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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career (Belle And Sebastian)

It could have been a brilliant career
Paining lines in a school that was too well known
Paining lines with a friend that had gone before
She challenged everyone to a fight
But the prefects all backed down
And they ran her out of town
Cause she drank and swore and spoke
Out of turn, she was the village joke
She had a stroke at the age of 24
It could have been a brilliant career
Getting clients to finance her strategies
Filling time in on Safeways on Saturday
She wears the clothes of an emperor
But her paintings are a sham
And they're going for a grand
When the dealers come to view
Do you ever see the real you?
He had a stroke at the age of 24
It could have been a brilliant career
Selling lies to the boys with the old Dansettes
Pulling the wool, playing the fool, it's no wonder that
He is dribbling spit tonight
And the one he sent away
Was the only one who stayed
With a spoon and a decent book
And you can tell by the way she looks
She is sorry and resigned
As he wets himself for the final time

Evil Plan (Simpsons)

Skinner: I'm so happy with my evil plan,
Say goodbye to music, gym and art,
Soon we will have the perfect school,
Where fun and excitement never start.

Willy: I'm so drunk I can barely see,
But it helps me get through another day,
My stomach is filled with haggis and ham,
I've gotta go puke in some hay.

Bart: Lisa is a fool,
Skinner: I think the rules are cool,
Willy: I'm falling in the pool!

Eat Shit And Die (Necro)

Ladies and gentlemen
Tonight we present torture and *sodomy*
Hosted by Necrophiliac and Ill Cannibill
Relax n smoke your crills

I'll make your eyeballs go back in your skull and come out your ass
I'm walkin' on hot coal and glass
I shit on the *church's mass*
Sacraligous I'll sever your body something prestigious
Precise cuts, I'm fascinated with women's guts
I'm hittin skins and I'm jerkin' off on your intestines
I'll ** you in your**bitch
Now you're colen is swollen
When I go bowlin'
To achieve a strike
I use the headpiece of a *dyke*
I swing her brains down the lane
I'm a sadomasochist
One finger, two fingers, three fingers
Four fingers, ** IT THE WHOLE FIST
Up your asshole
Now you're ready for Ed Powers
And Rocko Sefreddi to suck my cock hoe

[Ill Bill]
I be gettin' backrubs in backrooms of S&M clubs
I'm on drugs
During ** I use anal beads and butt plugs
I'm holdin' bitches dooty holes hostage
Their sisters sphincter keeps me warm during the winter 'cause my cocks big
It gets stuck
Bitches be getting **ed up the asshole
Open ya oven
So I can cook the dooty casserole
That's how I'm living, givin' bitches the shits
I ** 'em between they tits, then I bust a nut on they lips
I vaccinate sockets with lip plugs like if I was to flip once
I snag body bags with dirty hags and cuts
Shooting chemicals directly into my jugular
Look around, shit's getting uglier and uglier
Spinnin' within my hyperbaric chamber
Nothin' short of a bloody rusty razor
fingerprint that could stop my behavior
Generally and federally
Etcetera, etcetera
Shooting storm troopers lie deadera
I emphasize like Emphysema
Every word I speak creeps into your blood stream like *Leukemia*
I instigate mutilation
Under federal investigation
Escaping police stations

Yah I got dead bodys covered with hay in my barn
Loud mother**ers get their lips sewed and yawn
Out the ten story window, headfirst I chuck you
Attach a switchblade to my dick and then I ** you (** you!)
In and out, as I cut the *uterus*
You'll soon be, familiar with torture if you're new to this
Leave you glued to a piss-stained wall
Take my brain out of my skull
And watch my **in' brain crawl
Bend over and get *sodomized* with the .45
Bumpin'into the beehive and get stung
I got the noose of death, so *nigga* come and get hung
Willingly, your rectum gets bruised
I come from the world where *niggas* get **in' abused
The realm of violent crime
Where bitches get **ed in the pussy and**at the same time

Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die

[Ill Bill]
I'm comin' out from inside the walls like asbestos
A ghost disappearing and reappearing when least most, expected
I gank kids on their own
'Cause I'm inproper
I'm a monster, responsible for missing camp counselors
I'm analyzing bio-rhythms
Sleeping my victims with incisions
My sensory sees catastrophic visions
Over the image of *Jehovah* I burn sober
In retrospect I infect your innards just like an ulcer
Then twist facial features like Rocky Dennis
When I menace it's horrendous
My bloody appetite's tremendous
Watch the metamorphosis
Diggin bitches in orifices
Remorse is not my thoughts when I catch a corpse
The torture tactics I practice tear up your mattress
Kidnap an actress
That activate vibrateing plastics

When they made me
I was so, evil they broke the mold
Necro is cold, my ** birth should of been controlled
If you're bold you'll get strangled with your gold
Going once !! going twice !! another ** white *slave* sold
From wacking off I have compulsive dependancy
From the tendency, for ruining bitches *pregnancy*
*Niggas* can't understand my morbid biology
I bring, new, meaning to the studies of Gynacology
When I shove, razors up your *cunt* you'll see
All bitches that diss me wind up with ** V.D.
When I was in my mom's *cunt*, my father slaughtered me
I came back from the dead, after my mom *aborted* me
Bloody, *fetus*, baby of *Satan*, *Devil's* child
Leavin' bodies on all types of mother**in' level piles
So girl take **in' caution,
'Cause if you're walkin home alone tonight
You might wind up a bitch on auction
And if you can't take you and you're concious hun,
I'll be like *Ralphus*, and shoot a slug into you from my blow gun
[Ill Bill]
I'm stirring in the pain in the center of your brain
Carve a path with a butcher knife
Walk down the lane
Take a stroll through the hole in your head
Stab untill your dead
I'd like to paint the world blood red
Flippin' like OJ Simpson, the Joel Rifkin
Covered in crimson
Everywhere you look another dead shook
On the meat hook hangin'
Then I'm up in your place to spread your wife's legs for the bangin'
I love to ** retarded chicks with wiffle ball bats
Then watch there **in' head go splat when I pull out the gat
I'm also into sodomizing secretaries
I'm very scary
My ice pick rips through virgin cherries
And all you goons that think you got half of what me and my brother got
You get chop chop chopped like Bobbit's cock

Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and DIE!!!!!

Necrophiliac nineteen ninety gore
Ill Cannibill nineteen ninety gore

Eat my shit
Eat my shit
Eat my shit

You suckin dick for crack
You suckin dick for crack

Historia De Las Sillas (Silvio Rodríguez)

En el borde del camino hay una silla
la rapiña merodea aquel lugar.
La casaca del amigo esta tendida
el amigo no se sienta a descansar.
Sus zapatos de gastados son espejos
que le queman la garganta con el sol
y a través de su cansancio pasa un viejo
que le seca con la sombra el sudor.

En la punta del amor viaja el amigo
en la punta más aguda que hay que ver.
Esa punta que lo mismo cava en tierra
que en las ruinas, que en un rastro de mujer.
Es por eso que es soldado y es amante
es por eso que es madera y es metal
es por eso que lo mismo siembra rosas
que razones de bandera y arsenal.

El que tenga una canción tendrá tormenta
el que tenga compañía, soledad.
El que siga un buen camino tendrá sillas
peligrosas que lo inviten a parar.
Pero vale la canción buena tormenta
y la compañía vale soledad
siempre vale la agonía de la prisa
aunque se llene de sillas la verdad.

Días Y Flores (Silvio Rodríguez)

Si me levanto temprano,
fresco y curado,
claro y feliz,
y te digo: «voy al bosque
para aliviarme de ti»,
sabe que dentro tengo un tesoro
que me llega a la raíz.

Si luego vuelvo cargado
con muchas flores
(mucho color)
y te las pongo en la risa,
en la ternura, en la voz,
es que he mojado en flor mi camisa
para teñir su sudor.

Pero si un día me demoro, no te impacientes,
yo volveré más tarde.
Será que a la más profunda alegría
me habrá seguido la rabia ese día,
la rabia simple del hombre silvestre,
la rabia bomba, la rabia de muerte,
la rabia imperio asesino de niños,
la rabia se me ha podrido el cariño,
la rabia madre por dios tengo frío,
la rabia es mío, eso es mío, sólo mío,
la rabia bebo pero no me mojo,
la rabia miedo a perder el manojo,
la rabia hijo zapato de tierra,
la rabia dame o te hago la guerra,
la rabia todo tiene su momento,
la rabia el grito se lo lleva el viento,
la rabia el oro sobre la conciencia,
la rabia —coño— paciencia, paciencia.

La rabia es mi vocación.

Si hay días que vuelvo cansado,
sucio de tiempo,
sin para amor,
es que regreso del mundo,
no del bosque, no del sol.
En esos días,
compañera ponte alma nueva
para mi más bella flor.

Dedicado a mi hermana

R.U.O.K. (2 Unlimited)

["A" - Anita]
["R" - Ray]

[R:] Do you think the mics the same, when I talk to your brain
So you're playing hard to get, or you don't wanna play the game
So I'll help you out through thick and thin
Like the dog in the story called 'Rin Tin Tin'
So my rhymes are fast coming up from the past
Always on time, yo!, cause I don't won't to be last
Open your dreams say, what more can I say?
Yip pe yard, yip pe yeah, hay girl R.U.O.K.?!

[A:] You go away, you got nothing left to say
Didn't even call today, R.U.O.K now?
You acting strange, wondering why you change
You playing silly games, R.U.O.K. now?!

[A:] You're asking me if I'm OK
Well I use't to be 'till you came my way
Yes, I'm sweating and sure I bluse
Not because I'm shy but I'm furious
Boy, you used me and abuse me
And now you asked me if I'm OK
Well I'm leaving you, no intention to stay
I'm stepping out that door boy
I'll be OK

[A:] You go away, you got nothing left to say
Didn't even call today, R.U.O.K now?
You acting strange, wondering why you change
You playing silly games, R.U.O.K. now?!

[R:] If you're feeling stressed
Are you feeling depressed

[A:] No, no, no, no, no
[R:] R.U.O.K.
[A:] No, no, no, no, no
[R:] HAH!

[R:] Pleased to be going in the likes of the morning
This is your final call, yes your final warning
I'm acting ridged, yes I'm kind of strange
But my love for you, hah girl remains
You never let you feelings go to tell what I need to know
Now you asking me 'please don't go'
Now it's to late because there's no more fate
Yip pe yard, yip pe yeah,hah girl R.U.O.K.?!

[A:] You go away, you got nothing left to say
Didn't even call today, R.U.O.K now?
You acting strange, wondering why you change
You playing silly games, R.U.O.K. now?!

Bad Man Nuh Flee (Beenie Man)

Sey badman nuh flee, after dem bwoy dem nuh tough like we
Some only bad thru dem a walk ina posse dem a fool
Caw dem nuh see how we lock di city
And dem done nuh tough like we


Verse 1:
So me say badman nuh wait pon night fi come down
Anything fi happen mek it happen and done
Naw catch me ina no bar ah drink rum
Naw lef me yard careless fi get bun

Well if you nuh come
When me pop off den somebody life done
Dis ya DJ naw go smoke opium
Well ah run mi lyrics, dem ah flash off ah me tongue
Bwoy you fi done

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
I rather go on death row, than rough it out like John Crow
Badman naw play zero, naw lef mi family ina sorrow
Don't take man fi fool or we go find yuh in ya owna blood pool
Wicked man dey ya and a mi run di school
Contious lyrics and mi know dat ah mi tool
Cause yah we rule

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
Nuff ah dem ah walla wiss, nuff ah dem ah wussie
How you fi try dis di rude boy posse
Naw use no big gun, just ah small wozzie
Reach pon di ends man ah go shoot everybody
Plus man lock dung di city
Cool, stop yuh noise now, mi waan you listen to the hay
Look pon a man like me, wey sho people liek fly
I must lock him up and give him bun ina him eye

Chorus 2x

Verse 4:
Hey no bwoy can dis me, caw man ana no rummie
If yuh dis di program you go jump up on di cd
When mi come back well somebody have fi dead
music mi ah sing from after di DJ

Chorus 2x

Thug Walkin' (Ying Yang Twins)


Every where we gooo, every where we gooo
People want to knooow, people want to knooow
What we here fooor, what we here fooor
We thug walkin', we thug walkin', thug walkin'

Verse One: {Ying Yang Twins back and forth}

Pain make you retaliate
Swang to crack yo chest blade
Hangin' with the best dates
Slang and get they neck played
Game is what yo test gave
Blang and take hoes and smoke hay
Niggas what they call us
Triggers is how we boss hog
Drugs is what we left with
Slugs will bring yo death quick
Knucks will get you swolle up
Tricks will get you dick sick
Clinton gonna see impeachment
For freaks he try'na creep with
Busters never last long
Hustlers get they cash on
Hiders never act out
Riders known to slash out
Pimps only get paid
Simps truly get played
Wimps never fist fight
Freaks is quick to turn dikes
Sheets never come clean bled
From yo crime scene mann

Chorus: {2x}

Verse Two: {D-Roc}

Even thought yo mind was blind soul keeper
He took you on a shine with nine and made Mom weepier
That thing he'll die for his boys they ballin' good
But nigga see them boys was comin' up out the wood
Lay down was all you heard I mean scary
One of 'em got bold and reached for the Chevy
Gun shots went off so we had to make it quick
Told the other boys go ahead and give up the shit
I don pistol whipped a nigga and told him to give up the loot
If he pissed of my nigga I will shot
So he hurried up and them other niggas to
I started up the car and told them what they had to do

Chorus: {2x}

Verse Three: {Kaine}

I'm smokin' my weed with y'all
Hangin' with niggas y'all ball
Just because niggas be takin' it all
Told them broads to back up off my balls
Thugs be ready to brawl on the point of call
The devil reached in sippin' on gin
It changed my mind to sin
Hangin' with thugs that be loud as a rooster
Figurin' they call us fools I haven't finished school
Chosen few, rollin' through, military style like we was suppose to do
Who do you think that you **in' with
Stupid bitch roll up out the vine before we swine and
Cause that counter fit niggas is real then twenty four k
Y'all can't hang that bud we slang like it ain't no thang
Get 'em up to the Eastside, to the Westside, true city thugs
What's up much love, to the Tear da Club Up Thugs
just throw it up, all y'all get across the wall

Chorus: {Till The End}

Mujeres (Silvio Rodríguez)

Me estremecio la mujer
que empinaba sus hijos
hacia la estrella de aquella
otra madre mayor
y como los recogia
del polvo teñidos
para enterrarlos debajo
de su corazon.

Me estremecio la mujer
del poeta, el caudillo
siempre a la sombra y llenando
un espacio vital
me estremecio la mujer
que incendiaba los trillos
de la melena invencible
de aquel aleman.

Me estremecio la muchacha
hija de aquel feroz continente
que se marcho de su casa
para otra, de toda la gente.

Me han estremecido
un monton de mujeres
mujeres de fuego
mujeres de nieve
Pero lo que me ha estremecido
hasta perder casi el sentido
lo que a mi mas me ha estremecido
son tus ojitos, mi hija
son tus ojitos divinos.
Pero lo que me ha estremecido
hasta perder casi el sentido
lo que a mi mas me ha estremecido
son tus ojitos, mi hija
son tus ojitos divinos.

Me estremecio la mujer
que pario once hijos
en el tiempo de la harina
y un kilo de pan
y los miro encurecerse
mascando carijos
me estremecio porque era
mi abuela, ademas.

Me estremecieron mujeres
que la historia anoto entre laureles
y otras desconocidas gigantes
que no hay libro que las aguante.

Me han estremecido...

Isla de Encanta (The Pixies)

Hermanita ven conmigo (x2),
Hay aviones cada hora,

Isla del encanto,
Me voy! (x3)

Donde no hay sufrimiento (x2),
Me vieron pasar por la calle,
Isla del encanto,
Me voy! (x3)

Nuestro propio animal canta a la gente pa'gratis ,
Hey babe what are we doing here?.
Isla del encanto,
Me voy! (x3)


Little sister come with me,
There are planes each hour,

Island of the enchantment,
I'm leaving!
Where there is no suffering,
They saw me pass by the street,
Island of the enchantment,
I'm leaving!

Our own animal sings for free for the people,
Hey babe what are we doing here?
Laaa Loooh,Fatherland.

Island of the enchantment,
I'm leaving!


Hashim sisters: very beautiful noha from Mahum Saania and Adeeya Hashim's third album- haye haye zainab haye haye sham - dm digital very sad noha and very ni...

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