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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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Listen Willy Garte - Nasaan Ka


She's A Ho (Mr. Vegas)

Verse 1:
Well if a galatek two man inna one night
Then we know she's a hoe
If she a clean up di whola di neighborhood
Then we know she's a hoe
If she a walk and a sell from hotel to hotel
We know she's a hoe
If she a one night stand tek everybody man
Man a nutten dat caw wi dun know

She's a hoe
She's a hoe
She's a hoe
Caan hide again cause everybody know
She's a hoe
She's a hoe
Swear seh mi spat har pon di Jerry Springer show
She's a hoe
She's a hoe
All a di youth inna di street know

Verse 2:
Whey she do, boast bout how she get slim and trim
Loose twenty pound and naw go a gym
Legs easy fi open like clothes pin
Sleep wid bum, him dead and dem know wha kill him
Gal from youh know yuh nuh shooty shooty
An yuhknow seh yuh a nuh goupy
All rudies out deh do not be silly an put a rubber pan yuh willy


Verse 3:
Whey she do
Gwaan like she hot like she a earth angel
Know something whey dem a do yuh head swell
Man a line up a dem gate car dem a sell
The way dem a move trust me you coulda tell
Run through the mob dem and di cartel
Hear seh she sleep wid Bobby Castell
Di gal a rev out skettel worse Jezebel
How much man drown inna di well

Verse 4:
Well if a gal tek whey har mumma husband
Then we know she's a hoe
If a gal sleep wid har best fren man
Then di whola wi know she's a hoe
Well if a gal easy fi pluck every man come wuk
Then we know she's a hoe
Nuff a dem run outta luck end up wid stomach
An now di man naah mine di gut


I Love Dream World (Dream)

Sun sun taiyou wa dare nimo kagayaku yo
Bokura no mirai ni nani ga totsu no kana
Paradise !?
Kokkyou no nai sekai chizu o hiroge
Jiyuu na ashita o souzou shite miru
Kirana koto mo tama ni wa aru
Kimi hitori janai
Kokoni iru... to sakenderu
Kokoro no koe ni
Moshi kizuita nara
Yes !
Hon no sukoshi yuuki atsumareba
Kanarazu okina chikara ni naru

Sekaijuu no shiawase o utao
Koko de deatte
Nanika o mitsukete
Sekaijuu no shiawase o utao
Aishi aisare
Ashita o mukaeru

Chikyuu wa mawaru sanbyakurokujuugo nichi
Arasoi mo naku itsumo egao nara ii na
Taisetsu na hito o mamotte yuku tameni
Bokura ni wa ima nanika dekiru no kana
Kimi to taiyou o kanjita basho
Kitto eien
Sora o oyogu shabondama no hikari ni wa
Sore zore no kagayaki
Yes !
Shippai to ka suru kedo
Kimi no kawari wa
Dare nimo dekinaitte shitteru

Sekaijuu no shiawase o utao
Koko de deatte
Nanika o mitsukete
Sekaijuu no shiawase o utao
Aishi aisare
Ashita o mukaeru
Minna no kokoro ga hitotsu ni naru youni
Zutto nokoru
Saikou no omoide
Ai nimo shi katachi ga aru to suru nara
Ima tsunagatteru
Boku tachi no kono te

Sekaijuu no shiawase o utao
Minna de isshoni
Ai o kanjite
Minna nakama
Let's say yo
I love dream world
I love dream world
I love dream world

Evil Plan (Simpsons)

Skinner: I'm so happy with my evil plan,
Say goodbye to music, gym and art,
Soon we will have the perfect school,
Where fun and excitement never start.

Willy: I'm so drunk I can barely see,
But it helps me get through another day,
My stomach is filled with haggis and ham,
I've gotta go puke in some hay.

Bart: Lisa is a fool,
Skinner: I think the rules are cool,
Willy: I'm falling in the pool!

i dont wanna hurt you (prince johnny feat d nice)

i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love D NICE love is one only thing that's you can't ever touch the way you give me your tongue baby you make me blush when i looking into your eyes hun you can see i'm fallin love yeah! yeah! lanmou ke'm gen pou ou son lanmou enkomprab chak jou lide'm sou ou viv san ou m'pa kwè m'ap kapab se ou ki tout pou mwen e se ou ki bay viv sans se ou ki gen kontwòl mwen e poumwen son rekompans BONDYE ka banm bèl ti madanm bote tout fanm marye avè'w depi lontan se sa'm te genyen kòm planm wè sim ta blese'w bb m' pap t'ap gen padon BONDYE m'ap toujou nan pye'w ou se sèl sen m' ka adore ou se sèl fanm ki plase nan vi'm tou avè'w mwen janm m' ka fè avni'm tou m'pa kwè lòt jan m'ka toumante lespri'm tou sa se love queen san lajan ou paka achte (REF)---PRINCE JOHNNY i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love & D NICE pa gen etap , ki pèse nan vi'm sou pa, sou lage nan vi'm se tach ou,ki rete nan vi'm sa se kè'm m'ap ba'w ou dwe kwè m'avè'w pou pa koute les ennemi(es) n'ap blow formul kise ban'm m'ap ba'w tout se louvri kò'w drog pa'm nan baby gen lè, se lè mwen fin goute'w grog pa'm nan swetty se nan gòj mwen m'ap mezire'w han! ou se baton vyeyès mwen bèl déesse mwen bèl nègès mwen pou tout tan m'ap viv se ou pou ki kontwole, tansyon tès mwen fò'w gen rezon des saisons lady pou di'm ke w'ale pap janm gen saison ni rezon avè'w destine'm trase sa se sweet love pou sa'm pap janm pòv pou ou'm dwe plis chòv i don't wanna hurt you baby girl what s'up the way you touch me lady you break my heart han! baby you break my heat (REF)---PRINCE JOHNNY i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna hug you i don't wanna hurt you i'm ready got no time, for stories can i be the one, you calling funny funny and i hope you understand pregnant my heat with by kissing my baby i just wanna kiss you i just wanna kiss you i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love ou prince johnny yeah man d nice all ladies know yeah that's love that's love T.R.F

Real (DJ Krush)

[Featuring Tragedy]
Niggaz don't you know? Never promised tomorrow man
Check it check it *the next life*
Life life (yeah) right now for what it is before you lose that shit
For real man shit can happen
in the blink of a **in eye you can lose your life man
Recognize that for real
You're never promise tomorrow you know
Any nigga that you know knahmsayin?
You never know about these things word up
His body was cold yet his face remained calmly
He spoke differently, as if he was Godly
Layin on the ground the gat still in his clutches
Shoulda saw it comin but he smoked too many Dutches
Situation, made me sober as **
As he coughed up blood, tellin me he's stuck
Gunmen, drove off in a Yukon truck
Said a prayer for him, hopin that his soul was blessed
Cause my hands couldn't cover all the holes in his chest
His eyes told the story that his heart was diminished
The ambulence took about a hour, ten minutes
They didn't have to tell me that my Son life was finished
I guess his heart never knew the love that was in it
Yeah, word up, goin back
Chorus: Tragedy
If your heart stop beating I'll go back in time
Make your heart beat again, real niggaz to the end
It's all about cash, and the diamond rings
Dedicated, cause real niggaz do real things
(repeat 2X)
Word up, real things, real niggaz do real things
Yo, movin on
Through his eyes I seen the next life flash in front of his
Cocked back the gat wonderin who the gunner is
The blood drenched in his Armani linen
I guess that's the karma of a thug when he sinnin
From the beginnin, I reminisce the younger years
When we were younger peers on the block pourin out beers
And now the tears, I can't stop from comin
I wanna bring it to this nigga blaze him while he runnin
It seemed stunnin, the way we started in the game
I never wanted, my Son dyin in this pain
Now the nigga that shot him I wanna find him and kill him
Heard he's a Willie and keep a bunch of killers with him
The Jake snatched him up so I just had to forget him
But on the low, if I ever see him, I'ma hit him
Yo when he bust a slug in the heart of a true thug
It's real love, this is what a real nigga does
What yo, real niggaz do real things
Word up, real niggaz do.. real niggaz, yeah
Yo, 41st side, Queensbridge yo, yo
The words cut like a knife, ma your son was shot
Her mouth, wide open, seemed like her heart dropped
She fell to the floor with her eyes in shock
I was standin there stuck off the words I said
Worst thing to tell a mother that her son was dead
Shoulda knew what love is, 'fore he learned what a thug is
Now he left his kids to be raised by they mothers
From the cradle to the grave we was like brothers
Went to same schools and **ed the same bitches
Pumped on the same block with the same snitches
Burnin lye on the roof, talkin bout riches
And I remember, when we was both five percenters
Goin hand to hand, gettin bent, crashin renters
And now the end is, justifyin all the means
That's just the story when you're dyin out in Queens
and it's real, word up, yo, yo, yo, yeah, yo
Chorus (repeats)
Yeah, Capone-N-Noreaga still my niggaz
Even if you don't get no bigger
Finsta, Crash, presedential
Confidential, ** it, yo, yo, what?
Japan rules, foreign exchange, how we do, yo
Begins, world currency
The way the dollar bends, and it haunts me
It wants me it traps me, in the hole
Reachin for my soul, ** it, yo

Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood (3rd Bass)

Today I'm prepared to bring specific charges
against certain members working in an industry
that reaches into every household in the country

[Pete Nice]
Hoods is up so skills is up
It's a stick-up, so why'd you interrupt?
So such bust material cerebral
I'm eatin cereal with spoons sippin Cepacol
Daddy-O slipped me some cause my breath stank
White gold, but no accounts in Swiss banks
Think tanks once rolled on the city streets
I used to meet your moms between the sheets
Universe is versus hoods prospectus
True flam, flammin words on wax discus
So they dismiss this as vulgarity
And once laughed and pointed at the university
Some perk without skills and push a pen
I send surreal scenes where you never been
Looked out, gave you three strikes, you struck out
Pop shit with the 3rd, knock your fronts out
Blew your blunts out you wings stuck up your**
Gassed you up then slap you with my staff
I seen your skins like to go to the motels
but your**won't know to the hotels
Cause a lip is zipped, I paint pictures
A portrait, a self far from ??
My discussion of impression ain't ignorance
So don't label the hoods on appearances
You never thought that a gangsta could talk sense
But this artifice flipped, your beans is spent
Took your papes out your pocket and just stood out
The focus, the portrait of the artist as a hoods-up

[MC Serch]
Portrait planned it back in the days
Young strays, posted at the L.Q. on Friday's
Waitin for Dice to give the go ahead
Hawkin 50 cent, puttin heads to bed
for a herringbone hear the tune of the Audio Two
Milk was chillin as I chilled in the back room
Listen to snaps, cuts by Scoob and Scrap
Union Square, to tear up the KRS tracks
Torn up by the Kent, the Clark Dark
as the brothers try to spark
We knocked boots, and the boots got knocked
Three A.M. and it was off to The Rooftop
Hip-Hop Starski, the Masters of Ceremony
Ka-ka-cracked out, was hookin property
Five A.M. it was the S&S
A hundred and forty-fifth street, down on Lennox
Starchild made all the hoes squeal
For a dollar crackheads Armor-Alled your wheels
Whippin home in the sunshine, fun time
but now you can't find
clubs like this that kept the music in the street
And pop rap couldn't get a dime to eat
Yo, they're makin mills, but what about the hood?
A parking lot, where the Latin Quarter stood!
A landmark marked in the cranium
but now I bring it back in front of packed stadiums
Picture painted with the goals and the good
The portrait of an artist as a hood

[S] Yo Pete man, yo where the hoods at Pete?
[P] Yo the hoods is in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx
Money-makin Strong Island
[S] Yo can't forget Newark New Jersey
Philly, D.C.
[P] From Detroit to Mobile Alabama
Memphis Tennesse Cleveland
[S] Yo, money-makin Miami, Chicago
East St. Louis got crazy hoods
[P] Oakland Compton Watts wearin the hoods
[S] Yo true indeed, Louisville
Boostin Houston got CRAZY hoods
[P] New Orleans, Seattle
[S] North Carolina cannot forget about Atlanta
Shockmaster ?? got crazy hoods
listenin to his program
[P] And the hoods are holdin their joint
And they're out
[S] True indeed.. SEE-YA!

Duppy Durex (Mr. Vegas)

Mi seh mi love ** and if mi nuh get it mi wi vex
but mi nah ride without mi durex
a aids test woman a dat mi request
cause mi nah ride without mi durex


Verse 1:
Gal coulda pretty pretty pretty like a lilly
one ting mi know seh dat mi nah be silly
coulda even tusty like a young billy
even a scandal bag pon mi willy
gal come a gi mi gi mi fi mi kill it
gal from miami and gal from philly
through mi nuh waan fi drop out like jimmy
mi nah skinny dippy dippy nah skinny dippy


Verse 2:
Yu nuh si seh aids a guh round like flu
know bout mi but mi nuh know bout you
caan walk through fire wid out nuh shoe
ketch it caan find nuh cure weh yu ago do
just wah day mi guh check angella
gal a tell mi seh shi waan mi do it without di rubber
seh shi waan feel it natural as ever
but if shi tell every man dat shi coulda be a carrier


Verse 3:
Pure hotty hotty gal dat mi request
gal from north and south east and west
go a gal college and pass mi gal test
but mi nah walk ** through di black forest

Fallin' (Foxy Brown)

[Young Gavin]
Through this hard times, the negativity, the jealousy

Yo Carolina Blue six - hottest bitch on the block
Used to Willie Ducatti, Saco, Prada kick
High school, got signed wrote them platti hits
Tito was the same shit, got a platti wrist
They say I'm stoosh cause I cover my bush
In that Dolce Gabbana, I'm a hot little mama
The number one stunna
Slim, skin copper
Like bare bra, I'd eat that gravy proper
Got a money **
Wanna see me where your bed is?
Playboy y'all got to give me five letters
Like Prada, Jacob, Fendi boots
C. Dior, Chloe, suits
Range Rover, Gucci shoes
First class, flatt class, Paris

[Young Gavin]
Don't hate me cause I'm ballin'
Lord take me if I'm fallin'
I think I hear them callin' me
Why they keep on callin' me?
Don't hate me cause I'm ballin'
Lord take me if I'm fallin'
I think I hear them callin' me
Why the keep on callin' me?

If I was to die, it be too many cowards alive
Fox Brown, Bonnie minus the Clyde
And today I'mma make this one promise to God
Even if I go wood, I'mma keep it so hood
And I got chills when I signed my deal
And I shed tears when Biggie and Pac got killed
It's only one other broad that really got skills
She's alright, but she's not real
Brown, I'm hot with no rehearsal time
And I stays on tour like the circle line
Ain't a bitch that could emulate my classic delivery
I rep' New York like the Statue of Liberty
Mentally I'm in my own zone holding my spot
Fox, basically I'm the female Pac
And it's like my life is a thesis
Sometimes I feel like I'm talking Swedish
Y'all niggas don't get it
And, yeah I'm ballin', the streets keep callin'
Lord take my soul I feel like I'm falling

[Young Gavin]
Don't hate me cause I'm ballin'
Lord take me if I'm fallin'
I think I hear them callin' me
Why the keep on callin' me?
Don't hate me cause I'm ballin'
Lord take me if I'm fallin'
I think I hear them callin' me
Why the keep on callin' me?

[Foxy Brown]
Before me there was many but none so hot
They had no other choice but to run they spot
Rock since 15 I was bound to ball
Think it's time to run my resume down to y'all
See, Touch Me...platinum
Ain't No...gold
Total...500,000 sold
Ill Nana...2.8
The Firm...another mil
Then Chyna Doll came, it's pretty much the same
And anything we rap about you see us do
Now we stay in demand like PS2
Lot of planes, lot of cars, a lot of chauffeurs
Lot of Gucci, lot of Louis, lot of Prada loafers
Couple dollars and with that I bought my Range
Pretty and Red got a lot of**off my name, man
Yeah I'm balling the streets keep calling
Lord take my soul...I feel like I'm falling
(Don't hate us)

Bebot (Black Eyed Peas)

bebot bebot
be bebot bebot
be bebot bebot
ikaw ang aking/ay

pilipino, pilipino, pilipino, pilipino

Verse I
hoy pare pakinggan nyo ko
eto nang tunay na filipino
galing sa baryo sa pangbato
pumunta ng LA nagtrabaho
para makatulong sa nanay
dahil sa hirap ng buhay
pero masaya parin ang kulay
pag kumain nagkakamay
yung kanin, chicken adobo
yung balot, binebenta sa kanto
ta**mo na nga ang baso
pare ko inuman na tayo

Verse II
masdan mo ang magagandang dalaga
nakakagigil ang beauty mo talaga
lambingin di nakakasawa
ikaw lang ang gustong kasama
yung bahay o kubo
pagibig mo ay totoo
puso ko’y laging kumikibo
wala kang katulad sa mundo ko
pinoy ka sigaw na, sige
kung maganda ka sigaw na, sige
kung buhay mo’y mahalaga, sige
salamat sa iyong suporta

Channel 10 (Noreaga)

(I'm feelin' this here) Yeah son feel it man word up son. You gotta just do
it yo. (C.N.N.) Yo word up it's a different channel son word up on watch
the channel son different plain now man. (It's all good) Word up baby all
good in every hood. (Queensbridge) Word up you hood nawsayin'? (Iraq) Left
rack and all adat yo my hood word up gotta rep together son word up for
life son. (check) Word up son let them know though son I feel you man let
'em know son.

It takes nothin' but a hot slug to fill a villian
Crook I'm about to make a killin'
So weed to escalate the feelin'
I regulate the dealin' jealous niggas hate the feelin'
I stack my safe appealin' jake on my trace I'm peelin'
And what a Mecca had whole **in' nation kneelin'
Embrace the wheel and hit a buck without crashin' **
My drug passion got a nigga stashin' fast what
One love to hill billys run forever out to Chile'
Playin' the cuts nigga what can't stop the willy
Cops harassin' niggas blastin' while the day' passin'
Time for action cock the mac what a satisfaction
Shoot laughin' slug caught up in the chest gaspin'
Nigga blanked out chopped before he start rappin'

Microchips in the celly the game don't stop (don't stop)
Tappin' in your bank funds with the labtop (labtop)
Wanna own a block before the ball drop (ball drop)
Arab natiz puttin' hits on the cops (x2)

Noreaga talking:
Word up son **ed up son word up Trag. I know you know us both man but it
took the penile for us to click youknowhatI'msayin'? (yeah y'all met up
north) KnowhatI'msayin' we had to meet up north (know what's real about all
this though that...) What real about it? (we were young we strive we trying
to eat knowhatI'msayin'?) God degree (we got a lot of fake niggas out man)
7-3 and 12 jewels. Niggas ain't bustin' that heat man. Niggas just frontin'
yo they ain't bustin' they heat they know who they is. (I'm tellin' my...)
Know who they is. (yo word is born)

C.N.N. network channel 10 it's on again
Street niggas that' grown men
Bold face gat in your face stay in your place
Yo crime lace catch more beef then Scarface (x2)
Court case illegal minds too late
Back in '92 (you remember Juice son?)
I buc tose and got live General Emanuel
Cell block cold crop
Go bagged up yeah by cream cop
(** THE WORLD) The way the world cold dissed me
? poppie locked for posse call up Khadafi
Collect all from Arab natzi the fowl motney
You were lat in jail gte what what what what
Them new jacks they comin' through
Scared to death of the jail stories that's true
You cold weak live life on the street
While locked up homoed with pink sheets (bitch nigga)
Discrete and your cell shook to sleep
I wild out no doubt till the day I'm out
Me personally what I did three kid you weak
Your station and P.A.C.

Son ** this jail shit so tell 'em about the streets son (echo)


Willy Garte sings Nasaan Ka...

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