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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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Listen Qari shahid mahmood maa ki shan (Tahir ali)


Mohammed Ali (Faithless)

If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as
a super star and you'll have time to waste with your
minions and tink
I see your face in front of me,
Still grainy from that old black and white TV
My whole family silenced,
Watching you shape destiny with your 2 hands,
Faster than the eye can see.


You know what skinny little me started to struggle,
10 years old suddenly bold
Cause I resolved to live like my hero in the ring,
Be smart never give an inch,
No retreat when I'm wrapped up
Respect from teachers, Red Necks
And creatures who attack in a pack
Like incensed never seen the light not before or
Since a young prince
And I remain convinced of his invincibility
Athletic agility, virility,
Seen your free spirit for every through eternity stings
Like a bee Mr Muhammed Ali

I want you to know
You are the o-riginal (x2)

Your achievements defy belief from the belly
of the beast Rising like yeast,
My release from low self esteem
Came when I saw you rapping on my TV screen.
Float like a butterfly,
That describes my walk to school after fight night
I felt so cool cause I was at place too,
Love myself born slippy
Outta love for you,
And I knew that someday people would love me too.
None of that heckling about my black skin got through,
I would walk bare foot through hell for you,
It was how I felt back then I would still do for you,
So accept these humble words of praise,
And my gratitude for those glorious days
And your victorious ways,
Instilled in the young minds,
Skill sublime yours to mine!

I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!

i dont wanna hurt you (prince johnny feat d nice)

i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love D NICE love is one only thing that's you can't ever touch the way you give me your tongue baby you make me blush when i looking into your eyes hun you can see i'm fallin love yeah! yeah! lanmou ke'm gen pou ou son lanmou enkomprab chak jou lide'm sou ou viv san ou m'pa kwè m'ap kapab se ou ki tout pou mwen e se ou ki bay viv sans se ou ki gen kontwòl mwen e poumwen son rekompans BONDYE ka banm bèl ti madanm bote tout fanm marye avè'w depi lontan se sa'm te genyen kòm planm wè sim ta blese'w bb m' pap t'ap gen padon BONDYE m'ap toujou nan pye'w ou se sèl sen m' ka adore ou se sèl fanm ki plase nan vi'm tou avè'w mwen janm m' ka fè avni'm tou m'pa kwè lòt jan m'ka toumante lespri'm tou sa se love queen san lajan ou paka achte (REF)---PRINCE JOHNNY i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love & D NICE pa gen etap , ki pèse nan vi'm sou pa, sou lage nan vi'm se tach ou,ki rete nan vi'm sa se kè'm m'ap ba'w ou dwe kwè m'avè'w pou pa koute les ennemi(es) n'ap blow formul kise ban'm m'ap ba'w tout se louvri kò'w drog pa'm nan baby gen lè, se lè mwen fin goute'w grog pa'm nan swetty se nan gòj mwen m'ap mezire'w han! ou se baton vyeyès mwen bèl déesse mwen bèl nègès mwen pou tout tan m'ap viv se ou pou ki kontwole, tansyon tès mwen fò'w gen rezon des saisons lady pou di'm ke w'ale pap janm gen saison ni rezon avè'w destine'm trase sa se sweet love pou sa'm pap janm pòv pou ou'm dwe plis chòv i don't wanna hurt you baby girl what s'up the way you touch me lady you break my heart han! baby you break my heat (REF)---PRINCE JOHNNY i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna hug you i don't wanna hurt you i'm ready got no time, for stories can i be the one, you calling funny funny and i hope you understand pregnant my heat with by kissing my baby i just wanna kiss you i just wanna kiss you i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love i just wanna kiss you bb i just wanna hug you lady you are the one that bless my heart i dont't wanna hurt you my love ou prince johnny yeah man d nice all ladies know yeah that's love that's love T.R.F

Freedom / Give Me My Freedom (Marley Marl)

featuring M.C. Shan

[Verse 1]
It's Shan's what I'm called I stand tall and brave
And me and Marley Marl is as close as a shave
My rhymes lock jaw like a pitbull bite
Suckers always try to sleep on me cause I look light
See a lotta wack rappers try to rack their brains
To feel a style of MC come on break these chains
Speak now or hold your peace when I decide to pass it
But every rhyme you ever had could never surpass this
If rhymes were food, the main source for livin
You would swear that every line of my rhyme was thanksgiving
I don't bite styles, weak rhymes, I don't need em
Stop jockin me, boy, give me my freedom

[Verse 2]
I wanna break away clean, I mean virtually spotless
And all year long I been schemin and plottin this
If beats were cakes, then my rhymes'd get frosted
This is '88 and I still ain't lost it
For all of those who still got a doubt in their mind
There ain't a rapper livin bad enough to take mine
There ain't no studio-illusion and no scratch-syncin
Stop - if that's what you're thinkin
Write rhymes simultaneously, say em in pairs
And I would hate to have a rapper proclaim it theirs
Instead in comin in a limo, bring a casket and hearse
Before we speak we'll hear the preacher from the deacon first
We won't be gathered that day to unite no couple up
Marley, are we gettin this on tape? (Yup)
All you dirty low-down better slow down faster
Your technique isn't good enough to hang with the master
I don't bite styles, weak rhymes, I dont need em
Stop jockin me, boy, jockin me, son, jockin me, punk
Jockin me, kid, give me my, give me my, give me my freedom

[Verse 3]
I'm the opposite of what you say a slob is
Dumpin suckers off is exactly what my job is
I'm feared like Napoleon and blessed like Buddah
You couldn't face me solo, you'd have to bring your crew to
Dump me off, I don't recollect the mumble
I ain't soft, homeboy, and picture me crumble
And forget all of those that don't like my rap
I don't be kickin that old shooby-dooby-doo-wop crap
Rappers often brag about their bitin deejay
But they can't do Marley nothin, no how, so hey
It's clear to the ear what I'm sayin, son
That's why we feel like slaves on the freedom run
And each and every time a wack rapper walks by me
His head starts singin: Come on and fly me...
I don't bite styles, weak rhymes, I don't need em
Stop jockin me, boy, jockin me, son, jockin me, punk
Jockin me, kid, give me my freedom

[Verse 4]
We can do this like Brutus, I'm not mad, I'm pissed
This parade of mine I doubt that you can rain on this
You couldn't place my rhymes amongst mortal men
When I be rhymin on beats that set the hip-hop trend
I will always exist because I'm bein preserved
Don't agree to set me free, then you gotta be served
I earned a name amongst society as lyrically ill
But yet I'm loyal, see, cause marley hooks the beat up still
There's no way that you could say there's a day I'd fess
Hamana-hamana-nothin, you can kill that mess
My rhymes are ruthless, no heart, and totally wretched
And if they was to fall down then the beats would catch it
I don't bite styles, weak rhymes, I don't need em
Stop jockin me, boy, jockin me, son, jockin me, punk
Jockin me, kid, give me my, give me my, give me my freedom

Marley Marl Scratch (Marley Marl)

featuring MC Shan

Verse 1

All these beats and my rhymes attached
Form the new creation called the Marley Scratch
We're always steered in a positive course
His beats my rhymes combined make force
I say it's like a force cos the force is strong
And if you think we're weak I'd say you're wrong
All you other DJ's are a bunch of jerks
Marley give 'em an example how a DJ works

Verse 2

Since you just heard how a DJ sound
The name Marley Marl, I will break it down
The M is for Master of Scratch
And if the needle was to slip it's the needle he'll catch
The A is a letter that you set apart
I wouldn't call his beats music, I would call it Art
The R just stands for the way he Rock
Which is 24-oh-7 around the clock
The L is for Lyrics that I write
When put to his music sounds out of sight
The E is for Every beat he make
Which sucker DJ's persist to take
Don't play with the Y cos it isn't a game
You ax "Why do you put the other DJ's to shame?"
After this there shouldn't be a story to tell
At the end of that is M-A-R-L
This paragraph here has come to a end
Marley, can we hear your funky fresh scratchin' again?

Verse 3

I never got caught in the game of Tag
My name is MC Shan, no need to brag
MC's brag about theirself all through their rhyme
You can see I got quality, won't waste my time
If I did not mean it, I wouldn't have said it
I'm gonna give the man behind the wheels some credit
I'm not tryna say that he can't be beat
But Marley Marl can stand on his own two feet
Since a DJ like him is so in demand
Marley won't you get on and show 'em where you stand

Verse 4

He can go on but I won't insist
How many fortunate MC's have a DJ like this
Every time I grab the mic I always have a plan
He's DJ Marley Marl and I am MC Shan
Combined we're fresh, this you must admit
Don't ever wanna hear you say we ain't worth jack
To be a DJ or an MC well it isn't no thing
If you ever wanna learn then just give us a ring
Like I just said, it wasn't no thing
You either have to be a ace, a jack, a queen or a king
When you're one of these, that means you're the best
And the people of today won't settle for less
We can be a jack or king, we can play the place
But we'd rather be a DJ and an MC ace

Verse 5

If you ever wanna battle, be at your best
Because a man like Marley just does not fess
In that battle you must give your all
Or just be prepared to take your fall
Cos a lotta DJ's already tried
There ain't been one yet that's qualified
To think you can beat him, you must be nuts
Just listen real close to his scratchin' cuts

Verse 6

The man Marley Marl can bring you to tears
He's not a new jack, he been down for years
On the two turntables I would say he's nice
Every cut he makes is so precise
When I said precise inside my rhyme
To put it to you straight that means right on time
Every jam he throws he always rocked
Don't refer to him as the neighbourhood jock
To all you DJ's who are always fessin'
From this man you can learn a lesson
You heard Dimples D when she took her stand
She said (Marley Marl is one hell of a man)
Gotta get it off my chest, to put my mind at ease
Since when you heard a DJ make cuts like these?

I'm Made (Pastor Troy)

[Pastor Troy]

[Verse 1:]

Introduction to a lunatic (come on):huh, y'all playing (come on)
Got AK's for tha stupid shit (come on):huh,
And that's all I'm saying (come on)
Yeah, laying low, bag of dro', smoking heavily (uh-huh)
Carl Mo drop the mutha**in melody (well uh-huh)
Y'all don't wanna get this thing crunked up (uh-huh)
I got my pistol in my gut, nigga what! (uh-huh)
Younger paper, so these haters about maxed out (uh-huh)
I approach 'em they don't know what I'm talking bout (well uh-huh)
Say "Naw Troy, I don't understand,
I tried to warn all them niggas that you the man" (well uh-huh)
I'm making money, I'm country, and roll wit felons (uh-huh)
You talking bout shit real, Bitch who ya telling? (well uh-huh)
?? like a code red
And I ain't' grinning till you mutha**in dead
Who said?:


If I go out in a blaze
Tell all them pussy mutha**ers I was gunning till I fell in my grave
And I don't sweat the disrespect
I expose the tech to let them know that I was never afraid

Bitch I'm mutha**in made - [4x]
Get paid

[Verse 2:]

Yeah, verse two I'm a make you feel real lame
Got a gram talking bout he in the dope game
Say he got a nigga coming from Amida
I'm a introduce ya nigga to my Ruga
You got 30 ki's nigga bring ya ki's out
Mutha**er you still sleeping at ya mama house
Selling dope for 5 years with no profit
Bitch if you can't come up you needs to stop it
Tha game I locked it, nobody else can enter
D-S-G-B representer
We in the winter riding drop tops
Pussy nigga you need to stop, give me my props
They call the cops but that ain't necessary
(A tell 'em why) - I'm made
Go get some knowledge from yo library
Pussy nigga learn to get paid


If I go out in a blaze
Tell all them pussy mutha**ers I was gunning till I fell in my grave
And I don't sweat the disrespect
I expose the tech to let them know that I was never afraid

Bitch I'm mutha**in made - [4x]
Get paid

Rhonda (Pastor Troy)

Pastor Troy:

KD had called and gave me the word
Said this nigga had ten birds, in Augusta for the week
From the islands
As soon as K told me this shit, I started smiling
Cause all I could see was money piling
Shit, on top of money
Now, ??? with the money for the week, and Chesapeake
The heat made my nigga take a break
If I could catch all 10 of them bitches, and I don't look suspicious
I'ma sell the ** quart for the ?? the ha ha
As I told K bye bye, he shot me advice
If you gone do it nigga do it nigga, ** thinking twice
This is ya nigga for life
Go fight 'em fire for fire
Hit my hip when you finish said his calling card expired
Hung up the phone, contemplating on who help me do it
There's Kia and Jessica and then Rhonda truitt
Now Jessica to stupid and Kia lie to much,
I guess I'll take Rhonda, cause Rhonda don't give a **
But first I got to pump her up
I'm give her what, 10 g's
Tell her if she really love me she would do this for me
Eternally we'll be together for better or for worse
But first we got to take these niggas to the hearse
Burst in they shit, get the bricks come back out
I'm be waiting in the chevy, you know I'm ready to take em' out
If they front 'cha baby, come on, we make it we rich
Come on, shit, Rhonda, my down**bitch

Chorus: <Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda (in background)
I'm the realist bitch
I'm mo' realer than reality
** that dumb shit, it take nothing to a casualty
<Repeat 4X>

Well I'm the realist bitch
I'm mo realer than reality (well uh huh)
** that dumb shit (uh huh)
It take nothing to a casualty (what)
FBI be after me, quareter ki in my womanly (uh huh)
Coming back from St. Croix
First lady to Pastor Troy (well come on)
Even I'm a Georgia Boy, cause boy I'm ready jack (well uh huh)
All you got to say is where them pussy niggas hangin' at (well uh huh)
Drop it like a maniac (uh huh)
Set it off by myself (well uh huh)
** them pussy mother**ers and who ever else

Pastor Troy:

Okay baby, you set it off, there will be no more living single
I'll be ready to tie the knot after we lick them for them blocks
Grab the glock, and shot out the lot, and keep on bustin'
Then I'm gone bust in cusin' and leave his punk**fa' nothing
Now what's in store for you is 10 g's
(That's enough for me, I don't give a fat **
what's the ** hold up?)
About this time I saw a truck, to a familiar
K had said them mother**ers had a truck similiar
Passengers are him and her, playing some reggae shit
Two a.k.'s, me and my bitch, one false move we gone spit
Guess the driver thank he slick, dred head mother**er
Guess he most be know my bitch, Rhonda watch them mother**ers
That owe 'em money, that what, with K.D. & Chesapeake
Heard that when he spoke with me and now her folk wanna smoke me
If he had the keys all I can do now is wonder
But for now me and Rhonda filling 'em up with the thunder

Chorus: (Repeat 4X)

Everything They Owe (2Pac)

Imagine if we could go back
Actually talk to the mother**ers that persevered (hehehe)
I mean the first mother**ers that came in the slave ships
(Hey, excuse me, excuse me) Y'know? (Look)

We back for everything you owe, no longer oppressed
cause now we overthrow those that placed us in this rotten mess
But let's agree on strategy and pick out enemies right
Who stands accused of the abuse my own, kind do right
Pardon, not disregardin what you thinkin but you musta been the ship
cause once I rip your whole shit is sinkin
Supreme ideology, you claim to hold
Claimin that we all drug dealers with empty souls
That used to tempt me to roll, commit to violence
In the midst of an act of war, witnesses left silent
Shatter, black talon style, thoughts I throw
It remains in your brain then of course it grows
Maybe, even your babies can produce and rise
Picture a life where black babies can survive past five
But we must have hope, quotin the reverand from the pulpit
Refuse to turn the other cheek we must defeat the evil culprit
Lace me with words of destruction and I'll explode
but supply me with the will to survive, and watch the world grow
This ain't bout talkin bout problems, I bring solutions
Where's the restitution, sti**ted through the constitution
You violated, now I'm back to haunt your nights
Listen to the screams, of the lives you sacrificed
And in case you don't know, ghetto born black seeds still grow
We comin back, for everything you owe

[Chorus: sung]
I'm comin collectin the shit that belong to me
Mother**ers are runnin and duckin
I'm a crazy nigga on a mission wit a bad mentality
Armed with missiles guns grenades
Pull out the pin, free I'm comin

[2Pac over Chorus]
How do you plead Mr. Shakur, how do you plead?
How do I plead?
Yes sir, how do you plead?
Shit, you know how I plead

Not guilty on the grounds of insanity it was them or me
Bustin at my innocent family, say they lookin for ki's
I was home alone, blind to the prelude
Bust in, talkin bout, "Where is the quaaludes?" What you say fool?
Where in the hell is the search warrant?
No feedback is what he uttered, before he screamed "Nigga mother**er"
Dropped me to my knees I proceed to bleed
Sufferin a rain of blows to my hands and knees
Will I survive, is God watchin?
I grab his gat and bust in self-defense, my only option, God damn
Now they got me goin to the county jail
And my family can't pay this outrageous bail
Try to offer me a deal, they told me if I squeal
move me, and my people, to a mansion in Brazil
Not me, so this is how it ends, no friends
I'll be stressed and they just, reposessed my Benz
Told the judge it was self-defense, he won't listen
So I'm bumpin this in federal prison, givin everything I owe

[Chorus - 2X]

Night Train Freestyle (Necro)

Necro's goin to brave a stunt
Yo, who the ** you think made Chrissy Applegate a cunt
Don't be fakin shit, make no mistake wit this
I'll backslap you til you're retarded like DeNiro up in "Awakening"
Time for money making, you better give up the bacon
You will sleepin forever, that **in pedophile, I will
** you, rip my fist when I twist my wrist like Bowser
Then I'll cut open your heart like a satanic Dougie Howser
{*Laughter drowns out words*} Mental 666 like Nicky
I know you wanna see me played, but my style is all juice
Cause yo, in a +Minute+, you'll be my **in +Maid+
Yom codeine, like Al Golstein, ODin, you better hit **in record
You bitch, go get a tape, trip over a wire and crack open your face
Do what it takes to get a tape and record it into place
You kickin envy, nah, shut the ** up, **er I'll do what I want
Plus I'll rip anyday, freestyle or written, a shoe flies up on the stage
Beats the guitar, I'll leave a battle and pack a bigger blade
Now what, you're lost and nobody wants to find you
The only deal you'll get is when Satan signs you
Sicko, sickest bastard, runnin through clubs
Dead, like a trends a stickin acid, peep it
You can't see me, like I'm in the sky
I got cut above your eye sockets so the blood drips in your eyes
Ain't seen nothin decent, pick up my slick 187 reasons
Why Ali Wood needs me, son
Yeah, yeah I shot Reagan, ** a pig in they fellafel
Wit a knock of bacon, who ** this car saggin
Yeah, yeah I shot Reagan, ** a pig in they fellafel
Wit a knock of bacon, who ** this car saggin
I seen demons in back of taxi cabs
My thougts attack me like a bad acid tab
Or a crack drag, the black flag
Tales from the darkside, mandatory suicide
You and I collide, never suits and ties arrive
Drive in medicated, then the thoughts and dreams accelerated
Then some mother**er levitated
Talk about some vampire shit like he's dedicated
So I chopped his **in head off quick then I celebrated
I give up my last two dollars, after this honey shows me now
She's a **in pig whose gonna huff and puff and blow me down
Her cunts covered with lice, dust and parasites lust
But yo she's a got a nice butt, paradise lust
Lights camera orgy, can I suck on the piece
You're vagina yeast is my tiger feast when I ** like a beast
Cream on your cunt, nicely groomed high tops
Finger lookin good, get funky high twat
Pure evil, vagina yeast, like a statue perfectly chisseled in
Shove a missile in, shoot the GZA, man
Now babies my scums, nitro glicerin
Leave my Mellow Yellow jizalin **
** but let's courts
The Golden Girls, they got their name
How you think, I pissed on all them cadavers
Like i drank alot of (???)
You think I got enough lunch
To cross is fork or a muff
Launch excited groupies

Albee Square Mall (Biz Markie)

[ VERSE 1 ]
On the mic at this time in the place to be
I'm the Inhuman Orchestra called Biz Markie
That made you dance, make the music with my mouth, and all
But I'm here to talk about the Albee Square Mall
A place where people shop in downtown Brooklyn
Where I can be found if you're lookin
For me, the B-i-z, so just come check me out
Cause 24/7 I'm mikin the house
So when I come in the Mall, and then I start to roam
You wouldn't think it's a store, you would think it's my home
Cause when I come in the place, then I hang up a sign
Reads 'home sweet home' - this house is mine

[ T.J. Swan ]
Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall

[ VERSE 2 ]
I been to many malls from state to state
But I've never been in, say, one this great, I hate
To say, about the other shopping centers that's left
But the Albee Square Mall is the doo-doo-def
I be in there everyday, walkin around chillin
>From when they opened all the way until when
It's about time for the place to close
I'm just running things like a pair of panty hose
They all know me, the Biz Markie
I get more respect than the average employee
Could work in every store in the mall
Because the place is my house from wall to wall
If I could move in, party people, I just might
So I could stay forever, and it won't be just like
A bum that you see sleepin on a park bench
So how will it be when you see Biz Markie
I fade them all, been havin fun
See, to me this mall is like number one
And any other shoppers that try to compare
There ain't no way they could hang out with Albee Square

[ T.J. Swan ]
Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall

[ VERSE 3 ]
I step in the place and shop around for a while
Buy some jewelry for Treny and Ali, and after that I'll
Go take a stroll inside of Gibb's Pups
Then buy some fresh silks, Bally's too
Next stop Olympic, wanted to buy some sneakers
Then hit the ??? room to pick me up a Cesar
Stroll around with a fly female
While security's riffin about leanin on the rail
After that I go eat some food at Wendy's
In the Albee cafateria, could be shoppin plenty
>From store to store just stuff in my face
And I do the pfrr-one-two while sayin my grace
Finally I step off all alone
Up to the top level to use the telephone
Never use a quarter, cause I got a calling card
So I can reach out and touch everybody I know
That's where I be until the day is done
Just coolin in the place that's number one
So next time you'll be in Brooklyn walkin around
Play like _Price Is Right_ and 'come on down'

[ T.J. Swan ]
Go shoppin
Go shoppin
Go shop - let's all go shoppin (3x)

Go shoppin
Go shoppin
Go shoppin - Swan and Biz go shoppin

La-la-la-la-lala (till end)

[ Biz gives shout-outs ]

Like Father Like Son (Sporty Thievz)

Passed from old to young wise to dumb
Somethin' wonder where I got my smarts from where I got my heart from
Live by the gun then die by one your time gon' come
Learned from my pops like father like son

(Verse 1)
The Fedz can't bug him 'cuz to fear him is to love him
'Till death hugs him leavin' the stugs above him
You could try to drug him through his food while he's grubbin'
Half-dead paramedics got to fibulate his rubbin
Cousin was stubbin, chrome couple in the duffle
.357 long-nose potatoe muffle
Nigga stayed in trouble 'till guns sprayed the bubble
Ran out of the car, blood spots layed in puddles
At the funeral mourn niggas poured the henny on him
He was walking on threads, the Fedz had plenty on him
Died with the semi on him, now life goes on
Reading the will he said bury me with nice clothes on
And let my wife glow on, leftover ki's while I'm waiting
The cash, combination stashed behind the painting
Give my son everything he's taking, what he wants he can flaunt
The car keys with the red Dupont


"Yo Tone, If your father was alive you wouldn't be out here
running around wilding, drinking, smoking and shit,
yo**would be trying to stay alive and striving for better things in life
You know what I'm sayin? Yo ** that I give up."

(Verse 2)
Naw, that can't be Tone, who's father got blown alone
In the tropical six, peep seats fancy chrome
Cell phone slow jammin', Ice on his throat hanging
Dangling, doin' ninety on sharp roads handling
Can't be him, naw, then he jumped out
Pulled a blunt out, dumb skunk out, then puffed his lungs out
Stuck his tounge out, chick that passed him grabbed him
She all laughing, rubbed his moustache, said he was dazzling
Said call her Jasmine and passed him the pen
Said beep him at ten, wrote his number on her skin
Got back in the six, relaxed a bit, flashed and kissed
Some chick snapped the tints, asked him for flicks
He posed holding tits and chips like he was rich
The way he flossed loot was like he hit a law suit
Should've saw Dubez, bubling like crisco oil
Ice reflected like foil to a disco ball


Yo, ten o'clock sharp, honey hit him on the hip
Tone comes through the strip, ear to the flip
Spittin' image of his pops with a 4 pail on him
Niggas in the street went and bust around on him
Honey shotgun trying to clown on him
Tone went, "Whatchu good for?" and the bitch went down on him
Now it's on, Tone went straight to the estate
Heavily secluded with a guard at the gate
But wait, Tone knows hoe's goes with crime
Crime goes with niggas tailing the whole time
That's why he brought em' to the sticks, he was on to them dicks
>From a lad he knew those were the niggas who killed daddy
Told her, "Bitch, got a surprise, close your eyes, don't wrestle"
Put it to her head and said, "God bless you"
Ran into the crib and went straight for the guns
Peeping the assainants through high-tech surveilence
Like father like son done, but who the last man standing?
Tone ain't goin' out like Bruce and Brandon
Bombs in the canon, AK's and bazooks
Cocked all of them shits back, said "this is for pop Dukes"


(Verse 3)
Of course gotta admit he was smarter than I thought
Buried bodies under the porch and never got caught
Lesson taught: to the smartest, there's always smarter
and first you gotta learn to be a man before you can learn to be a father

(Chorus fades)


Khawar usman Haral@ Tahir Saleem chakwal (dhab kalan)

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