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Saturday, 24 March 2018
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Mcdonalds Commercial 2008- Mcnugget Love (3  Minutes Version) Mcdonalds Commercial 2008- Mcnugget Love (3 Minutes Version)
I Woke Up And Found You Creepin Oh Girl I Know Your Secret Got That McNuggets Lovin It Just Ain't Fair Why Can't You Share Your Love With Me Girl You Got A 10 Piece Please Dont Be Stingayy.

Mcnuggets Lovin' Feat Lavesh Mcnuggets Lovin' Feat Lavesh
McNuggets Love pic/vid.

Mcnugget Love Mcnugget Love
amazing mcdonald's commercial for mcnuggets!

Mcnuggets Love Too.mp4 Mcnuggets Love Too.mp4
My second McDonalds Commercial.... Yea!!! LOL.

Mcnugget Lovin Mcnugget Lovin
lol we was so bored...toms a fool LOL.


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