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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Does Ellie Have An Invisible Friend?! Does Ellie Have An Invisible Friend?!
When Grandma finds Ellie talking to her friend Samantha when no one is really there, and blaming mischief Samantha who no one else can see, she becomes quite suspicious of Ellie. Does Ellie...

Ellie's Time Travel Adventure! Ellie's Time Travel Adventure!
Ellie secretly uses a magic clock to go back in time! At first she is very confused and has no clue what on earth is happening, until she travels all the way back to the ice ageā€¦ and gets...

Ellie's New Pirate Pal! Ellie's New Pirate Pal!
A pirate comes to Ellie's house in search of new recruits and does lots of tests to see if Ellie is cut out for life at sea. She has to swap the decks, predict the weather, tie some fancy...

Ellie And The Crazy Inventions! Ellie And The Crazy Inventions!
Ellie is happily relaxing and reading a book until a strange girl named Sadie knocks on her door. Sadie is an inventor who tries to sell loads of her crazy inventions to Ellie! Ellie tries...

Making Fluffy Unicorn Slime With Ellie! Making Fluffy Unicorn Slime With Ellie!
Ellie makes pink, fluffy, unicorn slime, and teaches you how to make it too! Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music Credits: Kevin Macleod- Carefree, Happy Alley, Daily Beetle, Heartwarming.


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