back
Learn to relax, spoke wit certain cats that helped adapt
You know the streets to the pen it's kinda hard to transact
All the cars and the pretty women, condos,
The clothes and the city living
I seen division, breakdown of the po**tion
It's either submit, death or incarceration I felt the combination
Torn between reality rap and the fakes
Some do it for the salary cap few relate
And been thru what I been thru at least in fraction
So when they spit you could feel the passion I see you maxin'
That Nas and that Jigga riff started some shit
It departed the prison system we should argue a bit
It's a glimpse of what's to come
The past follow, hold the voice just hunger me holdin' my last bottle
I live like that of a star without the title, I had to write you
It's beyond trying to enlight you
It's a token of appreciation for being that poet with no abbreviations
Much respect from us all wish you much success
Get yours take money nigga ** the rest I'm signing off
And leave in the way that I greet and say peace
Keep in mind always rep the streets, you that nigga.

Word,........... Gotta write homey back

(AZ) Ayo, boo I got any more of that mail out there

Got a few more

(AZ) You gotta read this one, the shit right here is deep, man

Alright, gimme a minute

(AZ) Okay, What's this one right here
oh shortie from Nashville, alright lemme see this

AZ, this is Camille since Sugarhill been a fan
And since then to me you still a man
A real card player rarely reveals his hand
And sincerely, I could say the hood feel ya jam
I sit and listen to your last edition
Washing dishes in the kitchen
Or twisting the baby dreads on little Christian
It's so sickening his father we both miss him
He was killed in a '99 car collision
I guess the best ones God get them the tar sniff 'em
It's just the way it is in this bizarre system
You remind me of his one concerning words when you speak
You and him both got that funny type of slur in y'all speech
At night it's like his face just emerge in my sleep
I smoke herb so that grief can stop disturbing my peace
My life's deep, it coincide with the way that you rap
I hate it when them commentators say that you back
You never left you was always years ahead of the rest
My baby-father even felt your style he say you was best
How you dress how you move when you in the public
Without a lot of luggage gotta love it that's how you thug it...

Know that, that's right, it's bigboy, okay, okay

Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply) (2Pac Featuring Makaveli)

* There is NO REFERENCE to Suge Knight in this song; and that's FINAL!

[church bells ringing in background]
In today's music news: the ever controversial Tupac Shakur has
just released another album under the alias Makaveli.
Music insiders are running wild trying to rearrange other artist
street dates in fear of a wipeout in retail interchart movement.
Although no one knows the exact cause of the new album;
resources tell me a number of less fortunate rappers
have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character
of not only Mr. Shakur, but of Death Row records as well.
Nas, the alleged ring leader of it, is furious at Tupac
excuse me Makaveli's verbal assault
on Mobb Sleep, Notorius P.I.G., and several other New York rappers
Jay-Z of Hawaiian Soapy fame, Big Little whatever
and several other corny sounding mother**ers
are understandably shaken up by this release
The question everbody wants to know is -- why'd they get this nigga started?
Tupac, rather Makaveli was not available for comment
but released this statement:

It's not about East or West
It's about niggaz and bitches, power and money, riders and punks.
Which side are you on?

*gun cocked, six shots, bullets hit ground*

These niggaz is still **in talkin?
You nigga still breathin? **in roaches, aight
Aight, it's the Raid on you

All day
You punk mutha-**as
The shit nigga
Killuminati Style
Makaveli the Don
Solo shit

Bring It

Allow me to introduce first
Makaveli the Don
Sprits, Spurting, Spiritual, Lyrics
Like the Holy Koran
Niggas get Shook Like 5-0
My 4-5 gun is next to me when we ride
Plus Survival
Money Making plans
Pistol Closing hands
Swollen Pockets
Let me introduce the topic
Then we drop it
Expose Snakes cuz they breath freely
See me ride
Located world wide
Like the art of graffiti
I think I'm tuffer than any
My attitude is shitty
Born in the dope fiends titty
And every city you'll find me
Looking for trouble
Right behind me
My outlaw Niggas
Down to die for me

(Naw what I mean)

I hit the scene
Niggas ducking for my Guillotine Stare
I'm right there
My every word
A ** night mare
Getting high
Let me see the sun rise and fall
This is for my dogs
Down to die for yours
Extreme Venom
No mercy
When we all up in 'em
Cut em Down
To hell is where we send them
My whole team
Trying to explode
Rather die
Murder mutha-**as lyrically
And I'm not gonna cry


A born leader
Never leave the block
without my heater
Two big pitts
I call them Mobb Bitch
Nigga eaters
And I won't whimper till I'm gone
Thug Life
Running through my veins
So I'm strong

Ha ha ha

Bye Bye bye
Lets get high and ride
Oh, how do we do these niggas
But I'm not gonna cry
I'm a Bad Boy killa
Jay-Z die too
Looking out for Mobb Deep
Nigga when I find you
Weak mutha-**as don't deserve to breathe
How many niggas down to die for me

Yeah Yeah

West Coast Ridaz
Comin right behind ya
Should've never **ed wit me
I want money hoes ** and weed
I wont rest till my Row Doggs free
Bomb First

Chorus X2

We Bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fo you die
We didn't even come to (hurt nobody)X1) <fight>X2> tonight
But it's my life or your life
And I'm a bomb first

E.D.I. (Idi Amin)

For so many days and some many ways
We've been duckin strays
Hate to live us
But we still some Badboy Killas
Got nothin to lose, got no where to go
I only got one home see me stranded on Deathrow
With Outlawz, it's Makaveli, be the general
and I be a soldier on a mission, suptitude
but you'll never do
That's ride for the cause
Yes I'll die for the cause
Ya best believe if I leave this bitch I'm dyin with choice
Kamikaze sicker than a motha**in Nazi
Got a little question for that nigga that made Poparazi
Tell me if you ain't in this rap game
For the motha**in cash man
Then what is ya motha**in purpose
None for service
Idi Amin born worthless
That's until the day I decided to bomb first bitch

Young Noble

Yer style wack as ever
Like you was rocket patent leather
Cause a massive terror
Ya'll niggas lack, you ain't terrel
Half rapper half drug kingpen
Yer tellin fairy tales son
Kickin New York like you the motha**in one
But I'm from Jers we don't play that shit
From the Claire down to North Bricks
All my niggas flippin chips
Gettin rich
Even though it's hard
Tryin to creep through these halls abroad without scar by ????
With no warning signs cause yo my man took five
Now I'm the young one with the nine
ready to put in my time

Shoot first, look at there head Burst Bleedin'
Don't want to hear no shit this evening, Believe me


We Bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fo you die
G's and Thug niggas on tha rise
And bomb first

Mega's On His Own (Cormega)

featuring Carl Thomas

Yo yo
What what
Wanna bounce?
Come on come on
What what
Bounce bounce
Check it out y'all

Yo you see the Benz I'm in with BBS rims
Playing Lil' Kim's part off The Benjamins
I ain't a player I just wear Tims
No need for gators my feet can't swim
I'm in Reno Nevada sippin' a pena colada
How many niggas can see Montanna?
This movie's killin' and budgin'
Women love me in polo jeans and rugbys
You can hate it or love it, imiatate it or dub it
Compared to us, niggas ain't nuttin'
It's funny how niggas get paid for frontin'
Glorifying crimes, and they ain't done 'em
My rhymes'll split 'em like pimpin', Dom P sippin'
I'm not a baller, haven't even lived it
Women callin', since my days in the crib crawlin'
I plan to live enormous
I live nike dunks, icey chunks
A fly wifey I can trust
Not that she gon' wanna hesit me for re-up
I might be, Iron Mike if you try to entice me
I say this politely, tell it to a friend
Hard from the start, get money to the end
What up with Cormega? Did you see him?
Leanin' in the BM with the rim's gleamin'

[Chorus - Carl Thomas]
Mega gonna hold his own
He always knew he could do it alone
And when he rhymes
Everybody's gonna know

Yo, I write rhymes for the flyest whips, finest chicks
And any rappin' nigga that thinks he's as nice as this
See me chillin' in clubs with women and thugs
Whoever wanna test this, we fill 'em with slugs
My jewlery gliestenin', rhymes usually sickenin'
Game like Fab 5 at Michigan, you listening?
Pimps, I bust 'em, niggas, don't trust 'em
Snitches, don't want 'em in my shit
We in a tunnel, buyin' mo' by the bundle
You know when we come through, get it right
But dead? right, techs spit nice
I know where you read my man was jessying your wife
I suggest you chill unless you ill enough to test the skill
That I possess niggas, for real
I'm the last of the mohecans, rhyme ill flow lethal
Due to magazines, there's no equal
No sequel to my flow evil, deletin' your people
We through seein' time, you're see-through
Nas off the meter, rhyme for the Beamers
Roll wit' overacheivers, my people, my people from madenas
Where you at dime-peices, fly features?
Lookin' so right my man is dying to meet ya
I know your baby dad just buying you sneakers
But I'm a keep it real, I ain't cheap
Check it out


Yo, to the haters, lovers, thug baby mommys
Walk around me tryin' to play stuck-up
See me in a ride and wanna say "what's up?"
I put my foot and the gas and tell they**"tough luck"
I don't start beef, I finish it
My enemies hearts diminishin'
Before a rapper had dough, you didn't
You a pathetic nigga, first it was Biggie and Pac
Now you jealous of Jigga
You like a breast implant, fake on the inside
You nice, let's battle for dough Mr. Big-Time
On Hot 97, or live at Envy's
I can ass-bend you and still leave with 10 g's
Too real for you, what you dream I live and breath
Whoever wanna intervene, come on, get your team
And I'm a show you who the illest
'Cause everybody know who the realest
Now feel it


From Chaos (311)

From chaos comes clarity, I tell ya
What you appear to be, you ought to know
Glycerin tears don't fool me, I tell ya
Delusions plaguing everybody

Makin that hybrid music back in '90, now it's on ya
I hear we we're the model for the band you front, we spawned ya
Finding it hard to come original, we warned ya
We're shakin the white boys in New York, black girls in California
We come through hip-hop, drum-n-bass, and dancehall rhythms
You want our beats and lyrics, you want to get them
Watchin' you sink into the depths of opportunism
Missing the point, music's about love not pessimism
I'm SA, moving supreme and on my team
I rock the mic with a sweet lean
And you know that, stated as a fact
The only DJ MC gettin' down like that
Metaphorically we are the chief of police, you're rock n roll
And we're positive you stole more than just the radio
Now it's 2, 1, and we are back in control
The jammies are coming, people succumbing 'cause we got the soul

Everyone tends to forget upon reentry
Orbiting space quantum saints we're the only
Beginning from a planet so naturally
Gifted in the heart lies our technology
It's only right, right
Entering in a space of pure delight, light
Next contestant on this jam is, tight
Feels spontaneous you'll improvise, vise

From chaos comes clarity, I tell ya
What you appear to be, you ought to know
Glycerin tears don't fool me, I tell ya
Delusions plaguing everybody


Don't even try it, you don't want to disrespect me
If dealing with punks was school, I'd have a Harvard degree
You can't make me hate you no matter how punk you act
No matter what you do, I don't react
I'm a perfect example of not giving a **
About the catty rude people that just suck
What do you know all of the sudden, uhh, I usurp you
Look it up in the dictionary to find out what I do
I go back to the style I came from
It's not something you can fake, son
You're a con man who's run is done
You lead a world wide web of deception

Everyone tends to forget upon reentry
Orbiting space quantum saints, we're the only
Beginning from a planet so naturally
Gifted in the heart lies our technology
It's only right, right
Entering in a space of pure delight, light
Next contestant on this jam is, tight
Feels spontaneous you'll improvise, vise



Kupi MP3/CD http://goo.gl/rA1SQ Massimo i Neno Belan - Zar više nema nas album: Sunce se ponovo rađa Aqaurius Records, 2008. redatelj: Radislav Jovanov Gonzo.

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