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Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Listen Aygun Kazimova-Dusun meni (Official Clip).flv


Wherever (Outlandish)

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go

To whom it may concern I think I lost someone
I think I heard my mother cry I think I left someone
Think I saw myself commit homicide kill someone
The sweetest thing you have ever seen I think I hurt someone
I am running on a cloudy day
With a mind state far from ok nowhere to stay
And none to pray for me five times a day
Did I mention that I was brought up to the sky
To clarify I was put on a high to represent my body to the fullest still I am rowdy
Though not blessed with the same earthly riches like the Saudi I got spirit so they are bounty hunting
No mercy shown it's a conspiracy all over me won't leave me alone

By the look in your eyes
I can tell you gonna cry
Is it over me
If it is save your tears cause I'm not worth it you´ll see
For I'm the type of boy who is always on the run
Where ever I lay my hat that's my home
I'm telling you that's my home

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
That's my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I'm telling you that's my home

Donde quiera que me encuentre
Donde quiera que yo vaya
Ese es mi hogar esa es mi casa
Soy como una pluma
Que es llevada por el viento
Libre como el aire, sin fronteras
Soy como el universo
Pirata sin modales
dueño de tus mares
tu amor yo me he robado
y sola has quedado
no soy digno de tus lagrimas
no llores tus dolores me los llevo
estas en mis recuerdos
no me justifico
y te pido mil disculpas
si pudiera cambiaria
pero esta es mi conducta
si algún día yo me asentó
seria a tu lado dormiría sosegado en tus brazos
por ahora te digo adiós algún día nos veremos
no guardes el rencor y si los bellos besos
porque a veces la vida es loca (loca loca)
a veces ganas unas
a veces pierdes otras

Wherever I find myself
Where ever I go
That's my house
That's my home
I'm like a feather
Conducted by the wind
Free like air
Without borders
Like the universe
A pirate without manners
Proprietor of your seas
I have stolen your love
And now lonely, there you are
I'm not worthy of your tears
Don't cry, I'm taking your pain away
You'll be in my memory
I can't justify my self
I apologize a thousand times
If I could change I would
But this is my way of being
If one day I settle
It would be by your side, Ill sleep peacefully in your arms
But for now I say goodbye, someday we'll see each other
Don't keep the rancour, only our beautiful kisses
Cuz sometimes life is crazy
Sometimes you win some
Sometimes you loose some.

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
That's my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I'm telling you that's my home

Never ever really sow me coming
Never ever really heard me knocking
Could it be that you were busy working
Thinking about him and forgetting about me
You got to be, (got to be)
down with me (down with me)
Coz only then I'll be (then I'll be)
down for real(down for real)
where ever I lay my hat that's my home

Where ever it go
Where ever I goes
Where ever we go
That's my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I'm telling you that's my home

Get Down (Amil Featuring Beyonce')

Oh shhhh
Yo Jon-John this track is crazy

You know how i do
Browntown, Roc-A-Fella

Where my ballers at? Where my thugs at?
Where my fellows at?
Where my coins at? Where my bitches at?
Where my ladies at?
Where my ballers at? Where my thugs at?
Where my fellows at?
Where my coins at? Where my bitches at?
Where my ladies at?

Let me know what tha deal, keep it real
If you wanna build
Ain't nothing wrong with a roughneck
Rockin' dirty Timbs, baggy jeans, and a nice chest
What you do on the low?
You Bling-bling
You's a thug for sure, I want ice cold ice, hit me off
Wanna break me off, you gotta break me off
Break me off

However you wanna get down
I can get down, baby, like you get down
You know I don't play around
If you got diamonds, maybe we can get down
However you wanna get down
I can get down, baby, like you get down
You know I don't play around
If you got diamonds, maybe we can get down, get down

Can I live? Let me live, you want me
Then you gotta give
I'm a bad girl, such a bad girl
Not a **, but a rock girl
Drive a drop girl
Hair is done, body's right
You wanna touch cause I'm just that tight
We can roll, we can stroll but I gotta let you know
I ain't giving out without doe


So if you wanna get with me
Then diamonds is what I need
You are what I need
And if you want to make me happy
Then give me some of your cream
Give it to me baby, give it to me, give it to me

Uh huh, yeah
Amilliyon, Major Coins
It be the brokest niggas always talking shit
I don't even notice niggas who can't offer shit
What that look like, a broke nigga flossin this
Major Coin, meaning high costing bitch
Only a baller in fact can keep me in the minks
To the small of my back, I'm just keeping it real
Letting y'all know from the gate, no papes, no scrapes
You ain't hungry for it, no plates
Mother **er you'll get clowned first
Treat you like a corner scrub slinging an ounce of dirt
Think about it, what sound worse?
Telling my Coins you broke, or you drowned the purse?
See only official bitches wifey of a rich nigga
A smart bitch, ** with no trick niggas
Them grimy bitches ** with stick niggas
And a dumb bitch just ** you for your dick nigga


Untouchable (2Pac)

[2Pac] (Intro)

Makaveli, I'm in the studio drunk then a mutha**a..
Ready to freestyle this shit and do it wild..
Live, for all my dogs.. For all my dogs out there raising hell,
just to see ya young nigga, raise the bail..
stepped out on the streets, fresh from jail,
all the police wanna rag and tell,
not knowing that I stacks my mail,
all these niggas wanna see me fail..
that's just the intro, as I sit back and rock this instrumental...

After the fire comes the rain, after the pleasure it's pain,
even though we broke for the moment, we ballin' the game...
time to make yo mind military, be prepared for the bustas,
similar to bitches too scary and too near me be rushing...
visions of over-packed prisons,
feens and niggas thug livin',
pressures and 3 Strikes, hope they don't tell us...
they call it heater, amminition at grace,
move without a sound, let me slide down, pistols in place...
they got me feenin' for currency, the money it goes,
it's like I'm a, dreamin' senior season me ballin'...
official hated, and my enemies be hated, got the cops .4-5 stanchin' niggas pagers...
laid with a mark, soon as we start, but it's hard to quit,
started out drinkin' 40's, the hardest shit...
God Damn now I'm a grown man, I follow no man,
nigga got my own plan, in my hand...
got the .45, I get it live to survive, make these niggas die,
while gettin' high though we cry...
when these thugs bud, niggas'll leave in they casket,
that's what you get for being playa hatin' bastards...
me and my click so ligit, we keep a 50 on us,
these niggas know, you can't touch us...
when they get to come against us, these niggas be defenceless and senseless,
knockin' niggas back on the fence...
my whole click be sick, and though we rip whole crews,
niggas knew we came through drinkin' 22's of brew,
and though we drink Hennessy, we provide our enemies with mo' shit,
though all the world so legit...
I read my name out, Makaveli with the Thug Life tatted on the bottom of my belly,
can these niggas understand this, my whole family is sick and so Scandalouz...
Let's intorduce my click, Kastro, when he blast yall niggas run to hide,
Napoleon will provide the game, let me explain while Edi provide shit for the needy and take from the greedy..
Khadafi, he's not sloppy and not a copy, he's the only one bring a gun, if you want it...
Young Noble bring the soul to the troop, let 'em know we come through in a bucket of BMW's...
we trouble you, the "W" for West Side, niggas die when they try to infultrate my crew...
we never hide, we ride, and die together,
and when you see my click we always ride forever...
me, my whole click is sick, we smoke sisamy, can you convince the G,
that they can come against me...
you can't see me on TV or live, niggas die when they try to come against me...
never hide, in my own zone in my own dome,
in my mind I'm a Don, niggas knew it once,
I came all out, splashed on niggas, will I dash on niggas,
once I mash these niggas, I'll be bader nigga...
it's me, Makaveli, a.k.a The Don of this whole click,
nigga you's slow sick...
that's my freestyle drunk and slow,
just so you bitch**niggas in the back row now...
weather it's New York or Texas,
ride through in a Lexus,
a BMW, I trouble you,
so and forever this Big 'ol "W"...
hu-hu-hu, my Double R cruise, I'm a big rap star,
rockin' the grooves, niggas where ya at...
where you are is the back, in the front when you park this shit,
I keep a gat inside my trunk legit,
always, and though I'm on probabtion I still rock the nation,
out on bail,
though last year I was in jail,
raise hell, until I get my mail,
will I fail?..
hell naw nigga bite my nails...
I keep a manicure, though you panic,
you're still gone die
when Pac get high...
smokin' Indo, I roll my window down,
a smooth criminal, and though I pack this pound,
.3-5-7, .0-4-5, will I hide?..
will I die?..
will I ride?..
niggas never know why...
my whole crew, a family click,
always sick,
are we live though we struggle to survive in this mutha**a...
9-5 turn to 9-6, 9-6 turn to 9-7, I keep a .3-5-7 Mac 11...
back home I got a M-O, what I say, a Mini 14, ha ha...
my Double R, ride with my crew, ride with my crew,
you don't have a clue nigga when we comin' for you...
we hit the House of Blues actin' like fools, my nigga Fatal,
put a gun inside a club, I keep his **in' pre-nadle,
had to bang inside a chest, now I, bang as Veli, no-no-no,
with Makaveli I told him don't bring that gas out of Veli...
I said yo Fatal are you crazy, nigga pissin' all side in the front,
niggas said god damn them niggas is funny as hell...
what you want?.. you want the pump?..
hell naw them niggas don't want no beef,
that's why we left that mutha**a in a Rose,
a Limo I mean... well pick this out, to me,
I was sittin' in the back, then on some hits,
I did a dope as show, them niggas will always remember me...
came from India, Felizimo, was the call, yeah nigga I got Vasache on,
on mighty all them niggas want to ** with me, yall know...
I always represent my people to the fullest,
yeah I'm that same mutha**a that took five, bullets...

Ill Kebab (Outlandish)

Why you treating me so wrong
When all I try to be is so strong
Don't want me to maintain
Please stop messing with my brain, my baby

Yeah yeah yeah
Let's get it on
To the early morn'
Yeah yeah yeah
Let's break it down
Baby, break it down

I gotta bad name
Being the bad man I am
Doing bad thangs
Hang around with
My bad friends, bad clan
Doing bad stuff
Me and you all the same
Time to get rough

Quien lo hizo no lo se
No fui yo, pero al final
La historia me absolverá
Porque no estuve yo en el lugar
De todos lados me disparan
Los malos hábitos se acaparan
A mis errores ellos me amarran
No solo tengo cosas malas
Soy humano igual que todos
No soy perfecto igual que todos
Vulnerable como todos
Quiero que me traten como a todos
Quien tiene la respuesta
Por que no comprendo lo que hacemos
En el fondo yo soy bueno
Quien lo hizo nunca sabremos

Who did it?
I don't know
It wasn't me, but at the end
The history will absolve me
Cuz I wasn't at the current place
From all sides I get blamed
And the bad habits can be monopolized
To my errors they attach me
Like if I only have bad things
I'm human, like everyone
Not perfect, like everyone
Vulnerable, like everyone
I just want to be treated like everyone
Who got the answer?
Cuz I don't get what we're doing
In the bottom, I'm good
And who did it, we'll never know


I'm feeling low so you know I got to go
I can't stay any more
No longer will I mourn
I feel the rain and the pain
Creeping under my skin
You ain't my friend cause
You haven't been where I've been
I've been places
Seen faces
Unsolved cases
Kids on streets with no shoelaces
So how the hell you gonna go off by telling me
It's gonna be alright
So please let me go
Islam B let 'em know


Boo be calling me
Like what ever she wants
As long as she don't call me home
Mamma wouldn't like that
Cuz that's a no no
So say my name is Mo
And let's do this happy hour on a low
See my real name be Muhammad
But nobody really has to know
But anuff's said and let's do this right
In your crib by the TV light
Get you real high screaming my name
Dreaming 'bout me while you´re doing your man
Thinking that I might come back to you
But I lied too
Played you cool
Girl, stop calling me
You better stop
See you did it
Just to get a rep

Gangsters And Thugs (The Transplants)

{Chorus} [2x]:
Gangsters and thugs
Criminals and hoods
Some of my friends sell records
Some of my friends sell drugs

You stand by me, I stand by you
If there is a fight I'm the one to come to
Good and bad times we've been through
You got my back and I got yours too
All of my life you are in my crew
I'd do anything for you
Beat somebody black and blue
Black and blue I'd do anything for you

{Chorus} [2x]

Try to tell 'em leave us alone
Still ridin' with them fellas
Down that unknown road
No tell 'em, I told 'em before, wasn't listenin'
No more bitchin', leave 'em all on the floor
I know you think it's money
You're dead 'til it hurts
That's why I still got that needle
And I still got that works
Tomorrow ain't promised, I'll smoke it today
And I'll be on my way


It's official, I'm destined to fail
I ain't tryin' to get yo case
I ain't got no money for bail
I'm hurt, I'm in the ER before New Year's Eve
Said, "There's nothing we can do
So we suggest that you leave"
Dirty G-joints, they don't give a damn
That's a brake and I'm a scale
Break it down into grams
They said, "You came so close to losin'"
Now I swear that's the truth
Same shit, different day
I swear man, what's the use

It's a different day with good intentions
I got dirty with two prostentions
I make a living, ain't got no pension
For transcriptions for my life on tension
The world is mine, no limit, I can do it
Every drama in life, I've been through it
Even if I couldn't I blew it
Regret nothin', I move on and say, "** you"

{Chorus} [2x]

It Just Don't Stop (The Roots)

featuring Dice Raw

Dig it, this world is filled with homicides and **
All the crimes of hate just ain't the size and shape
You can walk don't the block and get slumped or knocked
It don't stop y'all and it just don't stop (x2)

Black Thought:
I leave the microphone intrigued with my practice
This rebel stick your system like a cactus a boys sadness
Who knows what is concealed under the mattress
Ruegurs, losses and grindals when my minds in blackness
Then I act this way the beast unleashed
Rabbis, monks and priests always pray for peace
But it's deceased now only lives the true realance
Open up the mental deaths you rented through my palace
My thoughts contain the plus sign plus the malice
Not equating to your Wonderland so ** Alice
My style is hostile on the external
But got plenty of love and warmth that's internal
The sin coronal
Surfaces from whispers from the lower
My noun like arks and 950 years of Noah
You're arch rival
You burn a cross I burn the bible
Because I'm liable, to do this
When my actions true this
But I'd rather choose to use my diction
Resurrect that blond blue eyed and put him through another crucifixion
Stay up in your jurisdiction (say what?)
My depiction is the drama
Though these eyes I've seen the trauma
Homicides in the source that was phenomenal
When I find out who banged Muwan in his abdominal
Met with Jesus to learn to Burns not commical
At times this thing ain't logical
I gots to walk around with my brain on cock
Cause it can't (can't) won't (won't) don't (don't) stop


Malik B (M-Ill-it-ant):
My mentals in flame your brains will drain
When I let the ink drip and then pass out a pink slip
I think quick so check my methodology
My stylagy is more ranty than anthropology
Between your raw legs like it's gynecology
You and your sorry**style needs an apology
Cause an earthquake and make you shake you need neurology
These niggas kill me actin' like stars ** they astrology
Imagin' with my badge I snatch the pagent
Turn your city to a smashing and grab it
Now it's time to burn the maggots my message stronger than Elisha
That backslap the**like your father
Why bother?
Would any care for, lyrics I sling from my mic with cease your laughter
Mind of a bachelor to a master
What I thought that leaves you flabbergasted
Ask you what's the matter bastard?
These types of rhythms man you'd rather blast it
You hear the beats in jeeps over the weekend
Silence is golden and niggas get killed just for speakin'
The only deacon is death when ya left wounded
Layin' on the ground and meet your doom quick
I done been through the deserts of hell with Satin sittin' waitin'
Contemplatin' and trying to get me for the takin'
That's why I walk around with my brain on cock
Cause it can't (can't) won't (won't) don't (don't) stop


Black Thought:
At times I feel as if could pull a kamikaze
Illuminatti probably in the civic center lobby
They seeds in the world student body probably
Creatin' missles they got my child holdin' pistols
Knowledge and understand will make a man murder
Stand further ** all the swine plus they hamburger
No hallucination the lieutenant plus Illitant arean murder that's mental
Credentials is I am a hell residental with fire for the presidental
Officially it's havoc in the temple
I terrorize the heavens bring on the renaissance
With the seventh the civili the reverence reprimand
The deacon keepin' 'em from speachin'
Tell 'em seeks the false preacher and I step like a shadow on your way to
hot concrete
And ovserve my peoples in the essence every weekend
We wonder what the ** is school teachin'
Intoxicating soldiers at chaotic times reachin'
The dynasty is slim
But they only resemble what's when we attack
That split your back then we extort your speciamen
I put this in your system like lesser than
Then manuver mentally for men internal medicine
I hold the fort down with Malik symoblic
To the mind of word that's Islamic
The killer force as I deposit dealin' with logic
I keep my brain on cock it don't stop

Bad lieutenant, M-Ill-it-ant feel the fifth guerilla chant. Come through. ?

Check it out.


Don't Move (Mac Mall)

featuring JT Tha Bigga Figga


Figga nometry.

*(Mac Mall)*

Yea yea yea yea.
It's yo folks Mac Mall ???
Always keep my shit mayne. Ya know?!
We through here.
Yea yea!
Where it's at nigga?

Verse 1 *(Mac Mall)*

I'm a cut throat nigga
I told her gone off that Nitro
go mani on yo block makin ??? sleep wit the lights on
Mr. Vicious down to do wrong
wit a pack of savage niggas that'll come an get ya outta ya jones
damn them squares ain't safe
got him for the briefcase
a big face
and I was bare faced
I know ya hate the taste of my name in yo mouth
you know what I'm bout
quick to test yo d-boy clout an leave ya laid out
busta I never liked ya keep a thousand yards stiff
when I'm mashin by, ya pussy posse ain't gon' appear
like if I hopped out, told ya to run yo shit playa
we both know that the moss will leave yo**dead
I run the hood like a jungle
king of the beast
head hunters after me, I make 'em all bleed
** the rollas man, they betta not run up on my plot
cuz I won't dump until I drop my semi on cops
blowin my top
lettin loose like a nut
should all the stoppers bag me up that's how ya bring the funk
so when ya see me comin, folks ya betta watch ya shit
I start to mobbin in this BITCH! MUTHA **A!

Chorus *(Mac Mall)*

You know I want it nigga
I know you got it nigga
when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga.
You know I want it nigga
I know you got it nigga
when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga.
Don't flinch.
Don't Move.
Don't break.
My bottle will make ya body shake sucka.
Don't flinch.
Don't Move.
Don't break.
Or today is gon' be your last day.

Verse 2 *(JT Tha Bigga Figga)*

As I rumble through the clothes in yo dresser
hopin I catch ya
wit a bundle of bread cut him up an get him for his vest
an his pistol
an his sacks
stuff my pockets
out the back
an I'm off to the track
4-5 an a vest an I'm all in black
an i got me a gat
cuz you know an I know that war field
that broke niggas provoke niggas
an dumb niggas gon' go there
but oh well
it's all official, comin to get ya
niggas wit dope sells
an if you wonder we gon' split ya
niggas wit mo mail
this Cali livin' ain't no jokin
paper chasin on my hustle to the day I go broke
satisfied wit my riches
never that I keep it goin wit my
cut him all in the back of a bucket we blowin
test the nuts of these ridas
man it's on, on sight
got my pistol in my pocket an I'm ready to strike
we foldin 'em up like blankets
tuck 'em away like Ben Franklin's
on a day-to-day basis, different places an leave 'em stankin.
Don't Move nigga.

Chorus *(JT Tha Bigga Figga)* 2x

You know I want it nigga
I know you got it nigga
when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga.
You know I want it nigga
I know you got it nigga
when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga.
Don't flinch.
Don't Move.
Don't break.
My bottle will make ya body shake sucka.
Don't flinch.
Don't Move.
Don't break.
Or today is gon' be your last day.

*(JT talking)*

The young Mac Meez.
5-Tre-5, GLP, ya understand me?
Get Low, Young Black Brotha (YBB) colabortation.
Doin' it live.
Movie and soundtrack beware of those nigga.
JT Tha Bigga Figga an Mac Mall puttin it down, sewin up this independent Bay
Area nigga.
Takin it world wide.
Ya understand me boi?!
Yea, yea, yea!


You know I want it nigga
I know you got it nigga
when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga.
You know I want it nigga
I know you got it nigga
when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga.
Don't flinch.
Don't Move.
Don't break.
My bottle will make ya body shake sucka.
Don't flinch.
Don't Move.
Don't break.
Or today is gon' be your last day.

A-1 Performance (AZ)

Y'all can't be serious, this is A-1 performance
Your boy wit' the million-dollar vocal chords
No more Cristal and DoM P, straight Gatorade
And they say in death, all life questions shall be answered
But this here started before the womb
and will not end after the grave
Y'all can't disturb me

[Verse One]
Critically acclaimed, verbally I'm sickly insane
Officially, I remain the Ripleys of the game
Believe or not, the hustler's here to retrieve his spot
From y'all dungaree thieves that mislead the block
No rehearsal, nothing's controversial
Relax homie, react, one response'll hurt you
I know death, I was there when souls left
Froze holdin' my nose, over decomposed flesh
It's deeper, brown reefer, no beeper, low ceaser
Outta sight, the life make the doe sweeter
The raps Derrick Jeter, veggie-eater, half-ebonizer
Love leisure, crewed up, in the stretch 11-seaters
It's either; move accordin' or, lose an organ
It's sorta like an abortion, you choose what's more important for ya
Pimp to poet, from prince to heroic to
Now, King of New York now, as if y'all don't know this.

If you, If you think you want it
You know y'all can get it
Nobody doing it better than AZ, no, no, no [2x]

[Verse Two]
I done did the ostrige, the gators, silver foxes
Silk boxers, rocked ice so obnoxious
Wore pradas, Taj Mahal more dollars
What other mother**er y'all could call hotter
Street affilly, sweet swisher, switch from willy
This so amazing, MJ style the flows Cajun
Connect wit me, absorb, reflect wit me
Respect im so N-Sync, I could ** Britney
Been about it, no comparison, send 'em a stylest
They too old for gold, and they dress code is childish
I'm grown music, so I ask don't confuse it
Consider, I'ma soul food this Howard Heuwit
Sos the don, so seductive overdose 'em wit' charm
Paranoid, sorta, so please approach me calm
Clothes and money, hydro, hoes among me,
Emphatically, the truth is y'all can't take nothin' from me.

If you, If you think you want it
You know y'all can get it
Nobody doing it better than AZ, no, no, no [2x]

[Verse Three]
Although it's all music, at times we misuse it
Confuse it, like we back on the block suited
Born-thugs now get recruited, but listen youngin'
You still a student I spit twirlin' tricks wit' a toothpick
Taught ya teacher, I'm the source for seekers
Resurrected like christ off the cross on easter
Zone excessive, seven different home addresses
So many years lost through tribulations, I've grown possessive
I, earned my title, I learned survival
Self made, never too concerned wit' idols
The earth and the moon is one, and I'm the sun
So all competition is none, get ya gun.

If you, If you think you want it
You know y'all can get it
Nobody doing it better than AZ, no, no, no [2x]
Nobody, doing it better than AZ

Arts Of War (N.J.C.)

Verse One
First maps pulled out, welcome to our own times
Back here, we didn't encounter really on our rhymes
A group of soldiers march, I'm leading the way
Us, and other troops have to sit down, negotiate
Is it too late? Crime increasing, hell's gate open
Where all the sins live, tattooed people, smoking
And drinking underage, we wanna make a change
Where we can all gather and fly the same plane
Help to sell the game, all it takes is a little gold
And for now, just simply put your mouth on hold
Cos the war could break out, worse than a revolution
Look you've already got Iraq and us shooting
Paint a perfect picture, without colours included
Meditate thoroughly before we go to do this
I knew this would occur, soon as the clouds go black
I'm counting on myself there ain't no turning back

Chorus (2x)
Soldiers march, while I lead my troops and all
All occurring in the sudden arts of war
Open and pour, be yourself once more
You've been called, in the sudden arts of war

Verse Two
My niggas can bang worse than an Armageddon
Not killing, ever since three years in the Millennium
Ready for it, as people walk, whether on streets
Keep smoking and I won't reach up to six feet
Whether soldier, general, sergeant or colonel
Going to this could put your life in terminal
Train exploded, that's the end of your little life
Yo most kids can't even get to see their wife
In the future, lawfully holding hands, mans
From boys, women from girls, understand
The full proof plan, bullet proof it won't rip
I'm not like a typical drink to sip, or lace to trip
Comes differently, whether it be in different classes
Picking up grenades, you can feel the sudden masses
We toast over mutton, after the battle is done, mammy
Recognise once more, streets are even more live
More can survive, less of us getting high

Chorus (2x)

Verse Three
We can get it on just as long as you all co-operate
This I gotta take while I'm on my paper chase
Dealing with a new case, and succeed in our dreams
Officially Man mostly made everything we see
Including the idea to write and the idea to read
Kids in our garden, it's time to sow another seed
40 days and 40 nights, helped my dangerous side succeed
Feel the nice breeze, brighter day, climbing up
Fat heads we're just normally told to light it up
All of my people accompany me, like a reunion
Like ink my place in this music is permanent
I am sincere, not just a duplicate black
Who may look like someone exact, the way I react
You should understand the arts of war, plus the fact that…

Chorus (2x)

104, Arts of war! Family tree, my man Large! Shari, Anne-Marie and their friends! D.K, represent, my man Scully! H-Y-D-R-O, it's out here…

89.9 Detrimental (Company Flow)

[El P]
For all intents and purposes I ram pride
Resonate pussy rapper get the long donkey cock
I keep telethon MC's clinging to Jerry's person
Mother**in Tourette's syndrome MC's can't freestyle without
Crossed T's and dotted I's but still caught a liquid shit surprise
Rappers got on colored contacts but they better real eyes
Contact CoFlow shit equals El Bigg Jus distortion
Try to merk off on our pile but you choked on my **in portion
You oughta scream, got my name up in your mouth like cock or
When every rhyme becomes the official new blueprint for wannabe
I don't mind you talkin shit just keep it in the first person
Think realistically if you diss me could you handle my rebuttal
Then again if you spit my name it only means you recognize my status
I flip the script use your little diss as a promotional apparatus
I'll ignore you sellin crack, killin people, and keepin it real
but disrespect me and my adopted fam and die young like veal
When miscellaneous MC's drop they spontaneous
bullshit metaphor, the outcome is always obvious
When that piece of shit Mother Time gets cut short in 1999
I'll be stress-free, knowin that while I was on Earth I got mine
Say what..?
8 Steps to Perfection, the sum of each part forms an octagon
Where rhyme styles get sparked..


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