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Monday, 21 April 2014
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Listen Fares Karam - 3al 3een molayeteen Lebanon


Egostasi (Shandon)

Partirei per non tornare più
Dimenticando cose che mi restano da fare
Lotterei ma è tutto inutile
Insopportabile questo egoismo che prevale su di me
Voglio abituarmi a dire no
Perso a concentrarmi in quello che so
Ore a crogiolarmi senza perchè
Solo contro tutti e contro di me
Riparandomi dal sole
Soffocando ciò che è facile
Riparandomi dal sole
Soffocando ciò che è semplice
Sparirei per non vedere più
Le cose che violentano questa mia vita così fragile
Reagirei ma mi è impossibile
Incontenibile questa mia voglia di star male

In Love But Not At Peace (Dar Williams)

Love took a long time, it followed me here
And it landed on light feet, and it whispered in my ear
Love spoke of my past as a valuable test
And smiled, and said she who loves last loves best
'Cause you know life is hard, but now you also know your mind,
So now you're going out to love, but on your own side this time
Where you still think of famine, and you still dig up train fare
And you won't mind the wrinkles, 'cause you know how they got there
In love but not at peace
In love but not at peace.

Once for me love was the boat inside of a bottle,
It felt like a gondola ride,
When you float with the nicknacks, and you don't hear a sound
Where the fish never lived, and you don't miss the ground
And the moon hangs above like a Valium pill
And I say I'll be fine, but I don't think that I will
But today I got work, and I like it that way
It's a case of a still life gone cinèma verité
In love but not at peace
In love but not at peace.

And I still need the beauty of words sung and spoken
And I live with the fear that my spirit will be broken
And that's the way I thought it would be
That's the way I always wanted it to be.

So I'll keep you wondering what time I'm arriving
And you'll drive me crazy with your backseat driving
And I'll talk in my sleep and you'll steal all the covers
We'll argue it out and we'll call ourselves lovers
And I'll stay in my body and you'll stay in your own
'Cause we know that we're born and we're dying alone.
So we turn out the light while the sirens are screaming
And we kiss for the waking, and then join the dreaming.
In love, but not at peace
In love, but not at peace.

Nike Air (Hands In Di Air) (Mr. Vegas)

Well mi want fi si yuh hand ina di air
Yuh never get a slam yet fi a Nike air
All a di hand dem ina di air ya mi dear
Yuh never get a slam fi a bus fare
Pressure dem yah mi dear ina di latest wear
Dem can't smear yuh career
A you dem want compare
But you nuh borrow wear
Yuh nuh change man like truck gear
Yuh nuh get nuh careless slam
Nuh con from nuh man
Tell dem yuh nuh one night stand
Suh tell a gal move along
Guh back weh shi come from
Tell dem seh yuh nah borrow man

Mek mi si yuh hand ina di air
Yuh never get a slam yet fi a Nike air
All a di hand dem ina di air ya mi dear
Yuh never get a ** yer fi a bus fare
Mek mi si yuh hand ina di air
Yuh never get a slam yet fi a Nike air
All a di hand dem ina di air ya mi dear
Yuh never get a slam fi a bus fare

Nuff a dem run guh breed
Nuff pickney all a teethe
All now di man nuh buy a tin a feed
Dem mussi smoke some bad weed
Or read dem can't read
Always ina want and need
But true yuh get yuh new home
Brand new cellular phone
All dem a get a pure stone
Suh tell a gal move up
Old enamel cup
Tell dem yuh nuh get so-so wuk

Mek mi si yuh hand ina di air
Yuh never get a slam yet fi a Nike air
All a di hand dem ina di air ya mi dear
Yuh never get a slam fi a bus fare
Mek mi si yuh hand ina di air
Yuh never get a slam yet fi a Nike air
All a di hand dem ina di air ya mi dear
Yuh never get a slam fi a bus fare

Dem a try compete
Dem get defeat
Look how yuh neat and sweet
Ina yuh face dem can't speak
Cah dem nah dweet
Whole heap a Harry and Pete

Mek mi si yuh hand ina di air
Yuh never get a slam yet fi a Nike air
All a di hand dem ina di air ya mi dear
Yuh never get a slam fi a bus fare
Mek mi si yuh hand ina di air
Yuh never get a slam yet fi a Nike air
All a di hand dem ina di air ya mi dear
Yuh never get a slam fi a bus fare

Reckoning (Ani Difranco)

you can doubt anything
if you think about it long enough
cuz what happened always adjusts to fit
what happened after that
and it's hard to feel like you are free
when all you seem to do is referee
remember when it was just you and me
steppin' up to bat?

and win or lose
just that you choose this little war
is what kills you
and either/or it's that this war
is maybe also what thrills you

we thought we left possession behind
but truth is i was yours and you were mine
and now i've replayed a thousand times
exactly what was said
cuz nothing is as it appears
in the funhouse mirrors of your fears
on the roller coaster of all these years
with your hands above your head

and win or lose
just that you choose this little war
is what kills you
and either/or it's that this war
is maybe also what thrills you

i don't care how fast you run
just tell me, baby, that when you're done
with your little marathon
you still got cab fare home
cuz the finish line is a shifty thing
and what is life but reckoning
and, you know
you are still the song i sing
to myself
when i'm alone

and win or lose just that we choose
this little war is what kills us
and either/or it's that this war
is maybe also what thrills us

Raw Footage (Sporty Thievz)

Yo, it's raw footage
Uncut like four hookers
We're stealin and killin and ball ¡®til the law book us
We [?????] your [?????] like
Uh-oh to y'all crookers
Like no-gooders
Keep knockin' if y'all wit' us

[Marlon Brando]
Yo, runnin through life with pharaohs in Babylon
Like serial killers, I'm on some shit they be on
Hidin' out in Lebanon
House with the intercom
Niggas is wild John to see the sinister on
Money like Maffia
[???] and [????]
¡®Til feds get wise on ya
Change your face move to Bosnia
With Jamal's girl's shape on
And more make-up on
Talkin' to Liz Claiborne
Marlon Brando at the table with the large cat
Holdin' a raw pack
Vietnamese straw hat
Smellin' ** in the Lex'
Contracts with death threats
Tryin' to stop my breath
With holes in my left chest
Marlon, crazy Harlem
Ballin' with Nicaraguans
Plan's complex - enough to shake Kuwait squadrons
Cuban sergeant - you get kissed on both cheeks
Welcome to the family - if not then where you wan' eat?
We in the Al Capone Suite - La Fam' and my bed lady
My sweaters shed crazy - 180 below the red Avery
I'm tryin' to see Dynasty
And ain't nothin' stoppin me
From private property
With the glass roof on top of me
Cut, cut!

Chorus x2

[Big Dubez]
Uh, uh, Raw Footage nigga, Sporty Thievs, Big Dubez, uh-huh, Big Dubez, check it... Uh oh!

Check it -
It's hard to shake these demons after me
When all I want is more cream than Master P
Big D-U-B, man it's never easy
Being a C-Z-A-R
Feel me, play-er?
A million ways to eat - do you know what they are?
You wit' the A-Team or is you hatin' like they are?
** ¡®em all - red my rings, dread my stings
Dead my flings - cop ? and spread my wings
See, life's a bitch and I hit ¡®er for one thing
Long-dick her ¡®til I hear her sing
¡°Ch-ching ch-ching!¡±
Busta Bus' made it clear to me
Rob a club, ¡°put your hands where my eyes can see¡±
Leave ¡®em there
Nigga outsmart me? I ain't the one you can smart-out
And that box you layin' in, nigga? It's where you left a part out
Nigga, eat your heart out
Either forfeit or hold it
All you hearin' is ¡°Them Thief mother**ers, yo they stole it¡±

Chorus x2

[King Kirk]
Yeah - it's that steel bird nigga - King Kirk**nigga - Sporty Thievs mother**ers - yeah - y'all niggas is crazy, straight up - How we gon' do this? Which one of y'all niggas think you can ** around? You?

Niggas wake up, so we can get this cake up
Sums we can break up
And hold so much weight we take space up
Stay truck
Mad hoes stay **ed - say what?
I'm in y'all bitch niggas face like make-up
Straight up - we can spar ¡®til we see Allah
Or take it to the FDR ¡®til one of us wrecks they car
A matter of fact, we can scrap on the traintracks
And the loser lays flat and get his frame smacked
¡°What's your name, black?¡±
Most niggas call me Selfish
<?>But when I get this g**eight with purple thongs<?>, call me ¡°Welch's¡±
Kirk's the type did a perp' with your wife
On turnpikes with dirtbikes
No shirts, with ice
Word life - so hot I could flame-throw
Chain glow - like sunshowers, so when it's bright the ice rainbow(Bling!)
Cats is wired like phone poles
Instead of throwin' blows
They let chrome go
And duck po-po
And play low-pro
In the next state
¡®Til Jake see ¡®em in the lake with eight in they chest-plate
Niggas test weight when you play they ¡®hood like it's all good
Start blowin' like Suge and your dashboard's all wood
Rims 18 inch
And your boys switch cars
Like rich stars
Drinkin' liquor in strip bars
Puffin' cigars
You won't get far - ¡®fore they stop you
Watch you, then bop through on a late night and pop you(bow!)
Brag they shot you and celebrate
Make their props elevate - from featherweight to heavyweight
I know cats that talk with they mouths closed like Garfield
Speak on hard steel
That'll make you cartwheel over the guard-rail
Cut, cut, cut, cut!
Niggas can't ** around, cut, cut!

Chorus x2

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Yeah, yeah...
Sporty Thievs...
Iron Sheiks...
Yo, yo yo yo yo...
Yo, it's funny how the world revolve around CREAM
On the streets you was a king with one team
Now you're in a cell praying to the Unseen
Drag queen - murderous thugs and foul schemes
Gettin' your back torn out with loud screams
While I'm on the scene with rings and nice things
Nothing compares to the heat my gat' bring
Swervin' - black suburban. wrapped in turban
Puttin' work in - pop charts plus the urban
Niggas love it - hear my shit and wanna thug it
Have y'all niggas goin' to war, tryin' to slug it
Sporty Thievs - Iron Sheiks and Ski beats
Go together - like dimes and silk sheets
Still creep - daishiki get left leaky
Who you wit? Thug shit wit' [?????]
Mahdi - Q.B. - El-Khadafi
Holdin' plastic ¡®89s in a drop three
Yeah - (who you wit?) - Iron Sheiks, Sporty Thievs, y'all niggas know

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Kanye West)

feat. Consequence
Good morning America, good morning to Erica
Who gave me good head while watching good morning America
And good day New York, have a good day in court
My niggaz drive around the hood looking for good ye' to snort
I never liked the goodbyes, always caught a good vibe
Always had a good time, could always spot a good guy
From a good guy, look alive, look alive, look or try
You know that old saying what they say about good guys
I bet that's why I went bad, needed all my chips bad
Fiends needed it bad, started hittin liq' bad
Had to get that work off before that shit went bad
If not, it gets bad, and things will only get bad
So now I'm getting bad skin, and I got that badge and
Tellin me them bastards, don't catch a bad break
Caught a bad rate on whip with bad brakes
I'm caught up in these bad ways havin a bad day
So now the game's ugly, and my pain's ugly
And my chain's ugly, things became ugly, cuz I'm ugly ducklin
Got a stain and its musty, wakin up looking crusty
And miss thang who's ugly is sayin to me “don't touch me”
I went from pretty willie to pretty silly
But I'm still pretty gully so you thins will still get pretty ugly
And this is for the hoods, the crabs, the junkies
We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

Chorus 1: [Kanye West]

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly
B.I.G. said get ya money ain't no telling they gon love me
We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly
When your money get funny and them days ain't sunny
We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly
Niggaz give pounds and hug me, tho they really wanna slug me
We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly
And this for the hood, you got to love me

[Kanye West]
Good morning to ummm, I don't remember your name
But I remember the brain, here go a fare for the train and
Good morning to Chi-Town, where my niggaz ride down
And bust clowns, and look for some bustdowns to bust down
And she ain't got a car she on the bus now
But her gear is bangin, she one of us now
I wanted badly to bone cuz she was bad to the bone
She from a batter home, she mad when she at home
So I gave her my number to beep off, she wanted to take a week off
Bustin scary movie nuts, I had to get the freak off


The new Tom Cruise, took the Moulan Rouge on a too long cruise
She said “I ain't bonin you with them two long shoes”
And I get bougie in a g**poupon mood
So I'm gon act cheap in a coupon mood
She said “Ye' you don't love me?”
I told her that's the good, the bad, the ugly

Chorus 2:

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly
B.I.G. said get ya money ain't no telling they gon love me
We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly
And this for the hood, you got to love me

Good morning to Queens, the north side of my scene
And when it comes down to it, I'm a ride for my team
See it's a beautiful life, but the bills will make it ugly
And the beauty of life, is when you're forced to make it ugly
Had a beautiful night, until a storm done made it ugly
And a beautiful wife, now we divorcing and its ugly
Now my mind state is ugly, my blind dates are ugly
I'm ready to turn it up in the streets and make it ugly
Used to sit in Mr. Uglies with these chickens that were ugly
And these bitches used to bug me to the point it made me ugly
Say things that were ugly in regards to their tummies
But I took it all back, cuz God don't like ugly
Now I'm curbin my bad words, they say that the bad burn
I left it on bad terms, with a chic with a bad perm
Whose case took a bad turn, and face caught a bad burn
And took the news bad when they said she had bad germs
The bad thing about it, the bitch was bad and bout it
But the pussy smelled bad, so I had to get up out it
So now we got bad blood, her son is a bad blood
But it happens in the hood when you inherit that bad blood
And once it get bad, it be bad for good
But I greet it as good, when you leave with the good
Its all good in the hood, got called good cuz I'm good
Now I'm havin some good nights, livin this good life
Got me a good girl that I'm gon make me a good wife
So I'm, good to go, and I'm good where I go
Look my man got good aim and that's a good thing to know
And he came home for good, off of good behavior
Spittin that good game, so what's good with this paper
And this is for the hoods, the crabs, the junkies
We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

Chorus 1

3 Tha Hard Way (Bahamadia)

First verse
Salutes 2 action be tha latest enter-ree 4 illadel colonies da get da
cream like cherry jubalee - my steeze put cha at ease like
methamphetamines or like Tony Shakks "fan-na-cees" about his wallabess
slice fit-een yo meen Big East be comin' through ghetto magic plusa da
bullies back it what me now Buddah Blessed 4 I and I provide da
Greatest Natur-role pure as life that exit from Nah gent-ta-tillc
styles interna-sha-nile likde direct connects to internet verbal text
blossum like chia pets per-fect wit da mic devices Bahama-dee be tha'
nices bringin' nix rap thing 2 the light like osyrus - 4 tha' 9 pound
ex-ced-da-ra-saaloom 2 GangStarr and my nigga K-Sarrah
Second verse
Ha yo, I'm doing this for the cruuz claimin' that there better I'm
tickled, ya must be like Sanford on the ripple little by little, I
kick verses from the middle of my brain, the Riddler couldn't ** wit
Kannon Riddles I remain the undisputed you should of known if you knew
it, Montell couldn't tell you how we do it and few get the chance to
even so the Kannon Dance wit da Kannon Band shit be slammin more than
Larry Nance and plus it's in me to give you more like Demi, I do easy
leave aardway to penny, as I display skillz for what it's worth sent
to this earth to stop the curse of wake lic's upon my turf, this is
the end like Armagedin your settin a bad example niggaz still using my
samples times ample ha yo swyft never said she was the baddest but I
kept it real, you niggaz frontin talkin bout you packin steel your
sportin a first all up in rectum by the central kid's sitting all up
in the bullie section
Third verse
Do you remember those you chase to forget back when ya ears was wet
and now ya preachin' ya releasin' mini-tec I need a mic check because
da static come sparatic emcee's be hooked like addicts while
casualties stay tragic there ain't no glamour in that story all guts
no glory entrenced in jealousy just like the suckers who abhor me they
tell but they don't know the core, so raw is now my reference like
Mumia there is no evidence to say that I'm more tha I am undbending
neve revending similar to million men me say "Just-us" you say me bust
bust mental stagnation like the cancer patients eatin' cow fuss as the
minds rust from dawn to dusk I rest in Mecca the words sound power as
in energy see Heka to die because ya black simply be no cause at all
surreality just like the lengends of the fall initial looks of the
shook hearted kids who shouldn't started lyrics leave like spirits and
and the waters Moses parted Do or Die's ya slogan but niggaz slip with
Trojans major mental corrosion like Murray's meat unfrozen I am the
chosen Earth Sun Moon and Stars hard for me to find a top contender
just to spar some peep the exterior and believe inferior next ya know
they callin for a sound bwoy burial D&D Studio B wicked catch wreck
for infinity one love peace to Bahamadia
Last verse
Like Salt & Pepa, I take it to the next platoe niggaz scream nay what
dis Brown Sugar like D'Angelo I make it better fo' fantanics fienin
for da Buttaz Boo like 25 to lifers do from lack of gettin' douce
u-oou, I put my little thing in action smoother, than sat-tin or
special Ed when he was taxin' headz relax and play tha' back when I
spill I regulate a flow like chicks on birth control pills-ill anitics
keep it movin' on bouncin' like nylon from illadel 2 Lebanon - (no

Symphony Of Terror (Jag Panzer)

With the curse of death he stands
In the darkness cold and black
Looking over the lands preparing his attack
Hunger nagging at his belt
Spreading his wings far and wide
To sail across the countryside
The impaler is known to everyone around
He'll sneak into your room at night
And feast without a sound

He's a mysterious figure in black
Roaming the city bringing death
Pestilence from rats invaders by the score
Plaguing the people with disease
Running scared nowhere to go and nowhere to hide
Running through the woods and over the countryside
Must escape this nightmare, put an end to this dream
Let us come together, put an end to all his schemes.

Nosferatu is his name
And he's spreading his curse 'Cross the land,
Feel his eyes take your soul
Heed my words, run if you can

Taste of blood upon his teeth the beast is ready for to fly
Soaring to his victory, she is virgin fare, I can taste her in my mouth
Now he's in her parlor bending for a feast
Looking up in wonder she seduced the evil beast
"Oh, stay all night with me and you can have your way"
Morning brings the sunlight and his ashes blow away

Outro (Obie Trice featuring D-12)

(*gun cocked back*)

Nah, we ain't goin (*echo*)
I love bein hated, it great it
Let's me know that I made it
I wouldn't have it no other way
I wouldn't trade it for the world
Only let's me know that I'm loved
by so many other mother**ers that ain't you
And as long, as you keep **in with us, we keep **in you up
And keep pullin the rug from up under you
And what's ever more **ed up, is we enjoy what were doin
so much there ain't nothin that we love more than +Pullin Your Skirts Up+
And exposin you hoes so much, people are startin to wonder
what's up with them **in one dough a man under-els
Do unto others of you will have done under you
So who the ** you mother**ers gonna run to
When someone runs up with a mask and puts a gun to you (*gun cocks*)
You will ask youself, how come your mans
didn't enter that last round that he had in Curtis Jackson's**while he had the chance
You keep askin us to keep it on wax but we can't
This is past any irrationalization
We have captured national media attention
Conversation is senseless, you can sense the tension start buildin
soon as we enter the '106th & Park' building
Someone's gonna get killed and I swear to God
if someone so much as even touches one of my people
I'll put a million on his head
And you ain't got the funds to match or counteract it
But I'd rather rap than get into this gangsta shit
And it ain't because I'm a bitch
It's because I ain't a bitch, I don't endanger people that I'm with
I'm a general, I ain't Bush, I don't send my soldiers to war
I'm right there in the middle of the shit with 'em, so when I do get 'em
Orders to storm your headquarters, you'll be **in with a ..

[Swifty McVay]
**in with a peacekeeper, see you the nigga that greet this lyrical meat cleaver
That I eat ya, niggaz wanna keep speakin, like it ain't even that deep
I got heat that'll sweep a niggaz street (*explosion*)
See I wouldn't ** with me neither, only heaven can help ya
I'll be searchin for you longer than the "Legend of Zelda"
Without a failure, there's gonna be hell to tell the
captain that a bassett hound couldn't even smell ya
body, when I hide ya, I be on that mob shit
You another Hoffa, under the Renaissance bitch
You get bombed like Lebanon (*explosion*) with my own tactic
I snatch your head like one of Saddam's kids

[Obie Trice]
Mother**er, I'll handle you
We can have it out on any Avenue
A +Average Man+ flipped into an animal
Shoot out your mandibles
Cannons and ammunition, reload with precision
Nigga know the mechanicals
Break the pistol down, you should see them handles
The street taught the child, no read up manuals
Push your crack vows, young Nino Brown
Chasin green is the dream, when your young and brown
Bound to be a problem child, look what I'm involved in now
A 'Dozen Dirty' niggaz and they all get down
Dissolve any problem that enlarge with ours
When revolvers we said "all men get down" (*gunshot*, c'mon)

While your punchin and tacklin punks
I'm handlin chumps, packin a pump
that's longer than the elephant trunk (*gun cocks*)
On the streets I'm a beast, I feast upon the weak
So speak beef, I'll shot you and scream "increase the peace"
A monster, pistol packin pushin niggaz off they Hondas
Starve ya, get it crackin, yankin bitches for they ganja
Sneaky as **, I don't think mama beat me enough
When she was sleepin stuff, I was stealin the keys to the truck
Shut the ** up, before you end up dead in the dump truck
Or in the streets takin a nap, bleedin and Lugged up
+Who Want What+ like M. Bleek, with this heat if you ten deep
Then ** it, it will be ten sleepin (*gunshots*)

Know much about my a land ski
Don't tustle with my hand speed
Clutch your burner, bust it and watch your man bleed
We ferocious, toast no holsters
Approach us, throw heat straight from the soldiers (c'mon, *gunshot*)
We the soldiers, ya'll the youngsters (ha)
Youngsters lungs puncture, dead in a dumpster (*gunshot*)
Upstairs the Munsters, hand full of drama
You scared of the drama, bomber the monster (*gun cocks*, boof)
I'm back nigga (woof), I reappear
Shoot like (*gunshot*), homie steer clear
Blackness, carcass covered with cat fish
We murkers with no purpose other than practice

There's three things I hate: liars, fakes and cheaters
Alcoholics, sluts and **in wife beaters
A gat that describes my life
I don't even know who song this is (*Obie Trice*)
Bitch, Bizarre don't give a ** about no hip hop
At my release party in a pink tank top in Reeboks (*laughing*)
This Ja Rule beef I ain't gettin in
I'll meet an R & B singer to sing at my wedding
I turn your face into a **in meat patty
I'll ** your mommy and go fishin with your granny
I'll +Shit on You+, I'll pee on R. Kelly too
This is Bizarre, see you "Devil's Night 2"

Harbour Of Tears (Camel)

I am one of seven brothers.
Five of us must leave and start again.
In this land of Saints and Martyrs,
Tears of sadness hide within the rain.

So fare thee well, Remember me...
Sail from the Harbour of Tearss

I can hear my father calling
'Godspeed, my son,
wherever you may go'
He looked so small
down on the quayside.
A man I guess
I'll never really know.

Goodbye, lad... I'll miss you,
though I don't show it.
I am a farmer of the land,
I'm not a man of words.
Forgive me my failing,
you never knew me.
Godspeed wherever you may go...

So fare thee well,
Remember me...
Sail from the Harbour of Tears


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