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Thursday, 2 April 2015
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Listen SALAMAT, SALAMAT MUSIKA (Nanette Inventor)


Una Cancion A Montevideo (Mauricio Ubal)

Con su voz marinera encantada
viene un viento inventor de avenidas
viene un cerro patrón de miradas
que va hundiéndose allí en la bahía
vienen sueños
vienen pueblos...

Con su voz de boliches y grillos
vienen soles de ropa tendida
ciudadela de muros heridos
preguntando qué fue de la vida
vienen cielos
vienen fuegos...

Viene amar
viene amar
viene amar a este Montevideo

Vienen los sombreros
llenos de tranvías
vienen los tambores
llenos de glicinas
Vienen las sirenas
la radio prendida
y en medio del temporal

viene un tango en un estuche de malvón
a llorar porque ha perdido la ciudad

Viene amar
viene amar
viene amar a este Montevideo

vienen navidades
gorriones antiguos
cantores de carnaval

Esos techos de rambla infinita
esas voces con techos de nada
todo viene a esta mansa bahía
mar de fondo de nuestras palabras

cae en la hondura
de cada soledad

viene amar
viene amar
viene amar a este Montevideo

viene mar
viene amar
viene mar de este Montevideo

by cuitron (montevideo,uruguay)
dedicada a la mas linda...MONTEVIDEO

Stranded On Death Row (Dr. Dre)

[Featuring Bushwick Bill Kurupt Rage RBX Snoop]
Intro: Bushwick Bill
Yes it is I says me
And although me
By morning three cause they're weak
Yes yo! I'm in the house now for sure
Because I wanna talk about the hearts of men
Who knows what evil lurks within them
But lets take a travel down the blindside
And see what we find on this...
Verse One: Kurupt
Stranded on Death Row, so duck when I swing my shit
I get rugged like Rawhead Rex with fat tracks that fits
The gangsta type, what I recite's kinda lethal
Niggaz know, the flow that I kick, there's no refill
I'm murderin niggaz, Yo, and maybe because of the tone
I kicks my grip, the mic and kick shit
Niggaz can't ** with
So remember I go hardcore, and slam
Nuff respect like a sensei, ba-bash like Van Damme
So any nigga that claim they bossin
What don't you bring your**on over to Crenshaw and Slauson
Take a walk through the hood, and we up to no good
Slangin on things like a real ho
G should, I'm stackin and mackin and packin a ten so
When you're slippin, I slip the clip in
But ain't no steady tripppin
Cause it's Death Row, rollin like the mafia
Think about whoopin some ass, but what the ** stoppin ya
Ain't nathin but a buster
I'm Stranded on Death Row for pumpin slugs in mother**ers
Now you know you're outdone
Feel the shotgun, Korrupt inmate cell block one
Verse Two: RBX
No prevention from this mention of sorts
Your're a victim, from my driveby of thoughts
No extensions, all attempts are to fail
Blinded by the light, it's time you learn braile
From the lunatic, I death like arsenic
When I kick up wicked raps
That the grain will hit the scratch
With treachery, my literary form will blast
And totally surpass the norm
Not a storm, plural, make it, many storms
When I'm vexed, I fly leg necks and arms
In this dimension, I'm the presenter
And the inventor, and the tormentor
Deranged, like the hillside strangler
MC mangler, tough like Wrangler
I write a rhyme, hard as concrete
Step to the heat and get burned like mesquite
So what you wanna do
The narrator RBX, cell block two
Verse Three: The Lady of Rage
Rage, lyrical murderer
Stranded on Death Row
And now I'm servin a lifetime sentence
There'll be no repentence
Since it's the life that I choose to lead
I plead guilty
On all counts let the ball bounce where it may
It's just another clip into my AK
Buck em down with my underground tactics
Facts and stacks of clips on my matress
Bed frame there's another dead pain
Layin lain with the shame, who's to blame
Me, the lady of Rage
On when I'm comin from the D-E-A-T-Hin
R-O-W takin, no shit
So flip and you're bound to get dropped
It's 187 on mother**ers don't stop
Handcuffed as I bust there'll be no debate
It's Rage, from cell block eight
Verse Four: Snoop Doggy Dogg
And yo steppin through the fog
And creepin through the smog
It's the number one nigga from the hood
Doggy Dogg
Makin videos, now I stay in Hollywood
Bustin raps for my snaps now they call me Eastwood
Dre is the doctor and my homey little nigga
Warren G is my hand and my hand's on the trigga
Shootin at the hoes with the game that I got
Sent to death row cause I wanted to make a quick one servin my rocks
And I'm still, servin for mines, peace
To my mother**in homies doin time
In the pen and the county jail
Mobbin with your blues on, mad as hell
And you say yeah ** the police
And all the homies on the streets is all about peace
And it's drivin the cops crazy
But ain't nuttin but a black thing bay-bee, uhhh
No I'm not flaggin, but I'm just saggin
I betcha don't wanna see the D-O double G
And you can't see, the D-R to the E
Or my mother**in homey D.O.C.
You know you can't ** with my mother**in DJ
That's my homey and we call him Warren G
Yeah, and you don't stop
Doggy Dogg break em down with the mother**in DoggPound
That's the only way we'll beat em man
We gotta smoke em, then choke em
Like the mother**in peter man
It's like three and to the two
And two and to the one
Cell block four peace Doggy Dogg's done
Outtro : Bushwick Bill
Yo, now you know the path I'm on
You think you're strong, see if you can travel on
Cause only the weak, will try to speak
Those who are quiet, will always cause riots
There's three types of people in the world
Those who don't know what happened
Those who wonder what happened
And people like us from the streets that MAKE things happen!

Bebot (Black Eyed Peas)

bebot bebot
be bebot bebot
be bebot bebot
ikaw ang aking/ay

pilipino, pilipino, pilipino, pilipino

Verse I
hoy pare pakinggan nyo ko
eto nang tunay na filipino
galing sa baryo sa pangbato
pumunta ng LA nagtrabaho
para makatulong sa nanay
dahil sa hirap ng buhay
pero masaya parin ang kulay
pag kumain nagkakamay
yung kanin, chicken adobo
yung balot, binebenta sa kanto
ta**mo na nga ang baso
pare ko inuman na tayo

Verse II
masdan mo ang magagandang dalaga
nakakagigil ang beauty mo talaga
lambingin di nakakasawa
ikaw lang ang gustong kasama
yung bahay o kubo
pagibig mo ay totoo
puso ko’y laging kumikibo
wala kang katulad sa mundo ko
pinoy ka sigaw na, sige
kung maganda ka sigaw na, sige
kung buhay mo’y mahalaga, sige
salamat sa iyong suporta

Doin Our Own Thang (Nice & Smooth)

Watch out now
Shit you didn't tell homey that and walked on out the joint



We just doin our own thang thang thang
We be doin our own thang thang thang
We just doin our own thang thang thang
(Freaky deaky deaky you don't stop stop)

[Greg Nice]
Put your hand up high high now put em high
(repeat 8X)

Uno dos tres one two three
Its the fly kid Greg N I-C-E
Down with my partner in crime Smooth B
We always 4 deep in the Diamante
Ridin around to boogie down without a care
Stop at the light, the people stop and stare
They say, yo Rick here come the chubby cheek fella
The one who kick the rhymes like a fortune teller
So I went downtown to the P.R Parade
The ?? skins they got it made
Let me touch your wet body, lay it in the shade
And kiss you down there cause I'm not afraid
Now don't go run tellin all yo friends
That yo, Mr. Chubby cheeks ate the skins
Cause if you do, I'll have a flashback and run ant tell the crew
And do what I gotta do
Greg N-I, low key, downlow
Rhymin fast, rhymin slow
Intoxicated from the hydro
No, yo, I didn't say blow
Put your hands up high and act like you know
The funk I be kickin is crit-i-cal


[Smooth B]
Time and again, I reflect way back in the day
I used to say
I wanna be a rap star
Drive a big car
People know who we are, by far
It was more to it
Had to run through it, pursue it
Hmm, just do it
A dream came to, but not a fairytale
I can tell you a scary tell, but no on this track
I prefer to keep it pedal to the metal
This beat reminds me of Hansel and Gretel
The kids will love it, they can stunt to it
Adults will adore it, they can smoke a blunt to it
Courtesy of Mark the spark
Beat fiend, he can make beats in the dark
Now this was designed for the nerves in the center
When I was born I was covered in placenta
Cute little nigga, now I've grown bigger
Victorious with vem and vigor
Inventor, stayin on point like a splenter
Design a rhyme like Oscar De La Renta, placenta
Though I'm not a five, I gotta keep it live
So on I strive


Exitus (Coronatus)

serentem antiqiuum
diabolum et satanam
ergo ligatum
in abyssum

In nomine patris et filii
et spiritus sancti
ab insidiis diaboli
libera nos

Adiuramus te
ergo, draco maledicte
Fugite, partes adversae
et legio diabolica

In nomine patris et filii
et spiritus sancti
ab insidiis diaboli
libera nos

Cessa decipere
humanas creaturas
eisque perditionis
venenum propinare

Vade satana, vade
inventor et magister
omnis fallaciae et
hostis humanae salutis

Et ab omni infernalium spirituum
deceptione et nequitia liberanos

Explosivo (Tenacious D)

Climb upon my faithful steed.
Then we're gonna ride, gonna smoke some weed.
Climb upon my **ed steed.
And ride, ride, ride.

What's the name of the song, Explosivo!
Don't know what it's about, but it's good to go.
What's the name of my girlfriend, I don't know.
But she's built like the shit, and she's good to go, go.
She's good to go, she's good to go.
We are fueled by Satan, yes, we're schooled by Satan.
Schooled by Satan!
Writing those tasty riffs, just as fast as we can.
Fueled by Satan!
We were the inventors of the cosmic astral code.
We've come to blow you away, we've come to blow your nose.
We've come to ** blow, we've come to blow the show.
We've come to ** blow! We've come to ** blow!

What's the name of the song, Explosivo!
Don't know what it's about, but it's good to go.

I am not one of you.
I come from a distant time.
I am known as The Angel Crusher.
These picks, that I give you were molded in Satan's corner.
Take these picks, they're souvenirs.
Satan picks!


Hot (John Forte)

[Forte Intro]

No need to be scared you got to be prepared (Nutzbaby!)
No games just taking names... (Nutbaby!)
I got vendetta son If I must say you need to recognize John Forte'...
I want two minutes uninterrupted just to let you know how things go
The full on introduction listen hard I'll put you on to somethin'
To Let all the gentlemen and ladies finally meet the Nutzbaby! (Nutzbaby!)

[Forte - One Verse]

I heard the buzz lord, it trapped me
With all these niggas records sounding happy
That's nonsense, so even when I smile I'm kicking street shit you bounce with
You want what?! Affiliated, with some world-reknowneders
fifteen records gold-plated
But it's the Nutzbaby, know your territory 'fore you play it
Is you crazy nigga? Every ghetto block, tastes this gravy
Shady niggas taste to say we unofficial
Grissle, slide dog I'm certified!
You rappers irk me to my heart
With a spike in every tree, odyssey
Sounding like you, gott-a
Be who you be, Centers, don't shoot a three
I hit it hard love, my pain is sincere
I want revenge, wanna get me, Hot this year
it's to stop your career
So brothers sit straight, bragging on the air like you're dead weight
You mid-weight, I'm closer to the street than a mix tape, baby
who you think you dealin' with?!
I'm known to dip, on and off many tracks as I write my own shit
So who fraud? Speak on it god
Get the point, while your shines getting snatched in the club,
I'm gettin' love, In the strip joint, tight!
V.I.P., all downtown, New York baby
Three scoops and have 'em giggling, "Oops, Nutzbaby!"
This a grown man affair, I know thugs who strip 'em bare
and do drugs like breathing air, but I rarely go there
I'm here to think quick, and drink slow
For brothers that I link with, got liquid
Like a flow, shorties actin' stank 'til they seen the video
And wore ins with my mens, I break 'em off like bobby pins,
joyride like Spragga Benz
Only seven niggas in this close, 'til death, an overdose
Manage funds with number one, O.T.'s with baby guns
Chop lock, with Mr. Rash, get laid, with Freddie Suade,
Nelda, you do the books, Pretty Pat, stay paid
And to my mentor, the true inventor, Black Sinatra
The San Diego don, Adolph with Ollie Oshe
So what the deal? That the deal!
I set shit off then peel
And when I sell a million plates, we need to renegotiate
Mostly lately, I'm gettin' on 'em
You're trying to break me? I'm SHITTIN' on 'em!
Well you can hate me 'cause I'm swift
Who the mouthpiece for beef, jealous niggas just reef
You know the stat there, I bless it
I ain't home, leave a message
You a hoe from years ago, John Forte' ain't in the rest here
I let my mens call it, for the ballers if you check it
'Cause All You Gotta Do is make a record!

[Forte' - Spoken]
Ay yo Warren man, take that from the top man
I'm-I'm-I'm not feelin' it...

Dadalhin (Regine Velasquez)

Ang pangarap ko'y nagmula sayo
Sayong ganda ang puso'y di makalimot
Tuwing kapiling ka, tanging nadarama
Ang pagsilip ng bituin sa iyong mga mata
Ang saya nitong pag ibig
Sana ay di na mag-iiba

Ang pangarap ko ang iyong binubuhay
Ngayong nagmamahal ka sa 'kin ng tunay
At ang tinig mo'y parang musika
Nagpapaligaya sa munting nagwawala
Ang sarap nitong pag-ibig
Lalo pa noong sinabi mong...

Dadalhin kita sa aking palasyo
Dadalhin hanggang langit ay manibago
Ang lahat ng ito'y pinangako mo
Dadalhin lang pala ng hangin ang pangarap ko

Nang mawalay ka sa aking pagsinta
Bawat saglit gabing lamig ang himig ko
Hanap ang yakap mo, haplos ng 'yong puso
Parang walang ligtas kundi ang lumuha
Ang hapdi din nitong pag-ibig
Umasa pa sa sinabi mong...
(repeat chorus)

Umiiyak, umiiyak ang puso ko
Ala-ala pa ang sinabi mo
Noong nadarama pa ang pag-ibig mo...
(repeat chorus)

Ang lahat ng ito'y pinangako mo
Dadalhin lang pala ng hangin ang pangarap ko :Þ

Spontaneity (Bahamadia)

Straight outta the metro rhythm central I'm innovative at thee intro
cause I go slow moe but never slow poke but never joke dope but never
coke spits a riddle like flim loose with my lyrics like double jointed
limbs I twist and I bend common episodes past freak mode the monstrous
bass beneath my pace be like morse code slash beep slash beep scanners
zero in to the system in your jeep I'm out there with Kool Keith and
Ced-Gee and De La inventors of my third seeing eye with futuristic
vision I'm not among loony nut cakes on a mission I gets in where I
fit in cause life's too short so you could all label me weirdo but yo
I know it's talent ...
Chorus Mad explosive spontaneity
At present I speak the new beginning when every other trend fell short
so who'll be the shareholder of my kinda thoughts besides the studious
cuz the gludious max-a-must lack ability to scoop all capabilities of
spontaneity within me depicted kicked it true vibes pops jazz but
collaborated with the cool known flows but unfamiliar grooves soothe
individual moods like soul food for thought ...
Rip here be dizz like everybody's on it cause eternal verbal expansion
keeps enhancing brain child's ability to like surpass a swarm of booty
ass no grass roots having**mc's with luke warm degrees trying to
get hot like sun rays but save your jazz for Sun Ra you don't wanna
spar my skills fill up thee outer limits like mars and you's a little
star I jacked your twinkle when I excelled well like Tinkerbell up to
higher levels and heights cerebral flow takes flight on airborne time
I'm a prime candidate of specimen in your walkman as you're listening
I make things happen cause I'm the captain keepin' this great .....
Chorus Mad explosive spontaneity (repeat)

Last Call (Tha Alkaholiks)

Intro: Bartender and J-Ro
Yo last call, last call, last call for alcohol!
At two, you're through!
{J-Ro} Ay bartendah! Bartender!
{Bart} Yo whassup man?
{J-Ro} Ay man, man let me get a... rummmmm an coke
{Bart} Yo man don't you think you had a little bit too much to drink?
{J-Ro} Ay just let me get one more man
{Bart} Yo man I'm lookin out for you man, it's your life
{J-Ro} Man I'll hop over this mother**er and get my OWN damn drink
Hey niggy, what time it is...
Verse One: Tash
It's time to roll my sleeves, ** a few MC's up
Another rough cut, from the crew that won't ease up
The Alkaholik click, AKA the forty downers
Flips rhymes like Calvin flips fries and quarter pounders
I never drink and drive cuz I might spill my drink
I failed the breathalizer so they took me to the clink
Niggaz earlin in the sink cause they can't fade the Cisco
I'm from the old school but I never rocked a disco
Loops from the group that, likes to smack the bitches
Tha Liks is hittin hookers like a gangsta hittin switches
Front, to the back, to the side, to the side
And make you dance with these bitches but, no electric slidin
And I'm about to flip, but first I'm bout to sip
Off the forty ounce of brew that I was savin for the trip
Back to the lab cuz all I do is bang cuts
That's why I hang around my group like a dick hang with nuts
Verse Two: J-Ro
I push one two's when niggaz step on my shoes
Oh you haven't heard the news I've been giving fools blues
Manhandling chumps that step up, just to keep my rep up
I push my fist through your grill
I never became a gangsta, thanks ta, my skill
on the nine inches of steel
You ask me what the K's for, they don't mean nothin
["K's for the way my dee-jay's kuttin" -- Schoolly D, P.S.K.]
Chorus: Tash, group
Last call y'all {call y'all}
Call y'all {call y'all}
{Last call, for alcohol}
Last call y'all {call y'all}
Call y'all {call y'all}
{Last call, for alcohol}
[J-Ro] Yeah... word
[Tash] Alkaholik style nigga
Verse Three: E-Swift
Uh, I be one of dem niggaz known to drink a gang of brewskis
Float like the wind, so all y'all can call me cool breeze
Cooler than my man Morris Day in the winter
The dope rhyme inventor, rockin shows at the center
So pass the mic on the, down low
Now go grab a forty from the liquor sto'
And you don't stop {don't stop} and you don't quit {don't quit}
Unless you're in the studio making wack shit
[J-Ro] Yeah... that nigga Squid is in the house
Verse Four: J-Ro
I got a forty-four Mag with the clip (with a clip)
So MC's watch your lip, cause I'm shootin from the hip ahh
I rip like Oprah, in tight jeans do
and splits a needle wrap a pair man because them shits is on the fritz
It's crazy, a few MC's amaze me
With this Alkie style of rock, Mr. Spock couldn't phase me
Rhymin pays me, but I do it anyway
Many say, AY, when it comes to rhymes you got plenty J
I'm so cool I drink forty ounces of freon
You never see me on the stage with a peon
When we on the microphone it's like Jordan all alone
We slam, competition, scram damn
Can we get along? Nope.
Switchblade to the throat to MC's who ain't dope
Call me J-Ro the clepto, cuz I'm stealing to the jaw
Of these half-baked rappers, trying to get raw
Verse Five: Tash
Soul in my strut, muscle in my hustle
It's just a little something for them punks that wanna bust they
Def Jam Comedy, raps that make me crack up
You better call the one-time and tell em send a backup
Cuz I'm about to act up, I couldn't kick a verse
J-Ro say he Got It Bad, so that mean I got it worse
Check uno dos, crack a forty, make a toast
Let me rip the instrumental and impress the West coast
[J-Ro] Uhh... damn it feels like my bones is rattling
Uhh ohhh shit! I'm outta here...
Ohh yeah, tell the sons of Jones to kiss my**


This song which was composed by Gary Granada and sung by Nanette Inventor is one of the finalists of the Seventh Metro Manila Por Music Festival last 1984. They won first place. Enjoy viewing.

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