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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Listen Dennis Mutara - Mundu Wana Thiina


So Confused (Raghav)

Well I know we just met yesterday
But things feel oh so right
Cause you always know just what to say
And what is on my mind
Well I feel I need a special way
To ask you to be mine
But I dont know when's the perfect day
Or whats the perfect time

Babe you leave me confused
Dont know if I
should let you know or wait it out girl
Wish I knew just what to do
Im so confused

So girl what you wanna see
Wanna see me get down on my knees
Wanna hear me begging baby please
Wanna hear me crying for mercy
Oh girl I wish I knew your world
I think im losing my head over you

Every bone in my body says I want you tonight
Pretty little hunny, why you there by my side
With your Hale Berry face and you Beyonce thighs
With you Juxci want to collide
Bump all night long with you **y little waist
Come girl, come along,
wanna make love to you from dusk til dawn

Well I know that it maybe too soon
to know just what you'd like
But I wana know what you've been thru,
what you want from life
Its so real the way I feel so true,
its been so hard to find
Wanna now how you feel for me too,
so I can make up my mind

Babe you leave me confused
Dont know if I should let you know or wait it out girl
Wish I knew just what to do
I'm so confused

(Repeat Chorus)

Well someone once told me that you'd end up lonely
Dont let love ever pass you by
Coz I've seen it happen to people
that mattered to me with my very own eyes
Maybe they were mistaken
And I should be waiting, for you to show me a sign
Or should I just let you know that if I let you go,
Id wonder the rest of my life

[Repeat Chorus]

To be or not to be, that is the question
I dont know what to do Im in a state of confusion
All I want from you is your love and affection
Is this love real or just an illusion?

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

Step Bac (Shystie)


Understand this, here comes another bad gal lyric
Whose more than over pissed that there's not a true verbalist
Giving competition to this super trooper lyricist
Whose blowing up most these emcees like a terrorist

Let me catch a bit of air
I'm about to smear another emcees career
And there's no stopping me there's no flopping me
In the ranks you'll never be on top of me, I'm new hot property

I'm hot here, your not near, I'm never gona stop here
Why? Cos I got a flow that no one ain't got
I'm like a stick of dynamite, behind a mic
I'll leave your skin itching like a parasite

What am I like? Oh my days
Forget Simon said, this is Shystie says
I'm mc Shystie, causing controversy
On the mic or in your face I spit my lyrics horribly


Step back, you better ease up now
Take it down before I roll up my sleeves right now
Uh oh uh oh, its over now
Its about to get grimey now

Step back, you better ease up now
Take it down before I roll up my sleeves right now
Uh oh uh oh, its over now
Its about to get Shystie now


Oh shit I'm flowing merciless, I'm on ma second verse and this
Gal is spitting sicker, quicker and I'm getting worse on this
You don't really wana see me start this
You don't really wana see my heart turn into darkness

When I'm storming on the track, warning emcees that
You'll never hold me back,
I'm on the loose I'm like a wild cat
Kick back as I flip my lyrics, then I switch back

Traumatising lives with the tip of my pen
Oh shit look-- she's gone and done it again
I'm big and bigger than bad to the bone
To explosive when I bless on the microphone

Got you contemplating, how I wrote your rhymes
I got far to many lyrics, just not enough lines
too write, not enough ink to spite
Other emcees, that I put on deep freeze
With my frosty flows I breeze out on these



Listen to my policy, because I'm hitting through to solidly
I'm causing a controversy because I'm flowing horridly
Leaving body frames shook, they ain't ready
Can't keep up with my pace I'll leave your mind set unsteady

I walk away from the mic with no worry
leaving every mic melted and I never say sorry
Cos I got that metaphorical flammable tongue
I'm murdering, too late your got stung

Yes I be that limited addition
Come and listen to my mission
As I'm spitting on this riddim,
with ambition

Yes my rhyming slang,
You know its nang
I'm in the place now people prang
Well its over now because the fat lady sang

I'm here now, spitting acid like I don't now
Burning anything that's in my way or comes near now
I'm on to this, my tongue's hot for this
Look I've waited to long so now I'm ready for this


Imagine (Dizzee Rascal)

imagine if i showed u 1 day i was leavin da hood,
wud u call me a sell out, wud u say its all good?
wud u folow if u cud?
or wud u jus tell me get da hell out?

and imagine if i showed u dat id found another way of gettin dough wiv out doin dirt,
lets blurt, wud u love me 4 givin u sum hope?
or ressent me coz ur pride got hurt?

imagine if we never grew up on a council estate,
an was country manor raised, wiv a spoon in our mouth,
wud we still b makin fuss about da east an da south?
wud we shiver at da robberys, murder an da crack?
an thank god dat we didn hav 2 live like dat,
jus an image on da tv as were comftarbly sat,
sippin wine room lit by da summer sunshine,
not a worry in da world as we cash will e chat?
oblivious 2 how we wud b livin on da flipside,
no experience, not a clue about a ruff ride,
no harrassment, no boy dem on our back side,
dat'd b amazin still!

but i no u wonder wud it make u any less real?
wats da current spot ur standin in, offerin,
if u had a better offer wud u go 4 da kill?
snap out of ur day dream, how do u feel?

does it all seem worthwhile 4 ya?
try an put it in perspective,
retrospective of ur profile an ur honour,
do u wana hang about or are u a goner?

come along fink fast, decision time,
uve been livin in da grime, don u wana climb?
da ladder of life, da wall of enlightenment,
or are u lookin 4 da hype an excitement,
coz deres so much drama in da LDN,
its kinda hard tryin 2 find legal money 2 spend,
generation, genocide look possible,
da rate at which we drew up 4 da sken,
an pretend, dat we dont no who da real enemy is,
who shud we hold responsible, instead we offend,
a couple square metres of pavement in da endz,
wat wud we acchieve my friends?

Suicide Bomb (Non Phixion)

(Verse 1)
Suicide bomb, from Al-Qadea to the Koran
Represent your clique and our jihad,
banging from god to enron
Bin Laden is still CIA
John Walker captured in Kandahar, Afghanistan with shit stains on his face
I seen the planes hit the world trade then I seen the world change.
Idealogical earthquake
Explodin' on the same streets where the prophets increase
Walking on water, now I be throwin' rocks at police

(Verse 2)
I'ma ride til the sun and the earth collide
You'll be the first to hide
My words hurt and they burn inside
I'm the terror yo gimme my space
Got the matches and the spray can up in your face,
Third degree, word to me
Gun under my shirts so you kids can't see
Man swervin', Camoflauge, kid with the turban
Jihad all-star, nice off the bourbon
(Verse 3)

If I gotta go to war, then I'm gonna for delf
Get my joint from the top of the shelf and get prepared
a nigga only got one life but i ain't scared
praying to the lord of the sky to take me there,
I see a lot of bullshit, a lot of **in drama
Chop a niggas head off, don't let me get Osama
Suicide bomba, I'll go with those, **ed up clothes, the mother **in life i chose.
(verse 4)
Niggas say I'm crazy cause i travel by airplane,
ever since 9/11 shit **in changed
nothin's the same
the sky is red
my eyes is red
but i'm still here
First we lost Pun, then we lost Aaliyah, then the terror came, made the twin towers disappear.
Flip to CNN, sit down and analyze it,
it's like i look at the city and i don't recognize it
Keep your head up if you lost a loved one
Big psyche, from the streets i spit for my thug one

(Verse 4)
Now look up at the problems we facin,
starvation, paying for your edu-ma-cation
Now I gotta worry about
Dyin on a plane
Things change for the seasons for too many reasons
A million and one for thievin, breathing and dying to breath
All the greed they supplying
Yeah I see it, but I see it for real
Niggas that squeal, niggas that won't, niggas that deal

(Verse 5)
Kids from that other shit, sitting on 20's, my shit's heavy
Suicide bomb, go off in the bathroom at Denny's
Drug connect, above specs I'll flex at the Emmy's
Stop reppin' your set, knowin' you gettin stressed for pennies
doin a buck twenty, crackin open a barrel of coke,
A billionaire with oil and guns, checked to provoke
I'm on the edge, and these new pills are made by the feds
Another setup, one to your face, wires taped to your head

(Verse 6)
From the alcholics, drug addicts and heroin fiends
since the twins came down i don't remember my dreams
A terrible means, im on the darkness, we pump the hardest
Wars in other lands over who and what your god is.
Regardless of the facts you spit out the tube,
Like the only anthrax we ever knew was the group
Proof is proof bitch I ain't afraid to fly
Streets are war, peace or war I ain't afraid to die

(verse 7)
It's my honor dog,
One time, gotta defend it
Whether your malcom or martin gotta do something to win it
Must do something to win it
So this empire strikes back
Pack that chrome because they send fire right back
Back at home, know where you live and you play at
North south east west, they know where your kids and your lady at
Rephrase that, how you live in the days,
When your sins are displayed and your spirit flys away, black?

Hard Drive (Evan Dando)

This is the town i'm living in
This is the street i'm walking down
These are the friends i'm visiting
These are the clothes i'm wearing now
This is the house i'm building here
This is the girl i'm marrying
This is the chord i'm strumming now
This is the faith i'm leaning on

This is the child i'm bearing now
This is the love that i've always had
This is the face i make when i'm sad
This is the town i'm living in
This is the hard drive...
This is the ocean
have you ever felt yourself in motion (x2)

These are the feet i'm standing on
These are the hands that build a world
This is the bed i'm sleeping in
This is the shirt i'm buttoning
This is the pace i'm moving at
This is the tune i'm humming now
This is the road i'm walkin down
These are the lips that form my words

This is the stone that i wana turn
These are the people that i love
These are the eyes that look above
This is the town im living in
This is the hard drive...
This is the ocean
have you ever felt yourself in motion (x2)

His Cheeseburger (Veggie Tales)

(Archibald Asparagus: And now it's time for love songs with Mr. Lunt, the part of the show where Mr. Lunt comes out and sings a love song.)

He said to her I'd like a cheeseburger
And I might like a milkshake as well
She said to him I can't give you either
And he said Isn't this Burger Bell?

She said Yes it is, but we're closed now
But we open tomorrow at ten
He said I am extremely hungry
But I guess I can wait until then

'Cause you're his cheeseburger
His yummy cheeseburger
He'll wait for you-oo, yeah
He'll wait for you-oo
Oh, you are his cheeseburger
His tasty cheeseburger
He'll wait for you-oo
Oh he will wait for you

He stayed at the drive thru til sunrise
He may have dozed off once or twice
When he spotted a billboard for Denny's
Bacon and eggs for half price!

How could he resist such an offer
He really needed something to munch
Cheeseburger please do not get angry,
He'll eat and be back here for lunch

'Cause you're his cheeseburger
His precious cheeseburger
Be back for you-oo
He'll be back for you-oo,
Won't be so long Cheeseburger,
Oh lovely cheeseburger
Oh he'll be back for you

'Cause he loves you Cheeseburger with all his heart
And there ain't nothing gonna tear you two-oo apart
And if the world suddenly ran out of cheese
He would get down on his hands and knees
To see if someone accidentally dropped some cheese in the dirt
And he would wash it off for you, wipe it off for you,
Clean that dirty cheese off just for you!

You are his cheeseburger....

Izatearen Giltza (Latzen)

Nortasun osoa galduta nabil
Denbora daramat aurkitu nahirik
Inguruari, jakintsuei
Galdetzean erantzunak ugari

Ez dakit nor naizen
Norbaiten asmakizun bat?

Ispilu aurrean ikusi ahal da
Bakoitzaren funtsa mundu puta hontan?
Pentsamenduak, eginbeharrak
Bizi gara ezezagunean

Ez dakit nor naizen
Arima reenkarnatu bat?

Adimena instintutan bilakatzen denean
Izatea izango da soilik halabeharra
Aurkituko al da noizbait
Izatearen giltza?

Galdetzen jarraituz misterio bila
Sinplifikazio merkeak nonahi
Zeru goikoak, infernukoak
Ase dute batzun jakinmina

Ez dakit nor naizen
Ororen protagonista?

Adimena instintutan bilakatzen denean
Izatea izango da soilk halabeharra
Eta nik jakin nahi dut
Aurkitiko al den noizbait
Biziki nahi dut
Izatearen giltza

Nor naiz ni eta nondik nator?
Nora noa eta nork erantzun?

(Eta nik ez dut nahi instintutan bizitzerk
Nire izatearen zergatia jakin gabe)
Aurkituko al da noizbait
(Eta jakin nahi dut nire aurrekoen eta ondorengoen
Bizitzek zergati bat duten)
Izatearen giltza?

Full Moon (Sandy Denny)

Everybody else has gone,
But you're still here with me.
All the world is sleeping by and by.
Through the windowpane
The frosted light is streaming in,
Full moon sailing high across the sky.
Tonight is like the night when we first met.
I always knew I never would forget you.

Come and hold me close,
I miss you more than I can say.
I can't remember how I pass the time (with you away),
Wondering if you'll ever know
How much you mean to me.
I never dreamed there'd be a change of mind.
Lover, this is where I want to stay.
Maybe it could always be this way.

I recall you said to me
A long, long time ago,
?Don't you lose direction in the crowd (I think you could).?
But when I did you found me
And I didn't even know.
I hardly even knew you were around and understood.
I was reaching out each moment to be free.
You were all those things I'd never be.

Gentle music, rock away the sadnesses in me.
Rock away my lonely yesterdays,
Like pennies on the ocean
'Til no trace of them I see,
'Till moonlight shows no ripples on the waves.
And then the clear reflection will remain.
Perhaps the same reflection
Of that same full moon.

The 3:10 To Yuma (Sandy Denny)

There is a lonely train called the 3.10 to Yuma
And it's the only train left for me to ride on
I'll catch that lonely train called the 3.10 to Yuma
I'll get my ticket now for my last time

They say the life of man is made up of four seasons
And springtime finds him young and planting his grain
And then the summer comes bringing warm rains of reason
And time to reap his crop of heartache and pain

The winter comes, finds him snow-cropped and laden
He has been humbled now, walking into the rain
But the rains of death never fall from the cloudless skies of Yuma
Time stand still for those on that 3.10 train

There is a lonely train called the 3.10 to Yuma
And it's the only train left for me to ride on
I'll catch that lonely train called the 3.10 to Yuma
I'll get my ticket now for my last time

Ghostface (Ghostface Killah)

[Chorus: female singer (Ghostface Killah)]
Ghostface... (Yo, yo who's the boss when it comes to these songs?)
Ghostface... (What ya'll talkin' bout... I can't hear ya'll!)
Ghostfaaaaaaaace!! (A little louder)

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, you can catch me in Z-No's on a Friday night
Or at the Emmy's, Bentley's, Roll Royce, all white
Fresh kicks, star studded up
A ounce of Gertest to hold me til them Theodore and Deini's roll up
Soak my hands in olive oil, loyal to each, Diamond
Shoot out the clock while I'm killin' timin'
Eight-mill just to resign me
My bitches go crazy and pull they hair out when they can't find me
It's like, all he say.. Mr., Mr., D.J.
Bring it back like an instant replay
Please, get these wack records off of me
I can't breath, ashtma pump so I could stop the weez
It's like they love garbage (yeah), for God's sake, I'm the real artist
Hear they songs, dumb niggas father's
Under my wing like Sanford and Son
Weird sons, I'm a big gun, like Big Pun, Big L and Jason


[Ghostface Killah]
I'm like a green and white kickball, I bounce
Spin off walls and cars, the Wizard of Clarks, Tony Oz
In the third grade, I bagged Penny
Well Butter on your burns, guess Daddy was concerned like many
Now Daddy's blowin' 'sherm and Remi
On the road toll up, bust the promoter so I can shit in Denny's
This is Tone-Tana, spangled banded with four hammers
Bangles get tangled and they cause manners
Money, don't stop, get it, get it, I'm not finished with it
Menaced out, tell your click that Dennis did it
Rock them boats and I copped them ropes
Resurging the mics, I deal with only knives and throats
Hold my tongue around fake niggas
Look at 'em sideways and pull my trees
Ask me to hit it, I'm like, Nigga Please, ** outta here!
** war with niggas, facin' me, **as, step up the gear

[Hook: Ghostface Killah]
Ghost dough and spend it though
Plus got the pen exposed
Countin' mad money and sheep, god damn
Take a look at the radio, shit soundin' shady, yo
Everything I'm hearin' is weak
We got them long biscuits, long clip shit
Run for the hills and re-charge your shit
Come back if you think that you are-are do-do-do-don!


[Outro: woman]
The dopest, flyest, O.G., pimp, hustler
Gangsta, playa, hardcore mutha**a living today...


Kenya's Christian Music.

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