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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Order Through Chaos (The Psycho Realm)

The simplest shit ain't plain to see
Chaos floods the life on these streets
Took a wrong turn on burned concrete
And now the enemy dies for free
Real young guns are kept firing
And the clowns that are holding it down are smiling
We kill our own and bring sirens
And act out the ultimate plans of fighting
Chaos serves as smoke repeated hoax to screen
We lose control confused in the midst of staged scenes
Media invented unrelented reports presented
Often enough to make us think our world's tormented
Sentenced by the momentous news of feuds we side and choose
Use weapons and step in the trap we lose
Pick up wars designed to scar and kill ours
All because the broadcast flashed ghetto stars
How much television you watch you tube whores?
Keep score and wake up or the'?ll do it some more
Crazy times and wild headlines
Document the city routine with hard rhymes
Blinded street teams clash
And push our message across the news flash
Bald heads are sick minded
And anyone who crosses the path is found dead
Through TV set nonsense
We sit and fit as the face of violence


We roam the streets all lost
And get caught up in a world of chaos
Survive or defeat concrete jungle
Ex-out the weak order out of wild streets
We roam the streets all lost
And get caught up in a world of chaos
Survive or defeat concrete jungle
Ex-out the weak order out of wild streets
They keep order by making street corners gang borders
Beating down king and setting the theme for riot starters
Cop quarters can't maintain the disorder
So they call the national guard to come strike harder
Rolling deep headed for florence
And normandy where all you see
Building on fire chaos on roman streets
Hope is cheap sold by the local thief
Relief from the common grief
Served on a platter shatter your smallest dreams
Pig chiefs are referees on gladiator fields
We're too busy dodging the sword truth stays unrevealed
Sealed all filled in the federal cabinets
Classified order through chaos for world inhabitants
Can you survive these real hard times?
Wild confrontations of mine, well, alright
We go to the streets at night
And fight in the sick-ass side show of mine
We play the government role
And straight up **in? smoke the rival
We plan you will fall
And leave you wasted on arrival

Chorus (x1)

Hooray For Me... (Bad Religion)

I can see my teenage father standing straight on a desolate corner,
in the shadow of tentacled towers by the red light of America,
I imagine how his mother felt when she heard that her husband was dying,
and that underground heroes of the tarmac shooting smack were blowing up worlds

and Damned out loud,
he, can you tell me how does it feel?

yeah, tell me, can you imagine, for a second,
doing anything that you don't have to?
well that's what I'm accustomed to so hooray for me

when I slept with stony faces on the riverbank,
my angeldevil reveller shook me desperately in dying,
I don't exactly want to apologize for anything, and now
we're all mad and tangled in secret rooms with roman candles,
on an endless graveyard train

yeah, tell me, can you imagine, for a second, doing
anything just 'cuz you want to?
well, that's just what I do so hooray for me

yeah, I was dreaming through the "howzlife", yawning,
car black, when she told me "mad and meaningless as ever..",
and a song came on my radio like a cemetery rhyme,
for a million crying corpses in their tragedy of respectable existence

oh, yeah, I'm not respectable, and never sensible,
I've been incredible so damned irascible
and I like the things I do so hooray for me

Blood Slakes The Sand At The Circus Maximus (Bal-Sagoth)

[Thoughts of an Iceni gladiator, awaiting the opening of the arena portcullis:]

[Memories of rebellion (Carnage at Camulodunum):]

[Iceni Messenger:] Hearken! The Ninth Legion has been put to the sword! The
war-Chief of Queen Boudicca: Onwards to Camulodunum... wet your swords!
Redden the earth with Roman blood!

I remember the carnage at Camulodunum...
The glorious clash of Celtic sword against Roman gladius,
The pride in the eyes of our war-queen
As we **ed down the Imperial Eagle,
And the severed heads of centurions gaping atop our spears.

[Bloodshed and Battle: 61 AD (C.E.)]

They had gone too far, these invaders from the east, with their imperial eagle
which they dared to drive into our sacred soil... pompously claiming our
island as their own. They who marched across the world expanding their empire
all for the greater glory of their succession of debauched emperors, reclining
upon their ivory thrones in the heart of sweltering Rome. Aye, they had gone
too far... After their brutal annexation of our sovereign Iceni lands and the
vile **of our Queen Boudicca's royal daughters, the Romans had the sown the
fields of carnage and they would reap a grim harvest of slaughter, without
doubt! They had enraged the Red Queen, and by the gods, they would pay!
We certainly taught the arrogant invading dogs a lesson, at any rate. The
omens and portents spoke of vast bloodshed and great carnage, and after our
slaughterous victories at Camulodunum (the Temple of Claudius burned
wonderfully!), Londinium and Verulanium, the cursed Romans finally dared to
meet us honourably upon the field of war at Mandeussedum. They sent fifteen
thousand legionaires, their armour gleaming like gold in the sun... but it
would still yield to our swords and spears, no matter how it sparkled.
The Roman scoundrel, Governor Suetonius Paullinus, battle-scarred from his
campaigns against the Druids, was able to choose the ground upon which to make
his stand, and so it was that he selected as the battlefield a narrow valley,
fronted by a flat plain, with dense woodland at its rear. Aye... Mandeussedum,
"the place of the chariots"... I remember it vividly.
The Governor's army looked unnerved as wee took the field. I'll never forget
that, iron Roman fortitude or not! We were one hundred thousand strong,
infantry and cavalry, both men and women warriors, as is our Celtic custom, in
the ranks together, all annointed with woad, all roaring oaths and vows to our
ancient gods, who were surely grimly watching the epic confrontation from
their great thrones and vast halls. Our war-chariots thundered up and down the
Roman front, the charioteers screaming abuse at the grim legionaires,
decurions and centurions, and hurling spears and other missiles which
clattered against the Imperial shield wall. And not one Roman javelin or pilum
was hurled in response, not one arrow was loosed in retaliation. They were
disciplined, I'll give them that. We were swelled by our victories, empowered
by our noble cause, enraged with the battle frenzy; thirsting to take as many
Roman heads as our bright blades could sever!
And yet we were perhaps somewhat overconfident that day...

[Abducted from the Iceni:]

In the aftermath of our defeat at Mandeussedum, I was captured by Romans with
a veiled intent... (though three of them died at my hands in the attempt!)
Nero was growing bored with the gladiators, slaves and lion-fodder at his
great Circus, and so had requested Suetonius Paullinus to provide the citizens
of Rome with new entertainment... The Emperor had heard much of the wildness
and fighting spirit of these barbaric Britons who had brought such woe to his
far-famed legions; these painted, pagan tribesmen who had resisted the
Empire's iron fist where the glorious phalanxes of the East had not.
"Agents of the Imperium... hearken to my words", Nero had demanded. "Bring to
Rome some of these tribesman for the Games. Let us pit them against our most
ravenous beasts and our greatest gladitorial champions."
And so I was taken in fetters aboard a Roman trireme, the blood of slain
legionaires still crusted upon my thews, I was taken far from the fens of my
beloved homeland, to tread the sun baked sand of the Circus Maximus... to
fight for my life in the Imperial Arena.

[Arrival at the Circus Maximus:]

The Circus Maximus was certainly a splendid sight, I'll admit. A vast
colosseum with great stone columns and tiers, huge ornate arches and mighty
statues of grey marble. Countless people filled the seats surrounding the
sandy floor of the Arena... and in his opulent royal enclosure, flanked by
gleaming guards and grovelling lackeys, sat the great Emperor himself...

[Emperor Nero:] Fight, barbarian outlander! Please us, and mayhap Mars will
smile on thee this day!

[Iceni warrior:] Bah! I do not hail to your Roman gods, and you are not my
emperor! By Cernunnos, the blood of my enemies shall stain the sand of this
cursed arena red this day!

[The Combat Commences:]

They unleashed the lions first. Hunger maddened beasts, goaded into a frenzy
by the cruel point of many a pilum... And yet my own hunger, the hunger for
revenge, was greater, and my honed steel was sharper than bestial fang and
claw. And so they ranged their finest warriors against me. Three more iron
gates around the arena yawned open, and they strode from the colosseum tunnels
amidst a cacophony of cheering from the assembled Roman spectators, urged on
and showered with martial adulation from the massed arena crowd, who howled
their bloodlust without cessation.
I studied my opponents... there were two trained gladiators, champions I was
told, who had never met defeat in the Games... and then there was another like
me, a captured warrior forced to fight for his life. This one was a towering
reaver from the Northlands with a bright yellow beard, hefting a crude axe
with a single iron head. I lifted my iron bladed Celtic shortsword with its
bronze hilt (the same sword which, mere days before, had been slaked with
Roman blood... and its blade would soon be red once more with the blood of my
captors, by all the gods!) and nodded to the reaver. An understanding passed
between us... we knew we were here simply as sword-fodder, and we knew we
would both fight these Roman dogs to the death!
The first gladiator moved towards me; he was a giant of a man, standing nearly
seven feet tall and clad in dark leather and bronze armour from head to toe.
His full-face visored helmet was set with ornate metal fittings and encrusted
with jewels of various hues, and a vast black horse hair plume rose from the
metal crown. Strapped on to his forearms were two black vambraces, to each of
which had been secured twelwe inch serrated blades, and they gleamed brightly
in the hot afternoon sunlight. He began to circle me slowly, his eyes hidden
beneath his great helmet. To his left, I saw the second gladiator begin to
close on the Northman. The yellow-bearded axeman's opponent was a huge
steel-helmeted Nubian, wielding a wickedly pointed trident and carrying an
embossed iron buckler with a great spike jutting from its polished centre.
Far above, upon his great dias, the Emperor gave the signal for the combat to
begin, and with the battle-lust engulfing me, with the red mist swirling
before my eyes, I vowed to my northern gods that I would show these leering
Romans the fighting spirit and battle prowess of my people... I would leave
the arena littered with the bloody corpses of my opponents...
I would cast off the imperial fetters and return to the fens! Aye, I would
escape, and make all Romans fear my name, and compel Nero to rue the day
Julius Caesar had first ordered his legions across the grim grey sea to my

To be continued...

Crucifiction Justified (Roman Supremacy) (Ancient Rites)

Liar ! False prophet! You must die!
Bastard! Spit on you! Liar! Weak loser!
Spit on your cross! Christ!
How can one possibly follow your weak rules
You promised heaven
Rather descend into hell
Die Jesus Die
You only played a game on earth
Only an empty grave awaits
Die Nazarine Christ!
You're hoping for a place in heaven Could be hell
Only an empty grave awaits
No ressurection! No place for weak idols
No one is our master
We create our own rules
The Roman Empire can't tolerate the weak
No partisan activities can bring our empire down
Don't threaten us!

Valentine (Shades Apart)

Sometimes she fades away
She's seen too many movies
Killing enough rainy days
With nothing else to do

We'll make our escape
Like the end of Casablanca
Taking off from a dark runway
With nothing left to lose

The sun is shining somewhere
Somewhere far away
I could sell everything and go there
Just to hear her say - listen my

Valentine - Say the line
We can be famous for tonight
Superstar - There you are
Bigger than life in black and white
Valentine - Say the line
We can just leave it all behind
Say the line - My valentine

Just like Roman Holiday
A princess and a schemer
Killing an ordinary day
Any way they choose

Back in Hollywood
Convertibles and palm trees
Matinee movie-stars and sunscreen
I wonder if it's true

The sun is rising somewhere
Brighter every day
We'll forget everything and go there
Nothing's in the way

Listen my valentine - Say the line
We can be famous for tonight
Superstar - There you are
Bigger than life in black and white
Valentine - Say the line
We can just leave it all behind
Say the line - My valentine
Leave it all behind

Sometimes she starts to fade
With starry eyes she tells me
"I want a place in the sun"
She's not the only one

The sun is shining somewhere
Somewhere far away
If we just pack our bags and go there
Everything will change

Valentine - Say the line
We can be famous for tonight
Superstar - There you are
Bigger than life in black and white
Valentine - Say the line
We can just leave it all behind
Say the line - My valentine

We can just leave it all behind
We can just leave it all behind
We can just leave it all behind
We can just leave it all behind


Volkermord, Der Antigott (Enthroned)

[1st Verse]

For all tortured soul down there. Listen......I m the satanic spirit who
commands all the Romans the oruel ones to crucify the bastard christ. when
the eagle of Rome perscute god's children, I had drunk their blood and raped
their daughters.

For all tortured soul down there. Listen......I m the hatred who to the
slaves of evil teh blind ones to crush the holy son when the industries of
inferno burnt teh children of god. I had breath their ashes and crush the
holy son when the industries of inferno burnt the children of god, I had
breath their ashes and vomit war out.

volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !

I m the invincible force who command to your leaders, the unholy ones who
shall set the world on fire, when the nuclear sword **the earth from part
to part. I shall set the flames of impurity and small the stench.....Of
thousand million martyrs their ashes shall be blast by the storm to form
black cloud and cover the sun.
A dead cloud planet is all that shall remains and let my spirit free

volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !
volkermord, antigott !

[Repeat 1st Verse]

Extraction From Mortality (Believer)

What good would result for a man
By gaining the world but losing his soul?
Love not the world
Or the wrath of the Father you will behold

Do not conform to evil
The desires conceived in ignorance
Choosing to befriend the world
Brings hatred from God as a consequence

Extraction From Mortality
Deliverance from agony

Men would love you as their own
If you belonged to this earthly realm
Mankind hates the ones
Who do not conform but rebel

Everyone born of God
Will not face eternal decay
Death they will overcome
The ways of man will pass away

Be transformed by renewing
The intentions and thoughts of your mind
Your life must be hidden in Christ
Leaving the corrupted flesh behind

[Exodus 23:2; Romans 8:29, 12:2; 1 John 2:15, 5:4;]
[1 Peter 1:14; Matthew 16:26; James 4:4;]
[Colossians 3:23; 1 Corinthians 7:31; Hebrews 11:25]

The Entity (Arghoslent)

As they made their journey in 1000 BC
Headed for Britain, they were subdued
By the Entity...

They erected Stonehenge for human sacrifice
War was in their blood, the air was cold as ice
Babies fed flesh to be warriors of the night
They fought to the death
The only way to fight

Fought in the town square
Hung their victim's heads
For all to see as appraisal to the gods
October 31st, spirits of the dead
The people left severed heads
Their practices were sound

It was the Entity...

"The king, he has died," the town cried
"Slice him open to see who follows," cried the priest

In 55 BC the Romans came from Rome
The Celts rode into battle to protect their bloody throne
Tied them to horses and nailed them to their homes
The Romans were destroyed in battle and driven to their boats
The Celts cheered in victory and drank from the skulls
The Entity has powered over the violent Celts
In conquest the entity and violence moved on
Carrying its plunge unto the next unknowing pawn

Demigod (Behemoth)

Behold! children ov Cain
All beings not ov reptilian form
Be upon them!
Spare none! mercy cast aside!
Those who feareth not my sacred blade
Shall be blessed

Repent not!
Thou art man
God is no more
Rise now above the weakness ov flesh
Come forth! join ye the arsenals ov blasphemy
Follow the One
Who spurred Roman warring legions

Rise up! o power from sea below all seas
Awake from everlasting dream!
Spirits ov abomination
Formless Thou hath appeared before me
I am before all things

Chthonic gods! those from beyond the stars
Commander ov hosts devour the flesh ov man
May their weapons melt like wax
May their tongues be torn apart
May Apophis grind their bones
May their ashes be scattered all around...

Hear me! o vermin!
How couldst Thou fall so low?
Redemption thru denial
Restriction becomes a sin
Mankind! so pure...
Castrate Thy impotent god
Vomit forth the blasphemy
And forever shalt Thee win

Skjeldenland (Enthroned)

Thundering through the endless woods
let by the sound of the Bjallarhorn,
they resounded from beyond the Skjeldenland.
Clinching with their swords they attack
after hearing the Heimdall's sign to charge,
the sign to ride over Skjeldenland.

Ending with the roman dominion,
they hail the restoration of the pagandom,
burning down the churches with their pagan fire
they do it with ancestral northern hate,
piling sacred temples of the feeble Christ,
They steal the golden call in offering to Odin.

Hailing under the blackened skies of Norway
the raven's claw signed the northern hordes
to charge, to ride all over the Skjeldenland

Claiming their Viking victories in Flanders
as rival they have the Vlanderesns striders
who are daring to keep the Flemish empire.

A silver fullmoon glows on a winter night
sometimes hidden by clouds and Midgard's fire
reflecting and resounding with Thor's strikes
all over the pagan fields of the Skjeldenland.

Freezing, icecold, pagan fullmoon, winter nights
Northwinds are howling like hungry wolves
they victimize, but the Viking horde invade the frozen winter.
They pile the profaned churches and hail the pagan fire,
Asgardsveien are their paths from the Hordanes land.
Rising high their swords, they conquer the Skjeldenland.
Hail Skjeldenland!!!



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